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During our travels in Sri Lanka, we had heard so much about Kandy, everybody said we HAD to go to the beautiful city Kandy. So we eventually decided to check out this famous city Kandy on our way from Ella. We took the most beautiful train ride from Ella to Kandy, a highlight on our Sri Lankan trip.

I must admit we were a little bit disappointed of Kandy. Everybody kept telling us (including the Lonely Planet book) that Kandy was sooooo beautiful, and “Here`s a city that looks good even when it`s raining” (quote Lonely Planet). Here is our top 5 list of what to see in Kandy (if you still want to go there after reading this…).

Last updated May 5, 2020 16 Comments

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Getting Up Close With Elephants

by Maria Wulff Hauglann| Last updated May 5, 2020

From Kandy we went on a day trip with tuk-tuk to the Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka. The orphanage is government run, and was initially created to protect abandoned or orphaned elephants. Today it is one of Sri Lankas most popular attractions, both among tourists and locals. We came really close to elephants of all ages!

The world`s most beautiful train trip ella kandy

Taking the train is the most comfortable way to travel in my opinion. You can walk around whenever you want, go to the toilet, have some food, meet other travelers and locals, read, listen to music, relax and watch the landscape go peacefully by. Taking the train is a great way to see Sri Lanka! It is also cheap and safe! The train trip from Ella to Kandy, in Sri Lanka, is supposed to be one of the most scenic and beautiful journeys in the world. We totally agree!