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My knees tremble and my hands sweat as I carefully take one step at a time out into what feels like the open air. “Now I know what it feels like to take the first scary steps of a bungee jump or a parachute jump,” I think as I take another step trying to beath slowly and not panic. There is nothing but a thin see-through glass floor between my feet and the palm trees 300 meters further down.

View from KL Tower Kuala Lumpur
Stunning view of Kuala Lumpur city from the Sky Deck on top of KL Tower

The KL Tower/ Menara KL

KL Tower is a telecommunication tower in the center of Kuala Lumpur, whose official name is Menara KL. It has become one of the top sights of Kuala Lumpur and is a must-visit if you are going to KL.

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KL Tower by night
KL Tower by night, 421 m tall

The KL Tower has become the symbol of KL, and you can spot it from all over the city as it is impressively 421 m tall. From the top, you will have the best view of the KL skyline!

Although the famous Petronas Towers is a taller building (451,9 m tall), the KL Tower gives you a higher viewpoint as the hill Bukit Nanas that it’s built upon is 100 m above sea level.

KL Tower has the record as the tallest freestanding tower in the whole of Southeast Asia, and the seventh-tallest in the world where the tallest is Tokyo Skytree (634 m). It took eleven years to build and was completed in 1995.

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Best Things To Do At KL Tower

Sky Deck & Sky Box

The Sky Deck is an open-air deck located 300 m above ground in KL Tower, and it is the highlight of KL Tower in our opinion. It is spectacular and has an excellent 360-degree view of KL! Here you will feel the wind in your hair and be able to take your photos and show-off Instagram shots without windows being in the way.

Panorama View from KL Tower
Fantastic view from the open-air Sky Deck on top of KL Tower, 300 m above ground

The access to the Sky Deck is weather dependent, however, and it closes when there is a risk of lightning due to security reasons. So make sure to head to the KL Tower on a day when the weather is decent if you want to get up to the Sky Deck. Unfortunately, there is no announcement on their webpage about this, but you can call them and ask if the Sky Deck is open before heading there (we always do that if we plan to head there on a cloudy day with rain in the air).

An extra cool and a bit scary feature of the Sky Deck is the Sky Box. There are two Sky Boxes on the Sky Deck, a glass box jutting out from the deck. If you dare, you can go out into this box, and you get a panorama view and some breathtaking photos of the whole of KL city as there is nothing but see-through glass between you and the ground below.

Sky Box KL Tower
One of the two Sky Boxes at the Sky Deck on top of KL Tower
Sky Deck KL Tower
Veeeery scary, but so proud that I had the guts to sit inside the Sky Box 🙂

I have a bit fear of heights so I could feel the butterflies in my stomach and my legs became like jelly.

There are guards at each Sky Box, making sure that everyone takes off their shoes and don´t bring bags into the box. They can also take photos of you.

Sky Box KL Tower
There are security guards at each Sky Box that can take cool shots of you

You get to the Sky Deck by elevator. The elevator takes only 54 seconds (!!) going up, and 52 seconds to come down. But if you are eager to walk up the 2058 steps to the top of the tower, you can sign up for the KL Tower Towerthon Challenge. It is arranged every year in the middle of August (Sunday 19th of August in 2018). Yep, it sounds like a kick-ass-workout if you ask me! 🙂

  • Opening hours Sky Deck: 09:00 – 22:00 every day (closed if raining, lightning, and thunder)
  • Ticket prices Sky Deck (including Sky Box and Observation Deck): RM 105 = US$ 25 (adult), RM 55 = US$ 13 (child 4-12 years old)
  • KL Tower Webpage

Observation Deck

If the open-air Sky Deck is closed due to weather conditions, or you have no interest in going to the open-air deck due to for instance fear of heights (although you are missing out if you don´t go), you can opt for going only to the Observation Deck.

Observation Deck KL Tower
The indoor Observation Deck at KL Tower, 276 m above ground

The Observation Deck is an indoor deck with huge glass windows, located at 276 m above ground in the KL Tower. It is not as cool as the Sky Deck, but you still get a great view of KL.

Observation Deck KL Tower
The Observation Deck is very family-friendly
  • Opening hours Observation Deck: 09:00 – 22:00 every day
  • Ticket prices Observation Deck Only: RM 52 = US$ 13 (adult), RM 31 = US$ 8 (child)
  • KL Tower Webpage

Canopy Walkway in KL Forest Eco Park

Surrounding the KL Tower is a lovely green and lush rainforest called KL Forest Eco Park, previously known as the Bukit Nanas forest reserve. It is one of the oldest permanent rainforest reserves left in Malaysia.

Canopy Walkway KL Forest ECO Park
Me walking on the impressive Canopy Walkway at KL Forest ECO Park, just below KL Tower

There are several beautiful and well-marked hiking trails through the KL ECO Forest Park, and one is a super cool canopy walkway.

We love walking along this 200 m canopy walkway high up among the treetops. It feels like a little adventure and is the perfect place for photos. The canopy walkway is comfortable and sturdy and is quite broad allowing two people to meet and easily walk past each other. So no need to worry.

The KL Forest Eco Park is an oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city, so peaceful and calming that you forget that you are in the center of a metropolitan city. It is great fun too, both for kids and adults.

The forest is full of beautiful birds that might be difficult to see, but you can easily hear them singing beautifully.

This canopy walkway must not be confused with the FRIM canopy walk located on the edge of the KL city. With FRIM canopy walk closed indefinitely, this canopy walkway in KL Forest Eco Park is now the only one open to the public.

Wear good walking shoes or sandals, and remember to bring water, sunscreen, and mosquito repellent as there are no kiosk or cafe inside the KL Forest Eco Park. Enter the park from the KL Tower (by the parking lot).

  • Opening hours KL Forest Eco Park: 07:00 – 18:00
  • Ticket prices KL Forest Eco Park: FREE!
  • Reviews on TripAdvisor

Atmosphere 360 Restaurant

KL Tower
The Atmosphere 360 Restaurant is located on top of the KL Tower

There are some restaurants, cafes, and a kiosk at the basement of the KL Tower, but for an extraordinary dinner, lunch, or afternoon tea experience you should head up to the cool Atmosphere 360 revolving restaurant. A dining experience with one of the most spectacular views you can ever have!

The Atmosphere 360 revolving restaurant is located 282 meters above ground in the KL Tower and has a magnificent 360-degree view of the KL skyline, therefore the name. 😉

They have an a la carte menu and buffets (lunch and dinner) where you can eat as much as you want for a fixed price. If you are not that hungry, you can head up there for drinks only. The restaurant has a dress-code (see their webpage).

Jelutong Tree

To the left of the KL Tower lobby, there is an over 100-year old gigantic Jelutong tree (Dyera Costulata). When they built the KL Tower, they shifted the location of the tower to avoid cutting or hurting the tree. They did a lot of perceptive planning and construction to conserve the tree, at a total cost of RM 430 000 = US$ 103 740, so it´s quite a special tree! 🙂

Mini Zoo

Mini Zoo KL Tower
A colorful singing parrot at the Mini Zoo at KL Tower

It is not nearly as big as the famous KL Bird Park, but the Mini Zoo located next to the basement of KL Tower has some exotic animals.

Here you can meet massive pythons, cheeky squirrels, cute monkeys, colorful parrots, fluffy lamas, and cuddly rabbits. Great fun for the kids!

  • Opening hours Mini Zoo KL Tower: 10:00 – 21:00 every day
  • Ticket prices Mini Zoo KL Tower: RM 31 = U$ 8 (adult), RM 26 = US$ 6 (children up to 11 years old and senior citizens above 60 years old), Free for children below 90 cm of height. Family pack (2 adults + 2 children): RM 99 = US$ 24
  • Mini Zoo KL Tower Facebook Page
  • Reviews on TripAdvisor

Upside Down House

The latest attraction at the KL Tower is the Upside Down House. It is located right by the parking lot, across the road from the big I♥KL Tower statue. I must admit that it looks kind of funny as the whole 2-story house and its furniture is up-side-down, mounted in the roof! It put a smile on everyone’s faces. 🙂 There is an antique Morris 1974 car hung upside down at the entrance. So cool!

A visit to the Upside Down House is a fun experience, especially for kids, and the perfect place for fun selfies to put on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

  • Opening hours Upside Down House: 09:00 – 22:00 every day (last ticket 21:30)
  • Ticket prices Upside Down House: RM 19 = US$ 5 (adult), RM 14 = US$ 3 (child)
  • Reviews on TripAdvisor

I Love KL at KL Tower
What’s not to love about KL Tower?! 😉

The KL Tower is one of the must-see-sights of Kuala Lumpur in our opinion.

The open-air Sky Deck with its spectacular KL city view is the best part of the tower, but the Canopy Walkway in KL Forest Eco Park is also great fun and something that you should not miss if you head to KL Tower.

Where To Stay In Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is one of our favorite hotel cities in the world, with a great combination of high standards and reasonable prices. Here you can find plenty of excellent accommodation on any budget.  Below are some of our favorites at different price ranges.

For more accommodation options and tips on which areas of KL that suit you best, read our complete guide on where to stay in Kuala Lumpur.

Top End

The Majestic

Our stunning room at The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Beautiful colonial decor at the Majestic Hotel

Built in 1932 as Kuala Lumpur’s first luxury hotel, The Majestic has been host to royals and celebrities. A massive restoration project finished in 2012, and today it perfectly mixes old-world luxury with modern five-star comforts.
Rarely have we been met with such genuine warm service and smiles. Staying at the Majestic is a unique experience in its self.
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Traders Hotel

Petronas Towers
The sparkling Petronas Towers

With arguably the city’s best view of the world-famous Petronas Towers and with KLCC park as its closest neighbor the Traders Hotel’s location is just unbeatable!

Its famous Skybar on the 33rd floor is a cool place to hang out and enjoy a drink. The rooms are large and comfortable with floor-to-ceiling windows but could do with a little refresher. But the view, oh that view…
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Mid Range

Hotel Stripes

Hotel Stripes KL
Awesome rooftop infinity pool and bar at Hotel Stripes

Hotel Stripes is a new hotel (2017) that impressed us in every way. We loved the stylishly and ultra-comfortable rooms with small touches like the free refill of soft drinks and water, and the rooftop infinity pool and bar with its spectacular view of KL Tower.
Located just a few minute walk away from the Dang Wangi subway station and the Medan Tuanku monorail station, it is also a great base from which to explore the city. Hotel Stripes is our favorite hotel in the downtown of the city.
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KL Journal

The reception at Journal Hotel
The reception at KL Journal Hotel

KL Journal is our favorite mid-range hotel in the Bukit Bintang area. This cozy boutique hotel is located on a quiet side street yet you are just a few minutes walk away from world-class shopping and entertainment, delicious street food, tons of restaurants, and nightlife.
The newly restored infinity rooftop swimming pool and bar area is a lovely place to relax.
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Lanson Place (Apartments)

Lansons Place KL Pool
The huge swimming pool at Lansons Place

If you’re looking for an apartment, then Lanson Place is tough to beat. Large, modern, and fully equipped apartments within an easy walking distance of Bukit Bintang.
The swimming pool is enormous, and there are a children’s pool and playground, as well as a well-equipped fitness center.
Click here for latest prices

Capri by Fraser (Apartments)

Capri by Fraser Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Breathtaking views from the rooftop pool at Capri by Fraser Hotel

We keep returning to The Capri hotel and it has over the years become our favorite KL hotel. It is located in a quiet upscale residential area in Bangsar South just a 10-minutes train ride from KL Central.

Here things move a little slower and provide a nice escape from the hectic city, yet there are plenty of excellent restaurants and shopping malls around.
The apartments are huge and modern, and there are both studio and one/ two/three-bedroom apartments available. The large infinity rooftop pool is truly spectacular! ♥
Click here for latest prices


Paper Plane Hostel
Originally an old shophouse that has been converted into a hostel. Paper Plane Hostel has a quirky, cozy interior design with super clean, air-conditioned rooms, comfortable beds, and spotless bathrooms, and most importantly super friendly and helpful hosts. Bukit Bintang is just a 10-minute walk away, and the nearby VCR Coffee & Cakes Cafe serves tasty granola, coffee, and cakes!
Click here for latest prices

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Travel Guides

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Things to do at KL Tower Kuala Lumpur      Things to do at KL Tower Kuala Lumpur

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