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Hong Kong, the skyscraper city at the edge of China, is not just a shopping mecca for fashion, photography equipment, and electronics. It certainly is that as well, but dig a little deeper and you can find entire shopping malls dedicated to almost every conceivable interest.

Whether you are a movie poster collector looking for classic Bruce Lee posters (who isn’t), or looking for the latest in Anime, Hong Kong will rarely disappoint.  And if you are a movie nerd like me with a weakness for the best movie action figures in the universe, then a visit to Hot Toy Hong Kong’s secret base is simply unmissable!

Marvel exhibition at Hysan Place

Let me back up a little. While shopping in Kowloon a few days earlier we accidentally stumbled on an exhibition of action figures from Marvels Captain America universe at Hysan Place shopping mall. Having just seen the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier a few days earlier in 4D cinema in Bangkok (will have a blog post on 4D cinema up soon. It is amazing!) , it immediately caught our attention. An entire S.H.I.E.L.D base had been constructed in the lobby! _DSC9285

The action figures, the sets, and the props were simply of amazingly high quality! Walking around the exhibition the first thing I wondered was “Who made these?”, shortly followed by “Where can I buy them?!”. Well, the answer to that is through Sideshow Collectibles, but more about that later 🙂

Old style Captain America & the modern version
Captain America & Steve Rogers
Nick Fury & Black Widow
The Falcon & Iron Man (what’s he doing here, he’s not in this movie)
The Winter Soldier aka James “Bucky “Buchanan Barnes & The villain from the first movie. Redscull aka Johan Schmidt

They had a few set pieces showing action scenes inspired by the movies. _DSC9293


Visit to the Hot Toys Hong Kong Secret Base

A little frenetic online research revealed that the manufacturer is a Hong Kong company, Hot Toys Limited. I had heard of Hot Toys before but did not know that Hong Kong is their home base. Their address led us to the Sino Centre,  a grey and bland office building in the Monk Kok area. We stepped into the elevator, and when the doors opened again on the 22nd floor, this is what we saw (!!!):


Holy shit! We just stepped on board an Imperial star cruiser! These doors even have sound effects! Welcome to nerd heaven!

This has to be the coolest store ever!

Once the shock and joy of the shop itself had passed, it was time to have a closer look at what they have to offer collectible toy merchandise. And that is a lot! Founded in 2000, Hot Toys is today widely regarded as one of, if not the best producer of collectible toys in the world. Especially movie-related collectibles. As I walked around, my jaw hit the floor and I felt my wallet screaming in horror.

In this corner of the spaceship, I mean store, is the Marvel collection.

There were collectibles from a lot of my favorite movies! Like Star Wars!!! Drool!

Star Wars

Anakin Skywalker – Darth Vader & Darth Maul, stormtroopers etc
Boba Fett & Chewie
C3P2 & Jabba De Hutt. Salacious Crumb in the foreground.
Yoda, Luke & R2D2 in Yoda’s home on Dagobah.
Stormtrooper riding a Boga


Egg from Alien & Alien

 Terminator & Predator

Awesome Terminator collectibles & Predator.

The Marvel Movie Universe

Iron Man Hot Toys action figures from the movies
The Hulk & Wolverine

They also had an awesome hologram display of Ironman! There is a Hot Toys Iron Man action figure standing inside the display, with 3D holograms being projected on to him. I thought it was very cool! Check it out in the video below!


Batman, Catwoman & Bane.


Abigail Whisler, Blade & 3 Wolverine figures


Spiderman & new Goblin

Who are these Hot Toys action figure guys?

Hot Toys designs and manufactures collectible merchandise. Their specialty is 1/6th scale figures, like the once you see here. But they do have a lot of other stuff as well, just check out Darth Vader with his mask off or the egg from Alien! Their figures are remarkably detailed and meticulously crafted down to the smallest accessory. They truly are like little works of art when you see them up close.

To date, they have made action figures for more than fifty movies! And their not all superhero movies, among them are The Godfather, Edward Scissorhands, and Back to The Future.

Of course, they are not cheap, a Captain America figure will, for instance, cost you approximately 200-250 USD. I asked about the Captain America collectibles on display at the Hysan Place and was told they are from the upcoming collection due out fall 2014. They are available for preorder, but they do not ship internationally. I have seen older Hot Toys figures for sale on eBay, and they usually sell out very quickly. Often they become highly sought after collector’s items, and the price goes up, up, up.

The best place to buy these online is through

So Did I buy Anything?

Of course, I did! We have been looking for a mascot for Nerd Nomads for a while. Originally we thought of Yoda but couldn’t find one anywhere. The one they had at Hot Toys was part of a set, so we had to forget about Yoda. But then tucked away in the corner of the room I spotted a great hero of mine.

Dr. Henry Jones Jr – Indiana Jones

Yes, that’s right, Indiana Jones! Who better to front a travel & adventure site than Indy! The most adventuresome of them all! As an action figure, he is amazing. Part of a limited edition Raiders of The Lost Ark – Indian Jones, that Hot Toys did back in 2011.

Fully poseable, with lots of props from the movie, including the whip, two guns, hat, gloved hands, the staff of Ra (which is huge by the way), sandbag, backdrop, etc. Even a notebook with real paper to put in his bag, which is made of real leather and closes with a little magnet! He was the last one they had for sale anywhere in Hong Kong, possibly in the world!

So now we are three on our adventures, Maria, me and Indy. Expect to see him pop up from time to time in our photos 🙂

For more Hot Toys, pricing, and delivery options


Where To Stay In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is packed with hotels at all price levels. It is however not a cheap city to stay in when it comes to accommodation. below are some of our favorite hotels.

Island Pacific Hotel
We stayed at the Island Pacific Hotel on Hong Kong Island. We really liked it! Nice rooms, clean, big bathroom, great and very helpful staff. The hotel is located a little away from the main action on Hong Kong Island, but the hotel has a free shuttle bus that goes into the city center. The tram also stops close to the hotel. We walked into the city center several times, so it is absolutely doable.
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The Langham, Hong Kong
If you want a little bit of Hong Kong luxury, then this is the place! It is located next to Harbour City Mall and numerous other shops and restaurants. The entrance to the MRT TST station is across the street.
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99 Bonham All Suite Hotel
This is a stunning apartment hotel, where all the rooms have a kitchen. It is located only 5-minutes from the Shen Wan MRT station.
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Lodgewood by L'hotel Mongkok Hong Kong
A new, modern and trendy hotel. Good value for the money. The rooms are spacious by Hong Kong's standards.
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This boutique hotel is something special and unique. Very modern, stylish, and chic.
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Travel Guides

We used Lonely Planet`s Hong Kong guide book on our trip. It was very good! Click on the pictures below to read more about each book on Amazon (affiliate links):


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  1. I have also heard about Hot toys but used to think that it was in Florida. It seems that it is a serious company that want to take over in style.Being a designer myself I think I would like to make a tour to this company and experience what it feels to be in space with the Star wars characters. Thanks a lot for the comprehensive post.


    • Thanks for commenting Tracy! Glad to hear you like the post 🙂

      The Hot Toys Secret Base, as they call their shop, is definitely very worth a visit if you ever find yourself in Hong Kong! We spent hours looking and photographing all the awesome action figures they produce. Hope to go back one day 🙂

  2. Hi, Maria!!
    I’ve never known about this kind of worldwide exhibition. It is a huge scale display, so I couldn’t believe it was held in a shopping mall. One way every travelers enjoy it is to allow to take pictures, I think. I’m looking forward to exploring your next post !!

    • Hi Mako,

      Nice to hear from you again! 🙂 Yes, this action figures exhibition in Hong Kong was truly amazing! We really enjoyed it and it was a fun exhibition to take photos of. It felt like we were a part of a Marvel movie. Captain America, The Hulk, Wolverine, Yoda, Luke, Indiana Jones, and my favorite Black Widow were all there.

      We are currently working on some articles from both Penang in Malaysia and Phuket in Thailand. I have just sorted all our (thousands of) photos from our recent trip to Japan, so looking forward to start writing some new articles about Japan on the blog as well. So lots coming out on the blog soon, I hope… 🙂

      Thanks for commenting! Have a great day!



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