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Guide to Hozugawa Riverboat Trip in Kyoto, Japan

Hozugawa River Boat Ride – Experience The Scenic Nature Of Kyoto

by Maria Wulff Hauglann| Last updated May 2, 2021

The Hozugawa River Boat Tour is a fantastic way to experience Kyoto’s nature. While Kyoto is most famous for its beautiful temples and well preserved historic neighborhoods, surrounding it is some truly spectacular nature with mountains, rivers, and forests. One of these green lungs is the western mountains surrounding the Hozugawa River.

Guide to Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto

Kiyomizu-dera Temple – A Guide To Kyoto’s Grandest Temple

by Maria Wulff Hauglann| Last updated Apr 15, 2021

Kiyomizu-dera Temple is Kyoto’s most popular and famous temple, surrounded by a vast forest. It is particularly beautiful during the Cherry Blossom season (March/ April) and Autumn Leaves season (November) when it is illuminated in the evenings. It is one of the biggest highlights of Kyoto and a must-visit!

Guide to Nijo Castle Kyoto

The Palaces, Gates & Gardens of Nijo Castle РKyoto

by Maria Wulff Hauglann| Last updated Mar 17, 2021

Nijo Castle is one of the absolute highlights of Kyoto. The lovely atmosphere, the beautiful Japanese Zen gardens, and the ancient palaces with their ornate gold-covered architecture and fantastic interiors and wall paintings – I love it all! Here is everything you need to know to get the ultimate visit to Nijo Castle, including the best walking route.

Where to stay in Kyoto

Where To Stay in Kyoto – Our Favourite Areas & Hotels

by Espen Egeland| Last updated Mar 23, 2021

As more than a million foreign visitors every year discovers, Kyoto offers beautiful historic temples, world-class shopping, mouth-watering cuisine, and some of the most diverse accommodation options anywhere in Japan. With so many hotel and guest houses to choose from, deciding where to stay in Kyoto can be a challenge. Here is our favorite Kyoto areas and hotels.

What to do in Kyoto, Japan

What To Do In Kyoto – A 3 Day Kyoto Itinerary

by Maria Wulff Hauglann| Last updated May 18, 2021

With 2000 temples and shrines, visiting Kyoto should be mandatory on all Japan trips. Kyoto is Japans best-preserved historic city with its beautiful Zen gardens and 17 Unesco World Heritage Sites. Here is our ultimate 3 day Kyoto itinerary that gives you all the highlights of what to do in Kyoto.

Stepping Into The Magic Forest – Bamboo Grove Kyoto

by Maria Wulff Hauglann| Last updated May 30, 2021

The Sagano Bamboo Forest is one of Japans most popular tourist attractions, and if you are among those who click on articles with headlines like “Places To See Before You Die” or “The Most Beautiful Forests In The World” chances are that you have seen photos of the Bamboo Forest outside of Kyoto as it is usually on those kind of lists. And for a good reason, as it absolutely breathtaking!