We started out on this trip with brand new backpacks (read our review of Osprey Waypoint here), all tidy and clean with freshly washed clothes packed in perfect order. But needless to say, it didn’t stay that way for very long. Soon some of the clothes became dirty and wet, and we didn’t have time to pack everything properly each time we moved on to a new place.

So after a couple of months of increasing backpack chaos and one experience with bed bugs in a hotel room we stayed in, where we had to freeze and wash EVERYTHING in our backpacks on 60 degrees, we had to find a solution. And the solution turned out to be Eagle Creek Packing Cubes!

Review Eagle Creek Packing Cube System

We bought the cubes in Bangkok at the Smart Travel/ North Face shop at Siam Discovery shopping mall (3rd floor), after doing some internet research on the best packing cubes system out there.


The Smart Travel shop at Siam Discovery in Bangkok, 3rd floor, where we bought our Eagle Creek packing cubes.

Eagle Creek have many different types of packing cubes, from colored ones to plastic see-through ones, both big and small, as well as compression cubes. They also have padded laptop/ tablet covers, but we haven’t tried them yet.


The Smart Travel shop at Siam Discovery is Bangkok`s reseller of Eagle Creek.

What Kind Of Packing Cubes Did We Choose?

Espen chose to buy:

The best packing cubes for travel by Eagle Creek

Espen`s packing cubes: 1 Compression Cube Set and 1 Specter Cube Set.

I chose to buy:


Maria`s packing cubes: 2 Compression Cube Sets.

How Do We Use The Cubes?

I use one big cube for my bottoms (shorts and pants), one big cube for my dresses and skirts, one-half cube for my tops (singlets, blouses) and the last half cube for my long-sleeved tops and t-shirts. Yep, I did over-pack and over-shop along the way, having too many clothes in my backpack, that’s one of my embarrassing issues! 🙂

Espen uses one big cube for his bottoms (shorts and pants), one big cube for his beach stuff (surfing shorts, surfing shirt, towel and sarong), one-half cube for his jacket, t-shirts and shirts and one-half cube for his boxers and socks. The last tiny cube is used by Indiana Jones, for his stuff as his hat, whip, guns, and shoes.

I like the compression cubes in particular because they can be compressed into a smaller version by the extra zipper that goes around the whole cube. Very convenient! 🙂 That said, this is only possible if the cube is not complete packed to it`s maximum.


Two of Maria`s cubes when packed with clothes. The one to the right has been compressed.

We both chose our cubes in color white, as they are slightly see-through so we can see what’s in each cube and don’t have to label them. We did however, pick different colors on the zipper (Espen’s are green and mine are orange) so we don’t mix them up between us. Aren’t we clever! 🙂

Why We Think Eagle Creek Make The Best Packing Cubes ?

1. Thin and light

They are so thin and light! They hardly take up any space in the luggage and don’t add any weight. That was really important for us and the main reason why we choose this packing system.

2. Durable, stain- and water-resistant

They are made of super-thin nylon, the same fabric as light-weight tents, and is durable, stain- and water-resistant! Which is great considering that the backpack can get wet or something can get spilled during flights. That way not everything in the backpack becomes wet and full of stains if something like that happens.

3. Zipper

They have a good zipper almost all the way around, making them impossible to get into by cockroaches, bedbugs or other creepy bugs. If we had these when we had the bedbug attack, it would have saved us so much work and washing (I also had to throw away some clothes that didn’t survive being washed at high temperature). I really hate bugs, so now I feel a little bit more at ease opening up my backpack at a new place.


Maria`s backpack packed using the Eagle Creek`s cube system.

I really love these packing cubes from Eagle Creek! They make my traveling so much easier! Now it is quick and easy to find what I want to wear. They also make packing much quicker as each thing has its  place. We use the cubes in our Osprey Waypoint 85L backpacks. If you are looking for a great travellers backpack, read our review of the Osprey Waypoint backpack here!

Where To Buy The Eagle Creek Packing Cubes And How Much Do They Cost?

We bought our cubes at the Smart Travel/ North Face shop at Siam Discovery shopping mall (3rd floor) in Bangkok. We paid 1450 Thai Baht (45 us$) per cube set. It is a bit more pricey than at Amazon, which sells them for 38 us$.

The Eagle Creek packing cubes are available online through amazon:




Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Cube Set (3 cubes of different sizes) – 38 us$






Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Compression Set (2 compression cubes in different sizes) – 38 us$



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