Indonesia is located in South-East Asia and Oceania and consists of incredible 17508 islands, scattered over both sides of equator! Only about 6000 of them are inhabited. It is an amazing country with friendly people, fascinating culture, incredible wildlife and nature with pristine beaches, jungle and a lot of active volcanoes.

As a traveler in Indonesia, this country offers endless exploration and diversity. You will find everything from posh modern cities and areas like Jakarta and Bali to remote areas with some of the worlds last great adventure like Komodo National Park!

When To Visit Indonesia

High season for visiting Indonesia is from June – October (dry season). Shoulder season is April, May, November and December, while the rainy season is November – March. It is however pretty crowded on Bali around Christmas, with a lot of Australians visiting.

Travel Guides to Indonesia

We used Lonely Planet`s Indonesia book on our travels around Indonesia and Bali. It was great! Click on the pictures below to read more about each book on Amazon (affiliate links):

Blog posts from Indonesia

    After several visits to Indonesia, we finally got to see one of the most important Buddhists sites in the world, and one of the absolute finest and most intact temples in South-East Asia - Borobudur! Dating back to the 9th century AD and consisting of 504 Buddha statues, it is real must-visit when going to Indonesia!

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  • Population: 237 million
  • Capital: Jakarta
  • Land Area: 1 904 569 km²
  • Language: Indonesian
  • Religion: Islam (87%), majority Sunni Muslims. Bali is Hindu.
  • Currency: Rupiah (IDR)
  • Time zone: UTC+7 and UTC+9
  • Drives on: Left

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