Top 7 Things To Do In Kabelvåg (Lofoten) – Kabelvåg Travel Guide

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The small and cozy little town Kabelvåg is only a 10 min drive (5 km) from Lofoten’s capital city Svolvær. It is the oldest town in Lofoten, actually in the whole of Northern Norway, with roots dating back to the Viking Age.

Kabelvåg is a small and compact town where most things are within a short walking distance. The downtown area is concentrated around the main square, where you find atmospheric old wooden houses surrounding the square and the harbor.

Kabelvag Harbor Lofoten
Kabelvåg is a small town close to Svolvær city (a 10-min drive).

Kabelvåg’s attractions are dived between two areas, downtown Kabelvåg, and Storvågan, a five minutes drive away yet still considered a part of Kabelvåg.

Walking around the streets of downtown Kabelvåg is a fine way to spend a couple of hours. At the main square, you will find the only two restaurants in Kabelvåg – Arbeideren Pizzeria (which serves the best Italian style pizza in Lofoten, by the way) and Præstengbrygga. Here you should also pop into the Little Gallery, which is, despite its name, surprisingly large and filled with lots of cool artworks, and old toys.

Then walk a few streets south of the main square, and you will find Loften Glass, where you can watch the glassblowers make the most beautiful art pieces of glass. Great fun! They have a shop too, perfect for souvenirs and gifts to bring back home as a memory of your trip to Lofoten.

If you start feeling a bit hungry stop and pick up some organic pastries from the Unseld Organic Bakery.

Downtown Kabelvåg
Downtown Kabelvåg with its atmospheric wooden houses.

Even though the streets in the downtown area of Kabelvåg are well worth a visit, the main tourist attractions of Kabelvåg are located in Storvågan – a 5-min drive (1,5 km) southwest of downtown Kabelvåg. Here you find some of the most popular attractions in Lofoten; Lofoten Museum, Lofoten Aquarium,  and the Art Gallery Espolin.

Also, in Storvågan, you will find the best accommodation in Kabelvåg – Nyvågar Rorbuhotell and its restaurant Lorchstua.

Nyvågar Rorbu Hotel Kabelvåg, Lofoten
Nyvågar Rorbu Hotel in Storvågan has a nice restaurant and spa located close to Lofoten Museum and Lofoten Aquarium.

Kabelvåg is a great place to stay in as you can easily drive to Svolvær (a 10-min drive), Henningsvær (a 20-min drive), and other places in Lofoten as a day-trip. See what other places not to miss when visiting Lofoten in our recommended Lofoten itinerary.

And if you want to embark on a true adventure in the Lofoten nature, Lofoten Active in Kabelvåg offers activities to get your heartbeat up; kayaking trips, guided hiking trips, biking trips, Northern Lights trips, skiing trips, and snowshoe trips.

A great place to start when planning your Lofoten trip is to read our complete Lofoten Travel Guide.

Kabelvåg Travel Guide – What To Do In Kabelvåg

This Kabelvåg travel guide gives you the best things to do and see in Kabelvaag, as well as the best places to stay and eat. Kabelvag’s top attractions, sights, and activities are listed and highlighted on a map. Have a great time exploring Kabelvåg! ♥

A Brief History Of Kabelvåg

There have been found traces of settlement in Kabelvåg as far back as the Stone Age. And ever since the Viking Age (793 AD – 1066), Kabelvåg has been a thriving fishing village, with the name “Vågar”/ Vagar. This makes Kabelvåg the first known town in northern Norway.

The town “Vågan” was officially founded here in the early 12th century by King Øystein Magnusson of Norway (reign 1103 – 1123). He built a church here and a fishermen’s hotel in Vågan town. This made Kabelvåg town into an important trading and church town.

Kabelvåg has an excellent location close to where the cod migrates in the winter months to spawn and where the “Lofotfiske” (Lofot fishing) occurs.

During the Middle Ages (5th – 15th centuries), Stockfish became a popular ingredient in dishes in Southern Europe, and Kabelvåg was the biggest producer of stockfish in Lofoten up until 1400.

What To See And Do In Kabelvåg – The 7 Top Things

Lofoten Cathedral, Lofoten Museum & Lofoten Aquarium

The map above: Kabelvåg Travel Guide – What To See & Do (purple), Where To Stay (red), Where To Eat (black).

You can divide Kabelvåg into two areas:

  • Downtown Kabelvåg (a 10-min drive from Svolvær city)
  • Sørvågan (a 5-min drive/ 1,5 km southwest of downtown Kabelvåg)

The downtown area of Kabelvåg is quite small, and you can easily see it all within a couple of hours.

Kabelvåg’s three top attractions are located in Sørvågan – Lofoten Museum, Lofoten Aquarium, and Art Gallery Espolin. They are, in fact, some of the biggest attractions in Lofoten and are called SKREI Heritage Center (the Norwegian word “Skrei” means cod in English).

You can easily drive, walk, or ride a bike from downtown Kabelvåg to Sørvågan (20-min walking, 5 min driving), or from Svolvær (10 min driving, 1,5-hour walking).

Summary of the 7 top things to do in Kabelvag: 

  1. Lofoten Cathedral/ Vågan Church
  2. Lofoten Museum
  3. Lofoten Aquarium
  4. Art Gallery Espolin
  5. Art Gallery Little Kabelvåg
  6. Lofoten Glass
  7. Sea Kayaking

1. Lofoten Cathedral/ Vågan Church

On your way from Svolvaer to Kabelvåg, you will easily see the majestic Lofoten Cathedral just next to the main road. Its official name is Vågan Kirke/ Vaagan Church.

Lofoten Cathedral in Kabelvåg/ Kabelvag
Lofoten Cathedral was undergoing some restoration on the outside. Sorry for the bad photo.

The church that you see here today was constructed in 1898 when it replaced a smaller church dating back to 1799. Lofoten Cathedral is the biggest wooden building north of Trondheim and is made of timber, built in a Gothic Revival architectural style that originates from the late 1740s in England. The church is quite big and can house 1200 people. It had to be this big to fit all the fishermen who came to Kabelvåg to fish during the cod fishing season (January – April).

The site where Lofoten Cathedral stands today has been one of Norway’s most important Christian areas for over 900 years. The first church was built here by the king of Norway, Øystein Magnusson (1088 – 1123), in 1100. As many as five-six churches have over time been built in this small area of Lofoten.

Lofoten Cathedral in Kabelvåg/ Kabelvag
Lofoten Cathedral is quite big and can house 1200 people.

The whole church was renovated back to its original architecture and colors in 2009/ 2010. The church’s main feature is the beautiful altarpiece painted by the priest Fredrik Nikolai (Fritz) Jensen (1818 – 1870). It depicts Jesus’ battle of Gethsemane.

The model for the angel, which you can see in the middle of the altarpiece, is a local girl called Sara Susanne Bing Lind (1842 – 1929). I have actually just read the book “A Hundred Years” by Herbjørg Wassmo, which is about this girl and the altarpiece of Loften Cathedral. The book is fantastic, by the way, and a great read while you are visiting Lofoten.

The beautiful altar piece inside Lofoten Cathedral in Kabelvåg/ Kabelvag
The beautiful altarpiece inside Lofoten Cathedral.

The cathedral has several other art pieces and paintings, including portraits of the different priests of the church. Notice the beautiful stained glass window which is above the altarpiece.

2. Lofoten Museum/ Lofotmuseet

Lofoten museum is a fabulous open-air folk museum where you get a unique opportunity to see a historic fishing village preserved much like it was in the 1800s. This is where the old “Vågar” town was located, and the area contains several old wooden buildings like the main mansion (constructed in 1815), fishermen’s cabins (“rorbuer” in Norwegian), and boathouses with Nordland boats.

The lovely outdoor folk museum Lofoten Museum in Kabelvag
Lofoten Museum is a fantastic open-air folk museum in Kabelvåg.

The oldest fishermen’s cabin was constructed in 1797.

Old rorbue at Lofoten Museum in Kabelvag
The old rorbu/ fishermen’s cabins.

I love how you can walk around in the buildings and almost feel like a “væreier“(one that owns the fishing industry and is the head of the fishing village Vagar) or perhaps a fisherman living in the rorbu. In the main house, you can see a photo of the owner of the whole fishing industry.

His name was Johan Hammond Wolff (1806 – 1884), and he is actually one of my forefathers as my last name is Wulff, and my grandmother was from Stamsund in Lofoten. Even though I am from Tromso, I have been to the Lofoten many times especially when growing up to visit family in Lofoten.

Wolff, the owner who lived at Lofoten Museum in Kabelvag
My forefather Wolff owned and lived in this mansion house.

The owner of the fishing industry and village went bankrupt and moved from the farm in 1901. It got turned into a museum in 1976. You can see how they lived as the house is fully furnished, and it’s like you’ve stepped back in time to the 1800s.

Bedroom at Lofoten Museum in Kabelvag
Such a cute little bedroom.

I particularly liked the garden and the seashore area of the museum with its boathouses and Nordland boats. And the small museum shop was like visiting an old “Krambu” (and old village shop selling all sorts of food and things).

We bought a few gifts, including the perfect birthday gift for my dad, who loves old wooden boats and has built his own “Nordlandsbåt” (Nordland boat) and “Åttring” (a big wooden Lofoten boat with eight par of oars). We got him a book about the history and making of the Nordland boat.

Shop/ krambu at Lofoten Museum in Kabelvag
You must step into the old shop (called “Krambua” in Norwegian).
Nordland boat at Lofoten Museum in Kabelvag
An old Nordland boat at Lofoten Museum.
Beautiful old houses at Lofoten Museum in Kabelvag
I loved how you could just walk around at Lofoten Museum and almost feel like you have stepped back into the 1800s.

Another great folk museum is the fishing village Å, where the whole village has been turned into a museum where you can walk around and visit the old houses.

  • Address: Storvågan (a 5-min drive from downtown Kabelvåg, and a 10-min drive from Svolvær)
  • Opening Hours: March – December: 10:00/ 10 am – 15:00/ 3 pm. Closed in January and February. Check their webpage for exact opening hours as they vary throughout the year.
  • Ticket Price: 100 NOK = US$ 12 (adult), 50 NOK = US$ 6 (child 5-15 years old). If you plan on visiting the Lofoten Museum, Loften Aquarium, and Gallery Espolin, you should buy the SKREI ticket; it costs 250 NOK = US$ 30.
  • Lofoten Museum’s Official Webpage

3. Lofoten Aquarium/ Lofotakvariet

Lofoten Aquarium is located in Storvågan, across the road from Gallery Espolin.

Lofoten Aquarium/ Lofotakvariet i Kabelvåg
The Lofoten Aquarium/ Lofotakvariet in Kabelvåg is one of the biggest attractions in Lofoten.

Here you get a unique opportunity to experience life in the sea and fjords surrounding the Lofoten Islands close up. You will see and learn all about the North-Atlantic cod or “Skrei,” as it is called in Northern Norway, that migrates to Lofoten every winter to spawn.

I found the highlight of the Lofoten Aquarium to be the seals and otters that live in a huge outdoor pool. Watching them being fed was great fun! The otters are super cute, and the seals do tricks like jumping and spinning around.

You can also enjoy the nice little shop and a cafe with fantastic sea views.

Cafe with a great view at Lofoten Aquarium/ Lofotakvariet i Kabelvåg
The Lofoten Aquarium has a cafe with a fantastic view
  • Address: Storvågan (a 5-min drive from downtown Kabelvåg, and a 10-min drive from Svolvær)
  • Opening Hours: March – November: 11 am – 15/ 3 pm, open until 18/ 6 pm in July and August. Closed December, January, and February.
  • Ticket Price: 130 NOK = US$ 16 (adult), 80 NOK = US$ 10 (child 3 – 15 years old). Or buy the SKREI ticket, 250 NOK = US$ 30, which gives you access to all three attractions Lofoten Museum, Lofoten Aquarium, and Gallery Espolin.
  • Lofoten Aquarium’s Official Webpage

4. Gallery Espolin

At the Gallery Espolin, you can see the works of the artist Kaare Espolin Johnson (1907 – 1994). He has captured the colors and soul of Lofoten and Northern Norway and its people in a fantastic way.

Gallery Espolin in Kabelvåg Loften

You will also learn about Kaare’s life and see a film where he is interviewed. The gallery has a small shop as well where you can buy copies of his paintings.

  • Address: Storvågan (a 5-min drive from downtown Kabelvåg, and a 10-min drive from Svolvær)
  • Opening Hours: March – December: 11 am – 15/ 3 pm, open until 16/ 4 pm in July. Closed January and February.
  • Ticket Price: 100 NOK = US$ 12 (adult), 50 NOK = US$ 6 (child, 5-15 years old). Or buy the SKREI ticket, 250 NOK = US$ 30, which gives you access to all three attractions Lofoten Museum, Lofoten Aquarium, and Gallery Espolin.
  • The Espolin Gallery’s Official Webpage

5. Little Kabelvåg Art Gallery & Museum/ Lille Kabelvåg Galleri

The art gallery “Little Kabelvaag” might look small from the outside, but you will be surprised how big it actually is once you step inside! The two floors (600 m²) are packed with artworks and paintings by over two hundred different artists.

Little Kabelvag/ Lille Kabelvåg Gallery Lofoten
“Little Kabelvag Gallery”/ Lille Kabelvåg Galleri in downtown Kabelvåg

It is a private gallery owned by artists Inger Anne Nyaas and Thor Erdahl. Inger is a textile artist, while her husband Thor, who has grown up in Kabelvåg, is a painter and graphic artist. You will also see artworks made by them at the gallery.

Little Kabelvag/ Lille Kabelvåg Gallery Lofoten
Although it looks small from the outside, it is huge inside with many art and paintings.
Little Kabelvag/ Lille Kabelvåg Gallery Lofoten
Lots of old nostalgic toys at the Lille Kabelvåg Gallery

6. Lofoten Glass

Lofoten Glass is both a glass art gallery, shop, and a working place for artists and glassblowers. It is great fun watching the glassblowers being creative with the glass and make the most stunning art pieces.

Lofoten Glass in Kabelvåg
I totally fell in love with the Lofoten Glass! So many beautiful things, I wanted to buy them all.

Here you can buy vases, plates, drinking glasses, jewelry, and all sorts of colorful glass, from heavy and solid to delicate and thin. This is a great place to buy gifts and souvenirs to bring back home. I bought some birthday gifts for one of my friends at this place.

Lofoten glass in Kabelvag Lofoten
So cozy at the Lofoten Glass in Kabelvåg!

If you are especially interested in glass and want to learn how to blow glass, Loften Glass also arranges glass blowing courses. Here you can make your own personal pieces of glass in the color and shape you want.

7. Sea Kayaking

Experiencing the Lofoten nature from the seaside onboard a kayak is fantastic! Kabelvåg is a great area to paddle around in, with many small islands, fjords, and old wooden houses, and rorbuer/ fishermen’s cabins along the shore. You will also be able to spot wildlife and particularly birds like the sea eagle.

Kayaking Svolvaer Lofoten
Going sea kayaking is a great and fun way to explore the beautiful Lofoten nature.

This 3-hour kayaking trip takes you around the Kabelvåg area, and you depart from Nyvågar Rorbu Hotel in Storvågan. You don’t need any previous experience with kayaking to join this tour as your guide will teach you everything you need to know. The kayaks are double kayaks and very solid.
Click here to check availability and the latest prices

Where To Eat In Kabelvåg

Arbeideren Pizzeria, Bar & Night Club

Rumours has it that Arbeideren in Kabelvåg serves Lofoten’s best authentic Itialian pizza.

Arbeideren pizzeria in Kabelvåg Lofoten
Arbeideren in Kabelvåg serves Lofoten’s best Italian pizza.

Here you can get a classic Italian pizza like Margherita, Quattro Formaggi, and Diavola, but also more “local” twists like “Djevelporten” (named after the Djevelporten mountain in Svolvær) and “Skårungen” (with broccoli, red wine salami, goat cheese), and “Vågan” (rosemary potatoes, fennel sausage, boat cheese, and truffle cream).

We actually tried to eat here twice, but they were out of pizza dough; that’s how popular their pizza is! 🙂

  • Address: Torget, Kabelvåg
  • Opening Hours: Wednesday – Friday: 16:00/ 4 pm – 22:00/ 10 pm, Saturday: 11:00 am – 15:00/3 pm & 16:00/ 4 pm – 22:00/ 10 pm, Sunday: 11:00 am – 15:00/ 3 pm. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • On The Menue: Italian pizza
  • Arbeideren Pizzeria’s Facebook-page

Nyvågar Restaurant

Nyvågar Restaurant is the restaurant of the Nyvågar Rorbu Hotel (a 5-min drive from downtown Kabelvåg and a 10-min drive from Svolvær). Here they serve dinner every day, and lunch on Saturdays and Sundays, in a maritime-rorbu kind of setting with an amazing sea view.

Nyvågar Restaurant Kabelvåg, Lofoten
Nyvagar Restaurant has a stunning location right by the sea.

The menu consists of traditional Norwegian food, with fish and meat. Their juicy beef hamburger with brie cheese looks heavenly good! During summer, they have barbeque evenings (check their webpage and Facebook page).

Head up to the bar, the Aquavit Loft, where you get to taste aquavits (a liquor specialty of Norway) from all over the world. They also make some excellent cocktails.

Unseld Organic Bakery

The only cafe and bakery in Kabelvåg is the Unseld Organic Bakery, and it is a wonderful little gem! Head here to get your cravings for homemade pastries, cakes, bread, buns, biscuits, and a cup of coffee or tea. It is also an excellent place to have lunch. They also have a hamburger, fishburger, panini (with different toppings), vegetarian burger, and soup on the menu.

The lovely Unseld Bakery in Kabelvåg, Lofoten
Me shopping at Unseld Organic Bakery in Kabelvåg

The bakery is half Norwegian and half German, so you will also find some German bakery goods here.

We had lunch here twice and enjoyed some delicious baguettes and sandwiches with pulled pork and many vegetables. We also tried their bun with vanilla cream and their delicious cinnamon bun (vegan and made with Spelt flour). I can highly recommend them both!

Delicious cinnamon bun at Unseld Bakery in Kabelvåg, Lofoten
You must try their fantastic cinnamon bun (vegan and made with Spelt flour).

The bun with vanilla cream (called “Skolebrød” in Norwegian, which can be translated into “School Bun”) is one of the best I have ever had! And if you wonder what makes their vanilla cream so incredibly delicious and a bit greenish in color, their secret is turmeric! They add a little bit of turmeric spice into the vanilla cream! I will definitely try it when I bake buns with vanilla cream at home the next time.

  • Address: Torggata 11, Kabelvåg
  • Opening Hours: 11:00 am – 17:00/ 5 pm Tuesday – Friday, until 16:00/ 4 pm on Sundays, and 08:00 am – 15:00/ 3 pm on Saturdays. Closed on Mondays.
  • On The Menue: Lunch, pastries, cakes, baguettes, sandwiches, bread, coffee, tea (breakfast & lunch)
  • Unseld Bakery’s Facebook-page

Præstengbrygga Restaurant, Cafe & Bar

Præstengbrygga Restaurant has a central location in Kabelvåg, right by the main square and next to the harbor. Here you can enjoy your food inside or outside and have a fantastic view of the sea and fjord.

Prestengbrygga Restaurant in Kabelvåg, Lofoten
Præstengbrygga Restaurant/ cafe/ pub is located in the main square in downtown Kabelvåg.

They serve traditional Norwegian food, like fish and barbequed meat. If you are a football fan, you can watch the Premier League matches here.

Where To Stay In Kabelvåg

Nyvågar Rorbu Hotel
Nyvågar Rorbu Hotel is beautifully located right by the sea in the historical place Storvågan in Kabelvåg (5-min drive from the downtown). You can easily walk over to Lofoten Aquarium (3-min walk) and Lofoten Museum from the hotel.

From your lovely little rorbu/ cabin, you will have a fantastic view of the fjord, sea, and mountains. Walk out onto your patio right outside your cabin, and you will be able to take it all in. In the winter, you might be able to see the Northern Lights from your window.

Nyvågar Rorbu Hotel Kabelvåg, Lofoten
The wonderful Nyvågar Rorbu Hotel where you stay in apartments right by the sea.

The 30 rorbu/ cabins/ apartments all have two bedrooms (4 beds) and are 50 m² in size. The cabins have two floors and have everything you need – a private bathroom (toilet and shower), a cozy living room with a TV, and a fully equipped kitchen (with a cooker, kettle, and fridge). WIFI, cleaning, towels, beddings, and free parking, are all included.

The hotel has a restaurant, the Lorchstua Restaurant, well known for its fantastic local food, where the breakfast buffet is served in the mornings. And best of it all, you can have a dip in the sea and step into the warm hot tub and sauna at the hotel afterward.
Click here for availability and the latest prices

Lofoten Rorbu Suits/ Apartments
A 10-min walk from the main square of downtown Kabelvåg, Lofoten Rorbu Suites offers apartments/ cabins with a great sea view. The apartments all have a kitchen, three bedrooms (although some bedrooms are rather small with bunk beds), a fireplace, and a private terrace or balcony. The apartments can house up to 5-6 people. You must book a minimum of two nights.
Click here for availability and the latest prices

Kalle is a cabin hotel located in a former fishing village, a 10-min drive from Kabelvåg and a 15-min drive from Svolvær. Kalle has a beautiful private beach and offers lots of activities. Here you can go hiking, kayaking, biking, climbing, fishing, play ping pong, and in the winter go skiing and snowshoeing. The guiding company Northern Alpine Guides has their base in Kalle and arrange guided trips and tours. You can rent bikes and kayaks for free. Fishing boats can be rented.

Kalle offers modern rorbuer/ cabins with a fully equipped kitchen, a living area, fireplace, and private bathroom. You have your own terrace with lovely views of the mountains and fjord. The hotel has a bar, barbeque area, sauna, and free parking.
Click here for availability and the latest prices


Lofoten Hostel/ Vandrerhjem Kabelvåg
Lofoten Hostel/ Vandrerhjem is located a 12-min walk from downtown Kabelvåg (or a 3-min drive). It has a beautiful location on a small inlet right by the sea. The hostel has a sauna, BBQ area, laundry facilities, free Wi-Fi, and an excellent and huge breakfast buffet.

You can choose between dormitory rooms (4 bunk beds, female-only or men-only), single room with shared bathroom, twin room with shared or private bathroom, and family room. You can also use the shared kitchen and living room (with a fireplace). This is a good value for your money.
Click here for availability and the latest prices

Kabelvåg Rorbu Hostel/ Vandrerhjem
Located in downtown Kabelvåg, Kabelvåg Rorbu Vandrerhjem/ Hostel has a panoramic view of the fjords and mountains. You get a private room with a double or twin bed, with a shared bathroom. The hostel has a shared kitchen and living room where you can hang out and meet other guests.
Click here for availability and the latest prices

Happenings/ Festivals In Kabelvåg

How To Get To Kabelvåg


You can easily drive to Kabelvåg and Lofoten. The Lofoten Mainland Connection, or “Lofast” as it is called for short, is on the European route E10. It connects the Lofoten islands archipelago to the mainland of Norway via seven tunnels and two bridges. The longest tunnel is the 6,3 km long Sørdal Tunnel. The Lofast opened in 2007 and made getting to Lofoten so much easier and faster as you no longer had to take any ferries.

It only takes 10 min to drive from Svolvær to Kabelvåg.

I highly recommend that you rent a car to get around Lofoten as there are no trains and very few buses.


The closest airport to Kabelvåg is the Svolvær Airport, Helle Lufthavn (SVJ), a 15 min drive from Kabelvåg (one way)

Svolvær Airport only has domestic flights, with approximately six daily flights with Wideroe to/ from Bodø/ Bodo (a 25 min flight one way).


You can take the Hurtigruten, which goes along the coastline of Norway (from Bergen in the south to Kirkenes in the north), and get off at Svolvær Harbor. It only takes 10 min to drive from Svolvær to Kabelvåg.

That’s it, our ultimate travel guide to Kabelvåg/ Kabelvag in Lofoten. This guide shows you the best activities, tours, and attractions in Kabelvaag, with what we believe are the best things to do and see in Kabelvåg. I hope this Kabelvåg guide can be of help to you when planning your Kabelvåg trip.

Kabelvåg is great to combine with a visit to its neighboring city Svolvær (just a 10-min drive from Kabelvåg). In Svolvær, you should do a boat trip to the scenic Trollfjord, and go for a walk on the small idyllic island Svinoya.

Ensure to check out what else you should not miss when going to Lofoten in our recommended Lofoten itinerary. Our travel guide to the Lofoten Islands is also a great resource when planning your Lofoten adventure.

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