Where To Stay In Kanazawa – Our Favorite Areas & Hotels

After seeing all the top-notch attractions that Kanazawa has to offer, you have hopefully decided to put Kanazawa on your Japan itinerary. The next thing you might ask is where to stay in Kanazawa. Here we will help you answer that question by giving you a complete guide to the best hotels and areas to stay in Kanazawa.

With its huge number of cultural attractions and beautiful Japanese gardens, Kanazawa is, in my opinion, one of Japan’s historical jewels. It’s much less famous and crowded than, for instance, Kyoto, but the city has everything you want to experience when it comes to unique Japanese traditions, arts, crafts, and culture. We have Kanazawa as an essential part of our recommended Japan itinerary, and it is one of our absolute favorite Japanese cities.

In fact, Kanazawa has so many sights, temples, and old, cozy neighborhoods that it is often compared to Kyoto (although much smaller, of course). Kanazawa’s biggest attraction is Kanazawa Castle and the old historical castle garden Kenroku-en Japanese Garden. The garden dates back to the 17th century and is ranked as one of Japan’s top three most beautiful Japanese landscape gardens. Although, Kanazawa’s Kenroku-en Garden is by many considered to be the most stunning.

Kanazawa also has some of Japan’s finest and best-preserved Samurai and Geisha districts, many museums, lovely temples, and a wonderful market.

The stunning Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa with two kimono dressed girls
Kanazawa has one of the top three finest gardens in Japan – Kenrokuen Garden

Kanazawa is one of few places in Japan where you can enjoy an authentic Geisha performance and tea ceremony at a traditional teahouse.

When it comes to food, Kanazawa’s specialties are fish and seafood from the Sea of Japan. It is the place to eat freshly made sushi, and you can find some unique Japanese sushi here based on seasonal ingredients. Head to Kanazawa’s biggest market, Omicho Market, to indulge in all the food specialties of Kanazawa. The main season for the best seafood is during the cold season between November and May.

Lots of fresh fish at Omicho Market Kanazawa
Omicho Market is the place to head to in Kanazawa for the best and freshest seafood

Where To Stay In Kanazawa

Whether you are looking for that once-in-a-lifetime ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) stay, a small intimate hotel, a value-for-money mid-range hotel, or a budget guesthouse, you will find them all in Kanazawa.

You must be warned, though, that Japan is among the most expensive countries in Asia. So don’t expect to find luxury hotels in Japan at the same prices as in, for instance, Thailand. That said, we will, in this guide, reveal some good value options for your money, so there is no need to panic. 🙂  The standard and service of the hotels in Japan are, however, excellent. The rooms are usually equipped with everything you need including free toiletries, pajamas/ robes, slippers, a water kettle, and a fridge.

Important: None of the hotels recommended here are paid placements or have sponsored our stay in any way. We always pay for our own travel. If you book through any of the links in this article, we make a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps keep our site running – so thank you in advance for your support! ♥

We hope you find this guide helpful in finding the best place to stay in Kanazawa.

The 4 Best Areas To Stay In Kanazawa

The 4 best areas to stay in Kanazawa: 1. Korinbo (black), 2. Kenroku & Higashi Chaya Geisha District (blue), 3. Kanazawa Station (orange), 4. Katamachi (purple) 

Kanazawa city is spread over 469 km² with a population of about 463 254 (in 2020). Two big rivers run through the city, the Sai River (Saigawa in Japanese) and the Asano River (Asanogawa in Japanese). Most sights, restaurants, shops, and hotels lay in the area between these two rivers.

Kanazawa is a coastal city on the west coast of the Hokuriku region of Japan. But the harbor area is not much of an interest to tourists and is not included in this where to stay in Kanazawa guide.

The following four areas are the best areas to stay in Kanazawa (in our opinion):

  1. Korinbo Area
    The downtown and central area of Kanazawa is called Korinbo. Here you find restaurants, shops, markets, and hotels. It also houses the Samurai District.
  2. Kenroku & Higashi Geisha Area
    Here you find the main tourist attractions of Kanazawa, like Kanazawa Castle, Kenroku-en Garden, two beautifully preserved Geisha districts, and many museums.
  3. Kanazawa Station Area
    This area surrounds JR Kanazawa Railway Station, where most visitors arrive and depart.
  4. Katamachi Area
    Next to the Sai River lays Katamachi, with lots of cozy restaurants, shops, and pubs. Here you also find the Teramachi temple area with many temples, including the famous and popular Ninja Temple.

Keep on reading to find a detailed description, our personal opinion, and our photos of each of these four best areas to stay in Kanazawa. We give you our recommended hotels in Kanazawa for each area at three different price ranges – Top End, Mid-Range, and Budget.

Hope you find this hotel guide to Kanazawa useful. Please comment at the bottom of this article if you have any thoughts or questions. Enjoy your stay in Kanazawa! ♥

Area 1: Kanazawa’s shopping and business district

Korinbo Area – Downtown Kanazawa


Best hotels in Kanazawa’s downtown Korinbo area: UAN, Hotel Intergate, KOKO Hotel, Mitsui Garden Hotel, The Square Hotel, KUMU, Hotel Pacific

The shopping and business district of Kanazawa, Korinbo, is where all the action is. This is the most fun and central area to stay in, with many restaurants, cafes, and shops.

The main shopping street of Kanazawa, Korinbo
The main street of Kanazawa, Hyakumangoku Dori Avenue, runs through Korinbo Area

Next to Korinbo is the atmospheric Nagamachi Samurai District, where the Samurais used to live. Here you find some cool Samurai museums, small cozy shops, and restaurants. We also love walking these streets when the old houses are lit up in the evening.

Several of Kanazawa’s tourist attractions are within walking distance of Korinbo. Or you can easily take the Kanazawa Loop Bus, as the Korinbo area has several bus stops along the main road Hyakumangoku-Dori. Hyakumangoku Dori Avenue is the broad main street of Kanazawa and runs through Korinbo. Lots of hotels, restaurants, and shops are located along this avenue.

Parallel to Hyakumangoku Dori street is a small narrow street running along a canal. This street has lots of great restaurants and cafes, like:

  • Saint Nicolas Cafe  – Delicious cakes, pastries, and chocolate.
  • The Godburger – Juicy hamburgers. The best hamburger in Kanazawa?
  • Hirami Pan – A super cozy French bistro and bakery, perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Pizza Buddha Gorilla – Delicious wood-fired pizza
  • Aashirwad – Nepalese food
  • Yakitori no meimon Akiyoshi – Japanese casual place serving yakitori, grilled meat sticks. Cheap, 250-350¥ for 2-5 sticks.
Pizza Buddha Gorilla Restaurant in Kanazawa
Pizza Buddha Gorilla serves excellent pizza

Why Stay In The Korinbo Area?

Korinbo is the best area to stay in Kanazawa, in my opinion, as you are right in the middle of everything. In this area, you can eat, drink, shop, have fun, and easily get to most of Kanazawa’s attractions on foot, by bicycle, or by bus.

Things To See And Do In Korinbo Area

  • Ngamachi Samurai District/ Nagamachi Buke Yashiki
    An atmospheric area where the samurais lived back when Kanazawa was the seat of the Meda Clan (in the Edo period 1603 – 1868).  The Maeda Clan was Japan’s second most powerful feudal clan after the Tokugawa Clan. Several of the samurai houses have been turned into museums. This is a fantastic area to walk around in both during the day and after dark.
    Check out our recommended DIY walking tour of the Samurai District.
  • Oyama Shrine
    Oyama Shrine is a Shinto Buddhist shrine with a lovely Japanese garden and a unique, colorful, stainless glass window.
  • Omicho Market
    Omicho Market is a fresh market selling all kinds of seafood. The market also has other goods like vegetables, sweets, sake, and souvenirs. You find several restaurants inside the market; most of them specialize in fresh seafood like sushi and sashimi.
The atmospheric Nagamachi Samurai District is a part of the Korinbo Area

What’s The Catch?

Not much, which makes this our favorite area to stay in Kanazawa.

Where To Stay In Korinbo Area

Top End

A great hotel almost feels like a Ryokan (a traditional Japanese Inn), although this style is more modern Japanese. The rooms are huge, with all the comforts you need. Free drinks and soba noodles are extra bonuses. Nice location, within walking distance of everything. Free bikes can be borrowed in the lobby, an excellent way to get around the city, as Kanazawa is very bike-friendly. A fantastic modern hotel meets traditional ryokan!
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Hotel Intergate Kanazawa
We stayed several nights at this hotel, and we had a blast! It is a new, modern hotel with a fantastic location close to all the main attractions in Kanazawa (walking distance), restaurants, cafes, and bus stops. Spacious rooms as well.

Hotel Intergate Kanazawa entrance
We stayed several nights at Intergate Hotel in Kanazawa and loved it! So many complimentary food, snacks, and drinks were included.

A bonus is all the freebies they provide throughout the day, like free coffee, cakes, juices, snacks, wine, and soup/ rice dishes. Yep, you read correctly, F-R-E-E wine and cocktails in the evenings! Yay! 🙂 

The hotel has a great onsen/ hot spring bath, the perfect place to relax after sightseeing around the city.
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KOKO Hotel Premier
We stayed for three nights at this lovely hotel and had a fantastic stay! We loved staying so centrally in the city, right on Kanazawa’s main shopping and dining street, within walking distance of everything.

This hotel was called Hotel Trusty when we stayed there in 2019, it later changed its name to Koko Hotel Kanazawa.

Hotel Trusty Kanazawa entrance
We really enjoyed our stay at KOKO Hotel (called Hotel Trusty when we stayed there).

You can easily walk to the main attractions like Kanazawa Castle, Kenroku-en Garden, and the Samurai District. The Geisha District is a bit further away, across the river, but we walked one way and took the bus back. Bus stops are right outside the hotel’s front door, so it is effortless to get wherever you want. Buses are going directly to/from the train station from just outside the hotel.

The hotel has a great cafe downstairs by the lobby with excellent cakes, coffee, tea, and Italian dishes.

The rooms are big by Japanese standards, and the beds are heaven. KOKO Hotel is a fantastic place to stay and ideally located! It is an extreme value for money too. You can indulge in free complimentary drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) in the lobby bar from 15:00 until 19:00.
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Mitsui Garden Hotel Kanazawa
A modern, stylish hotel located only 300 m from the biggest market in Kanazawa – Omicho Market. Mitsui Garden’s real star is the beautiful hot spring bath/ onsen on the top floor with amazing city views. The reception area is gorgeous, and the rooms are spacious, clean, and comfortable. The hotel bar has a happy hour between 17 and 19 every evening.
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The Square Hotel Kanazawa
A new (2018) comfortable and modern 4-star hotel in the heart of Kanazawa. The hotel has a big airy lounge and cafe area by the lobby, an onsen/ public bath, and a sauna on the 13th floor. The rooms are stylish and spacious, with a comfortable bed and a seating area. We stayed at the Square hotel in Tokyo (Ginza), and loved it. Very urban and hip design. The hotel has check-in and check-out machines in the lobby, making check-in and check-out quick and easy.
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KUMU by the Share Hotels
A modern hotel with a young, hip vibe to it. The rooms are huge, and you can sleep up to four people in one room.

KUMU by the Share Hotels Kanazawa
KUMU is an excellent hotel with a cool design and hip vibe

You can choose between Japanese-style or western style rooms. Some rooms even have a loft, perfect if you travel with kids or friends.

The hotel is close to several bus stops, making it easy to get around the city and to Kanazawa station.
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Hotel Pacific
This is a great budget hotel with a central location and modern design. The rooms are on the small side but have everything you need and are well-equipped, including pajamas. The hotel has a small cozy bar downstairs, which is also a cafe serving excellent coffee and cakes. The hotel has free wifi and a bicycle rental service. A small, cute, and clean hotel.
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Area 2: Kanazawa’s Sightseeing Area

Kenroku & Higashi Chaya Geisha District

Best hotels in the Kenroku & Higashi Chaya Geisha District area of Kanazawa: Maki No Oto Boutique Hotel, Kinjohro Ryokan, Hakuchoro Hotel Sanraku, Sumiyoshiya Ryokan, HATCHi

Asano River, called Asanogawa in Japanese, runs through the northeastern part of Kanazawa. On the riverbanks lay two old Geisha tea house districts; Higashi Chaya District and Kazu-machi Chaya District.

Two ladies in kimonos in Higashi Chaya Geisha District Kanazawa
The atmospheric and beautifully preserved Geisha District of Kanazawa, Higashi Chaya, is one of Kanazawa’s biggest highlights

A bit southwest of the Asano River, you will find the Kenroku area with Kanazawa’s star attractions – Kanazawa Castle & Park and Kenrokuen Japanese Garden. This area is also where you will find most of Kanazawa’s museums.

Kanazawa Castle and Bridge, Kanazawa, Japan
The lovely Kanazawa Castle is a must-see when visiting Kanazawa

Why Stay In The Kenroku & Higashi Geisha Area?

You are right in the middle of the main attractions of Kanazawa by staying in this area. You can easily walk around between the sights and even walk to the shopping and business area, Korinbo.

Things To See And Do In Kenroku & Higashi Geisha Area

  • Kanazawa Castle & Park
    Kanazawa Castle, with its big surrounding park, is one of the main attractions in Kanazawa. The castle was the headquarter of the Kaga Domain, which was ruled by the Maeda clan for 14 generations. The castle was rebuilt in 2001, based on how it looked in the 1850s (it sadly burned down several times after that).
  • Kenrokuen Garden
    The stunning Kenrokuen Garden is ranked as one of Japan’s three finest landscape gardens. It is called “The garden, which combines six characteristics,” where the six characteristics are: spaciousness, serenity, venerability, scenic views, subtle design, and coolness.
  • Gyokuseninmaru Garden
    The small but fantastic Gyokuseninmaru Garden dated back to 1634 and was restored in 2015.
  • Kazue-machi & Higashi Chaya Geisha District
    Two atmospheric areas, located on both sides of the Asano River, with streets lined with old, beautifully preserved Geisha tea houses. Here you will find lovely shops, restaurants, museums, and cafes.
  • Lots of museums
    You will find several nice museums in this area of Kanazawa. Our favorite museums are: D.T. Suzuki Museum, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum for Traditional Products and Crafts, Nakamura Art Museum, and Pref. Noh Theater Museum.
D T Suzuki Museum Kanazawa
The calm and peaceful D. T. Suzuki Zen Museum is a must-visit in Kanazawa

What’s The Catch?

The area gets pretty empty and deserted after the attractions close around 17/5 pm – 18/6 pm in the evening. You will not find that many restaurants here, but you can easily walk, take the bus, or a taxi to the downtown Korinbo area.

Where To Stay In Kenroku & Higashi Geisha Area

Top End

Maki No Oto Boutique Hotel
Maki No Oto Kanazawa is a stunning boutique hotel set in a beautifully renovated old Geisha tea house right in the middle of the Higashi Chaya Geisha District. Its modern Japanese design is fantastic, and the hotel has a calm Zen vibe, which I love!

The hotel has a beautiful terrace where you can sit and relax and enjoy the garden view. The rooms have everything you need; a desk, a flat-screen TV, a coffee machine, a kettle, a private bathroom with a bathtub, and some rooms have a lovely balcony. You can enjoy an excellent Japanese set dinner and breakfast in the hotel restaurant, which feels like a Michelin-star restaurant. The whole hotel and its garden are beautifully styled, and the service and hospitality are amazing! A unique gem of a hotel!
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Traditional Japanese kaiseki dinner
A traditional Japanese kaiseki dinner is usually served at Ryokan. Beautiful and delicious small dishes, like artwork!

Kinjohro Ryokan
If you are looking for a unique and special place to stay, then the Kinjohro Ryokan is it! It is one of the best Ryokans (traditional Japanese Inn) in Japan, and they sure know how to treat their guests and give them a special and luxurious stay. Excellent kaiseki breakfast and dinner are included in the price, where you get to try some unique Japanese dishes.

The Kinjohro Ryokan has a perfect location, just 400 m from Kanazawa Castle and 800 m from Kenrokuen Garden. The rooms have private bathrooms, which include an onsen (hot spring). Rooms are very spacious and well designed with tatami mats and views of the beautiful Japanese garden. You sleep on futon beds which the staff makes up for you in your room in the evening. All rooms have air-conditioning, free WIFI, an electronic kettle, flatscreen TV, and you get free parking. All guests get a free welcome drink where you can choose between locally produced beer, rice wine, and twig tea. It truly is a traditional Japanese home away from home.
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Kanazawa Hakuchoro Hotel Sanraku
This hotel has a grand colonial style to it with heavy and graceful furniture. It has a convenient location, right next to Kanazawa Castle Park, only a 5-min walk from Kenrokuen Garden, and you can easily walk to the Geisha district. From some of the rooms, you can view Kanazawa Castle.

The hotel has a lovely onsen/ hot spring bath, a Japanese restaurant, and a tea lounge where you can enjoy a tea ceremony. You get free ice cream outside the onsen area. You can choose between Japanese or western style rooms.
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Sumiyoshiya Ryokan
Kanazawa’s oldest ryokan/ traditional Japanese inn has been operating for more than 300 years. This family-run ryokan is located right between the downtown Korinbo area and the castle/ park area Kenroku. You can easily walk to all the sights and areas of interest.

The rooms are clean and traditional, with tatami mats on the floor, and you sleep on futon beds. The ryokan serves an excellent Kaiseki Japanese traditional dinner. In the evening, you can relax in the lovely onsen/ hot bath. The ryokan has rooms with private or shared bathrooms. The owner, Mie Sumi, is a great host and will make reservations and help you with all your questions. You will get a unique, homey, and authentic ryokan experience by staying here!
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A stylish 3-star hotel with both dormitory rooms and private rooms. The hotel has a lovely design and a cozy cafe downstairs serving great morning sets. The shared bathrooms are clean and have fantastic showers with big rain showerheads.

There is a kitchen area downstairs where you can make your own food and socialize with the other guests. There is coin laundry downstairs as well. A real gem of a hipster-vibe budget hotel/ hostel!
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Area 3: Kanazawa’s Transport Hub

Kanazawa Station Area

Best hotels in the Kanazawa Station area: Sainoniwa Hotel, Hotel Nikko, Dormy Inn, INOVA Kanazawa Station Hotel Suite, Blue Hour Hostel, Hotel Wing

Kanazawa has a big, modern, and impressive railway station – JR Kanazawa Station, where most visitors arrive and depart. The station building functions as a railway station and a big shopping mall with lots of shops, restaurants, and a hotel.

However, Kanazawa Station is located at a good distance (about 2 km) from downtown Kanazawa and Kanazawa’s main attractions and sightseeing areas.

You will find bus terminals and taxis at both the east and west gates of the station. The east gate bus terminal is where the local tourist buses, like the Kanazawa Loop Line, depart and arrive.

Kanazawa Station
The modern Kanazawa Station

Why Stay In The Kanazawa Station Area?

The hotels near the JR Kanazawa Station are, in general, a bit cheaper than the ones in downtown Korinbo.

It is convenient to stay close to Kanazawa Station if you plan to take an early morning train from Kanazawa or arrive in Kanazawa very late in the evening.

Things To See And Do In Kanazawa Station Area

  • JR Kanazawa Station
    The impressive Kanazawa Station is a railway station, bus station, and a huge shopping mall with many restaurants, cafes, and shops.
  • Aeon Cinema
    You will find Kanazawa’s biggest and most modern cinema here.

What’s The Catch?

There are not many attractions in this area. Most tourist sights and areas of interest are quite far from Kanazawa Station, so you will have to rely on buses and taxis to get around (or bicycle if you are the sporty type). It takes about 15-20 min to get from Kanazawa Station to downtown by bus.

The bus terminal for local buses is located on the eastern side of Kanazawa Station, from where you can catch the Kanazawa Loop Bus, both the right (orange) and left (green) loop.

Be aware, however, that the buses stop running early in the evening. The Kanazawa Loop Bus runs from 08 am until around 18:00/ 6 pm and departs every 15 min from Kanazawa Station. After 18:00/ 6 pm, you must rely on taxis to get between the Kanazawa Station area and downtown Kanazawa.

A one-way taxi trip between Kanazawa Station and downtown Korinbo costs about 1300 JPY = US$ 12.

Where To Stay In Kanazawa Station Area

Top End

Kanazawa Sainoniwa Hotel
This fantastic hotel is beautifully located and surrounded by four gardens, only a 15-min walk from JR Kanazawa Station, or you can take the free shuttle from the station (5 min drive). All rooms are non-smoking, and the hotel has a great spa, hot spring bath/ onsen, a gym, and a restaurant. You can enjoy free bicycle rental, which is very convenient for getting around the city to all the sights it has to offer. The hotel has big family rooms.
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Hotel Nikko
This is a lovely stylish hotel with large comfortable rooms. It has a convenient location right in front of Kanazawa Station. All rooms are located above the 17th floor, offering stunning panoramic views of Kanazawa city. All guests get free WIFI.

The hotel has several restaurants, like the La Plage, which offers a spectacular view from the 30th floor, and French cuisine, Benkei, which serves sushi next to a beautiful Japanese garden.
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Dormy Inn
This is a very nice hotel option located right by JR Kanazawa Station (a 2-min walk). Kenroku-en Garden, Kanazawa Castle, and Myoruji Temple are all a 20-minute bus ride away. You get free WIFI, and each room has a fridge and a flat-screen TV.

The hotel even has its own onsen (natural hot spring bath) and sauna on the top floor, and an open-air bath! Very nice! Free coffee is available in the lobby between 15:00 and 21:00, and you get free Ramen noodles between 21:30-23:00. It is excellent value for your money!
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INOVA Kanazawa Station Hotel Suite
This modern apartment hotel is perfect for families or groups traveling together with a convenient location only 600 m from Kanazawa Station. The big new apartments have a fully equipped kitchen, living room, private bathroom, and bedrooms (1, 2, or 3). The apartments have a massage chair, and breakfast is served in the cafe downstairs.
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Blue Hour Hostel
If you are traveling on a low budget, then the fresh and modern Blue Hour Hostel is an excellent choice! It is a dorm with bunk beds, and it also has a female-only floor. The hostel is conveniently located just a 3-minute walk from JR Kanazawa Station.

Check-in is as early as 10 am so that you can explore Kanazawa city. You get free WIFI, bath towels (no charge), and can enjoy their nice shared lounge area with free coffee.
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Hotel Wing International Premium Kanazawa Ekimae
A modern and nice 3-star hotel located just next to Kanazawa Station. The rooms are beautifully decorated with Kanazawa themes, reflecting the local arts for which the city is famous. The rooms are a bit small but clean and comfortable. The hotel has washing machines and serves a good Japanese-style breakfast (not western). Free coffee in the lobby.
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Area 4: Kanazawa’s Local-vibe Area

Katamachi Area

Best hotels in the Katamachi area of Kanazawa: Hotel Amanek, Kaname Inn Tatemachi, Murataya Ryokan

Katamachi area is located just south of the Korinbo area, by the Sai River banks. Sai river is called Saigawa in Japanese.

Sunset over Sai River in Kanazawa
Me standing on the Saigawa Bridge, enjoying the sunset over the Sai River, which runs through Katamachi Area.

Why Stay In The Katamachi Area?

It is a nice and atmospheric area with a local vibe. It is also close to the Korinbo area. You will find some of Kanazawa’s best traditional Japanese Kaiseki restaurants here.

Katamachi area Kanazawa
The Katamachi area of Kanazawa has many small and cozy traditional restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Things To See And Do In Katamachi Area

  • Teramachi Temple Area
    You can easily walk over to the Teramachi Temple Area on the other side of the Saigawa River, where you will find many temples, including the popular and famous Myoryuji Ninja Temple.
    The Myoryuji got its nickname “Ninja Temple” for its hidden tunnels, secret rooms, and a labyrinth of staircases and corridors – a clever defensive feature.
  • Saigawa Bridge 
    The turquoise bridge that crosses the Saigawa River is a popular photo object.

Where To Stay In Katamachi Area

Top End

Hotel Amanek
A stylish boutique-style 4-star hotel with huge rooms close to the Sai river. I love the cool modern Japanese design of this hotel! The hotel has a lovely onsen/ hot bath and a gym. Convenient location with plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops nearby. Free tea, coffee, and sweets in the afternoon. The hotel is quite new, from 2019, and Netflix on the TV is a huge bonus!
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Kaname Inn Tatemachi
A stylish, modern, and spotlessly clean 3-star hotel with a great location within walking distance of the castle, garden, and samurai district. The rooms are more like small apartments with a kitchen and living room. The rooms on the upper floors have a great city view.

The hotel serves an excellent high-quality Japanese breakfast. Check out their local tea blend of Kaga-Bocha plus chamomile, which is also great to purchase as a gift to bring back home. The hotel has a lovely bar downstairs, the Kanazawa Music Bar, with a DJ playing great vinyl records from a huge collection. A small little gem of a hotel that offers great value!
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Murataya Ryokan
A charming traditional Japanese inn/ ryokan, where you sleep on futon mats on the floor. This is a good value for your money, as ryokans are usually pretty expensive. This ryokan has a great location, close to both dining, shopping, and attractions. Even though it has a central location, it is in a quiet street, and you will have a good night’s sleep.

There are shared bathrooms and toilets only. The ryokan has a nice hot bath/ Onsen. Breakfast is fairly basic but overall this is an excellent value for a ryokan stay.
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There you have it, our favorite places to stay in Kanazawa. Hopefully, you now know a bit more about Kanazawa’s areas, and deciding where to stay in Kanazawa has become a little easier.

Where you should stay in Kanazawa depends on what you want to get from your Kanazawa visit. So check out our Kanazawa Itinerary for tips on what to do in Kanazawa.

Kanazawa is on our recommended 2-weeks Japan itinerary, which you can find here. Also, check out our other Japan posts.

Have a fantastic stay in Kanazawa! ♥

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Guide on where to stay in Kanazawa, Japan      Guide on where to stay in Kanazawa, Japan

Guide on where to stay in Kanazawa, Japan      Guide on where to stay in Kanazawa, Japan

We intend to add more hotels and info about Kanazawa to this Kanazawa hotel guide in the future. So please let us know if you have any suggestions and tips about Kanazawa! What is your favorite area and hotel in Kanazawa? Do you miss any information in this “Where to stay in Kanazawa” guide? Please leave a comment in the comment area below. We would love to hear from you! Thank you!

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