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Where To Stay In Kanazawa Japan

With its vast number of cultural attractions such as Kanazawa Castle, the spectacular Japanese garden Kenroku-en, and many excellent museums, we think Kanazawa is one of Japan’s less discovered jewels. Kanazawa’s neighborhoods range from historic samurai houses to modern high-rises, and you can find everything from cozy Japanese Inn’s to stylish, comfortable hotels.

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What To Do In Kanazawa Itinerary

What To Do In Kanazawa – A 2 Day Kanazawa Itinerary

by Maria Wulff Hauglann| Last updated Apr 28, 2021

After our Japan Alps journey, we took the train to Kanazawa, a small city on the west coast of Japan. Well, it turned out that it was not as small as we had thought!

Kanazawa has a lot to offer when it comes to cultural attractions, with a castle and a castle garden ranked as one of top three gardens in Japan as well as beautifully preserved Samurai and Geisha districts, temples and museums. This makes Kanazawa the drawcard in the west Hokuriku region of Japan!

The Ultimate Guide To Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route Japan

The Japan Alps is a fairly big area inland of mid-Japan. This area is packed with high mountain and awesome peaks and wilderness. It surely is a hiker`s delight!

We decided to dig into some of this area, and travel/ hike along the spectacular Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route. This is a popular 90 km route, which is open from April to November, and connects Shinano-Omachi with Tateyama. It was an incredible journey through sacred mountains, wilderness, forests, impressive tunnels, high peaks, hot springs and Japan`s highest dam. Plus a ton of fresh mountain air!