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Nerd Nomads is a travel blog focused on adventure travel and once in a lifetime type experiences. Inspired by the classic movie adventures that sparked our wanderlust we provide inspiring articles, photography, videos and in-depth destination and accommodation guides for travelers looking to have their own “just like in a movie” experience. From getting “Lost In Translation” in Tokyo, to exploring the ancient ruins of the world like a “Tomb Raider”, or seeking spirituality among the rice fields of Bali like Julia Roberts in “Eat, Pray, Love”.

Nerd Nomads is where cinematic inspiration becomes real world adventures.

Media Kit

Our Media Kit is updated regularly.

Press Trips and Partnerships

To work with us through press trips or partnerships is a fun, effective and easy way to reach out to travel interested people.

We can help promote your hotel, tour, destination, restaurant, activity, product, app, gear or other.

Here are some examples of reviews we have written:


We are always interested in forming long term mutually beneficial partnerships with companies whose brands fit our blogs profile and readers interests.

Gear/ Product Reviews

We are very interested in reviewing travel related gear, and products! We would love to work with you to test and promote your gear and product.

Here are some examples of product reviews:


We also offer writing, photography, video and web development consultancy services.

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