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Welcome to Nerd Nomads – an adventurous and (hopefully) inspirational travel blog! This blog is run by photographers, film geeks, writers, coders, adventurers, and travel nerds Espen & Maria from Norway. We hope to inspire you to travel and give you help and tips so that you too can fulfill your travel dreams.

We started Nerd Nomads in March 2014, while traveling all over Asia for a year. Our blog has an Asian focus, but we hope to extend it to cover all continents of the world over time. The same way that movies have inspired us to take the leap and get out there to see the world, we hope to inspire you to travel too!

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You know that feeling when you are bubbling over because you have done or achieved something that you are super duper proud of. For us, these are it! We have to admit it, sometimes we just feel like we have written a masterpiece of a blog post.

These are our favorites – the most well-written (in our opinion), the funniest, the most memorable, or the ones with the best photos:


Being nerds, we simply love numbers, and numbers and statistics never lie. Here are the most popular posts on our blog:


We love outdoor activities – skiing, kiting, sailing, mountain hiking, cycling, snorkeling, diving – bring it on. Here are some of the adventures we have been on:


Inspired by movies like Indiana Jones and Da Vinci Code, we love mysterious old castles, churches, temples, and shrines. The more difficult they are to reach, the better. Also, nothing beats bumping into a festival and joining the locals in one of their cultural celebrations. Here are some of our favorites:


As self-declared nerds, we love weird geeky stuff and do tons of research digging deep in facts and numbers. Here are some of the more nerdy in-depth stuff on our blog:


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