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Nerd Nomads is a travel blog focused on adventure travel and once in a lifetime type experiences. Inspired by the classic movie adventures that sparked our wanderlust we provide inspiring articles, photography, videos and in-depth destination and accommodation guides for travelers looking to have their own “just like in a movie” experience.

Whether it is getting “Lost In Translation” in Tokyo, exploring the ancient ruins of the world “Tomb Raider” style, or seeking spirituality among the rice fields of Bali like Julia Roberts in “Eat, Pray, Love”.

Nerd Nomads is where adventures come true.

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Our Media Kit is updated regularly.

What we don’t do

If you are looking for the following, we are not the right match:

  • Guest posts – we are a personal travel site, documenting our own adventures and do we not accept guest posts
  • Sponsored posts – we do not accept sponsored posts, text links, advertising or paid reviews
  • Press Trips or Paid Travel – We prefer to explore new places independently and pay our own way same as our readers
  • Hosted stays – We do not accept accommodation in return for blog posts or social media promotion.


What we are looking for

Long-term partnerships that can offer significant value to our readers. If you have such a proposal please get in touch.


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