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Over the years, we have put together what we think is a good quality camera kit for travel. While we need the kit to be as small and light as possible, the most important thing is that it can capture excellent images as well as video.

Last updated Apr 20, 2022 10 Comments

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For over a year of traveling we have been using the Peak Design Capture Clip on our cameras almost every day, in all sorts of conditions – from exploring ancient temples in Indonesia and Cambodia, hiking in the mountains of Sri Lanka, to wandering about photographing the busy Tokyo. What do we think of it? Read our Peak Design Capture Clip review.

Review Osprey Waypoint Backpack

by Maria Wulff Hauglann| Last updated Oct 8, 2021

Before heading out on our current trip, we both needed new backpacks. After a lot of research and testing we chose the Osprey Waypoint 85L backpacks. We have now road tested them backpacking through Asia for six months and have written a review, highlighting both what we like and dislike about the Waypoint.