Japan is a part of Asia, yet it feels like a world apart. Being an island that was closed for visitors for centuries, it has retained a unique culture with a fascinating contrast of the traditional and the modern. From the splendor of a Geisha dance to the spare beautify of a Zen rock garden, Japan will fascinate even the most experienced traveler.

Traditional Japan is one thing, but once you step out into the streets of Tokyo around Shibuya Station, it is like stepping out into the future! It is neon-flash-maniac! Staying in a traditional Ryokan (Japanese Inn), sitting in a robe on the floor eating raw fish, and getting naked with a bunch of strangers to soak in an Onsen (hot spring)are all things that are truly unique for Japan.

Savoring the delicious Japanese cuisine is half the reason why you should visit Japan! The attention to detail and flavors can literally change your idea of what is possible when it comes to food.

And last but not least, Japan is a great country for outdoor activities with its Alps and islands. In the Japanese Alps you can go hiking in the summer and skiing/ snowboarding in the winter at some of the wolds top-notch skiing resorts. Down south the coral reefs of Okinawa will have you wondering if you have come to Thailand.

Japan is considered to be a relatively expensive country, but you can save a lot of money and make your Japan travel cheaper by following our tips.

When To Visit Japan

The high season for visiting Japan is during April, May, and August (cherry blossom and autumn foliage). The shoulder season is June, July, and September – December, while the low season is January – March (cold and lots of snow). We visited in July/August and had nice warm weather, but a little rain in between.

Our Journey Through Japan

We spent six weeks in Japan and visited these places: 1. Tokyo – 2. Nikko – 3. Matsumoto – 4. Japanese Alps – 5. Kanazawa – 6. Takayama – 7. Shirakawa-go 8. Kyoto – 9. Hiroshima – 10. Miyajima Island – 11. Nara

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Travel Guides

We used Lonely Planet`s Japan Travel Guide on our trip. You can get that and other great books by clicking on the pictures below which will take you to Amazon.com (affiliate links):

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  • Population: 127 million
  • Capital: Tokyo
  • Land Area: 77 944 km²
  • Language: Japanese
  • Religion: Buddhist/ Shinto
  • Currency: Yen (JPY)
  • Time zone: UTC+9
  • Drives on: Left

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