Wherever you are sitting right now, whether it is snowing or raining outside, close your eyes and picture yourself being somewhere else – in the most perfect place you can imagine. Do you see a white sandy beach that stretches out as long as your eyes can see, with soft turquoise water? If so, then what you are dreaming of has a name – Tangalla Beach! It is Sri Lanka’s answer to paradise! ♥


The perfect medicine for wintertime blues, don`t you agree?! With its turquoise water, palm trees, and a long stretch of white soft sand, it is almost a cliche of what a tropical beach is supposed to look like.

We spent five lazy days here, dipping in the ocean, playing beach ball, and reading, and listening to music on the sand. The perfect place to go for some peace and quiet!  From Tangalla city, the white sands stretch for kilometers and kilometers, both northwest and southwest, with a series of smaller bays and beaches.

Tangalla was originally a small fishing village, and fishing is still the main income for many of the locals. Tangalla suffered grievously from the tsunami in 2004, and rebuilding has been very slow. The beaches are not exactly packed with tourists and are very peaceful.


The sunsets are breathtaking. This could be the perfect beach if you ask me! The waves can be a bit rough, and the same goes for the currents, especially in the afternoon. So Tangalla Beach is not perfect for swimming. We were actually warned that swimming could be very dangerous.


This small bay is one of the few recommended places to go swimming, with a sheltering reef that catches most of the big waves. It’s like a natural jacuzzi, lovely!


We stayed at a really nice hotel called Serein Beach Hotel, which was brand new and opened in December 2013. Not bad waking up to this view from the bed!

The kilometer and kilometer of soft sand make it the ideal place to go running. Or just go for an afternoon walk.





In between sunbathing and swimming, it`s nice with a coconut break at one of the small peaceful cafes/ restaurants along the beach.


And did we take a “pose-in-the-sunset” picture? Yep, of course, we did, we took plenty. Here are two :).



In the afternoon, the locals usually came to enjoy some beach time. They were all very friendly and were really interested in our camera. Some of them even wanted us to take a family portrait.


Then, after a “hard” day at the beach, it is time to stroll home in the stunning sunset…..hasta la vista! We absolutely loved our time in Tangalla!

This place has the potential to explode with tourism, and Tangalla might be one of those places where we look back someday and goes “way back when…..”. So it was really nice to visit now before the masses might arrive.

This is the same beach where we had the pleasure of joining the rescue of a sea turtle. You can read more about that here.

Where To Stay In Tangalla

There are several hotels and B&Bs to choose from in Tangalla, some are beautifully located right at the beach. Below are some of the best accommodation options in Tangalla including the address and price, starting with the place we called home for 7 nights.

1. We stayed at: Serein Beach Hotel


Me at the balcony in our room at Serein Beach Hotel

Read our review of the hotel HERE. We absolutely loved the Serein Beach Hotel! Do not think twice, this is the PERFECT place to stay at in Tangalle!

It is the tropical dream come true. It is a fairly new hotel, right by the beach with a beautiful garden. All rooms have a balcony that faces the ocean. They also just built a new lovely pool (2018)!

2. Turtle Bay Hotel

  • This also looks very nice, right by the beach, but it is more expensive than Serein Beach Hotel.
  • Address: Kalamatiya, Tangalle 82200, Sri Lanka
  • Price Range: From 125 us$
  • Click for latest prices

Travel Guides

We used the Lonely Planet`s Sri Lanka travel guide on our trip. You can get that and other great books by clicking on the pictures below which will take you to Amazon.com (affiliate links):


Hover over the pictures below and press the green PIN IT button that pops up: 

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