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We had plans of staying at Serein Beach Hotel for only three days, but as soon as we stepped into the lovely lobby lounge/ restaurant at the hotel we knew that we wanted to stay longer. It is such a unique and nice hotel, with a great atmosphere located right on one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka!

Last updated May 5, 2020 10 Comments

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    Maria on Tangalla – The Perfect Beach Hi Gale, That´s fantastic! Great to hear that you liked the Serein Beach Hotel too. It is our favorite hotel in Sri Lanka. Thanks for commenting! -Maria-
    Maria on Sea Turtle Rescue Mission That´s fantastic! Hope they will do that in Sri Lanka too. There are several sea turtle hatchery and rescue centers in Sri Lanka, we visited one and they did a...
    Maria on Sea Turtle Rescue Mission Hi Paul, Thank you so much! And thanks for commenting! Wow, sounds like you had a similar experience in Mexico. Great to hear that you managed to help her back...
    Gale on Tangalla – The Perfect Beach Stayed at Serein Beach Hotel, Tangalle, thanks to your blog and site. Thanks for the recommendation.
    Paul Fewster on Sea Turtle Rescue Mission On the turtle beaches in Quintana Roo Mexico a lot of condo owners and hotels now have light turn downs and hired turtle staff to ensure safe egg laying.
Tangalla beach, Sri Lanka

Tangalla – The Perfect Beach

by Maria Wulff Hauglann| Last updated May 5, 2020

Wherever you are sitting right now, whether it is snowing or raining outside, close your eyes and picture yourself being somewhere else, the most perfect place you can imagine. Do you see a white sandy beach that stretches out as long as your eyes can see, with soft turquoise water? If so, then what you are dreaming of has a name – Tangalla Beach! It is Sri Lankas answer to paradise!

Sea Turtle Tangalla Sri Lanka

Sea Turtle Rescue Mission

by Maria Wulff Hauglann| Last updated May 5, 2020

Our third day at Tangalla started as normal on the beach, us laying flat out relaxing, reading and listening to music. All of a sudden a man came running shouting “Come and see, come and see!!! Hurry!!”. First we just thought he was a seller selling fruits or souvenirs, so we pretended to be asleep. But the man kept on shouting, so we stood up and followed him a few meter along the beach, and we are so glad we did!