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Shopping for Action Figures in Hong Kong!

by Espen Egeland| Last updated May 27, 2021

Hong Kong, the skyscraper city at the edge of China, is not just a shopping mecca for fashion, photography equipment and electronics. It is certainly that as well, but dig a little deeper and you can find entire shopping malls dedicated to almost every conceivable interest. Wether you are a movie poster collector looking for classic Bruce Lee posters (who isn’t), or looking for the latest in Anime, Hong Kong will rarely disappoint. And if you are a movie nerd like me with a weakness for the best movie action figures in the universe, then a visit to Hot Toys is simply unmissable!

The world`s most beautiful train trip ella kandy

Taking the train is the most comfortable way to travel in my opinion. You can walk around whenever you want, go to the toilet, have some food, meet other travelers and locals, read, listen to music, relax and watch the landscape go peacefully by. Taking the train is a great way to see Sri Lanka! It is also cheap and safe! The train trip from Ella to Kandy, in Sri Lanka, is supposed to be one of the most scenic and beautiful journeys in the world. We totally agree!

Would You Like To Meet The Real Flipper?

by Maria Wulff Hauglann| Last updated May 5, 2020

“They call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning. No one you see is smarter than he. And we know Flipper lives in a world full of wonder. Flying there under, under the sea….”. Of course we wanted to meet the real Flipper in person!

Would You Like A Cup of Sri Lankan Tea?

by Maria Wulff Hauglann| Last updated May 5, 2020

Have you ever wondered where your cup of tea comes from, and how it is produced? Welcome to Sri Lanka`s Hill Country, home of the famous Lipton tea! Or maybe you know Sri Lankan tea as “Ceylon Tea”, as it is branded internationally.

Mirissa Beach

Beach Paradise – Mirissa

by Maria Wulff Hauglann| Last updated May 9, 2019

Picture yourself slipping into a hammock with a coconut in your hand, gently rocking in the breeze, just laying there watching the days and weeks go peacefully by. Yep, that`s Mirissa beach in a nutshell!

Things To Do In Colombo Sri Lanka

10 Cool Things To Do In Colombo

by Maria Wulff Hauglann| Last updated May 6, 2020

Although Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, may lack famous must-see sights, the city has plenty of charm, lovely and welcoming people, delicious food, a fascinating history with plenty of old beautiful colonial buildings, interesting religious buildings, nice parks and gardens, and a great front porch along the shore of Sri Lanka. Here are the top 10 things to do in Colombo!

Into The Wild At Yala National Park

by Maria Wulff Hauglann| Last updated May 5, 2020

I have always wanted to go on a safari and see exotic wild animals. In my dreams I pictured going to Safari in Africa, but after reading about the safari opportunities in Sri Lanka I was sold – Safari in Yala National Park here we come!

Lighthouse Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

Welcome to Galle – an European City in Sri Lanka!

by Maria Wulff Hauglann| Last updated May 5, 2020

Galle was the second city we visited in Sri Lanka, after a few days in the capital Colombo. We didn`t particularly like Colombo, and were afraid that all cities of Sri Lanka would be as noisy and dirt, but luckily not! The small city Galle is really lovely and peaceful, full of colour and texture. We totally fell in love with Galle!

Tangalla beach, Sri Lanka

Tangalla – The Perfect Beach

by Maria Wulff Hauglann| Last updated May 5, 2020

Wherever you are sitting right now, whether it is snowing or raining outside, close your eyes and picture yourself being somewhere else, the most perfect place you can imagine. Do you see a white sandy beach that stretches out as long as your eyes can see, with soft turquoise water? If so, then what you are dreaming of has a name – Tangalla Beach! It is Sri Lankas answer to paradise!

Lion rock, Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Journey To The Lion Rock – Sigiriya

by Maria Wulff Hauglann| Last updated May 5, 2020

Sigiriya is the premier site and the most important place of the Cultural Triangle in Sri Lanka. We had heard about this Sigiriya throughout our whole trip around Sri Lanka, and all the taxi drivers asked us if we wanted to go to Sigiriya. So we were a bit fed up with this rock even before we had seen it, thinking “how fab can a huge rock be?!”. But WOW, it turned out to be one of the highlights of our Sri Lanka trip!

Sea Turtle Tangalla Sri Lanka

Sea Turtle Rescue Mission

by Maria Wulff Hauglann| Last updated May 5, 2020

Our third day at Tangalla started as normal on the beach, us laying flat out relaxing, reading and listening to music. All of a sudden a man came running shouting “Come and see, come and see!!! Hurry!!”. First we just thought he was a seller selling fruits or souvenirs, so we pretended to be asleep. But the man kept on shouting, so we stood up and followed him a few meter along the beach, and we are so glad we did!