Hotel Spotlight: Hotel Muse Bangkok

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For Christmas 2013, when having friends over visiting from Norway, we decided to splurge and book rooms at the famous and amazing Hotel Muse, a boutique hotel in the center of Bangkok. Wow, what a hotel!

We came to Bangkok and the Hotel Muse exhausted after a five hours car trip from Koh Chang. We felt both tired, sweaty and our whole bodies were stiff and akin from the long car ride. But once we stepped out of the car and entered the lobby at Hotel Muse, all that faded away!

The lobby feels more like a cafe than a lobby with small tables where the guests sit together with a receptionist. So instead of doing the check-in at a desk, we had a seat at one of the small tables together with a receptionist, and were given five small glass with different tasty drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). At that moment we knew that we were going to have a GREAT Christmas 2013 at Hotel Muse together with our good friends Roar and Ingrid from Oslo! We were so excited!

The beautiful entrance at Hotel Muse.
Hotel Muse even has it`s own retro tuk-tuk. So cool! We didn`t get the chance to try it out though, unfortunately.

Inside the hotel is lit in a romantic light, dark walls but with lights in the right places, which gives you a romantic being-on-a-date-feeling. The hotel is packed with lovely design and art, which combines modern cosmopolitan chic with elegance from historic Thai. In the lobby and close by cafe/bar, you are met by the sound of the hotel DJ laying down some beats.


The breakfast at Hotel Muse is amazing! They have everything, with food from all over the world. We particularly liked their special Muse Omelet and their freshly made smoothies. It`s a must-try! You can also have dinner or lunch at one of the hotel`s restaurants, like the Italian restaurant Medici. At 24th and 25th-floor Hotel Muse has a very cool roof bar/restaurant, the Speakeasy, with amazing views of the Bangkok skyline. At Christmas eve we had a dinner buffet at the rooftop bar, which was fabulous! A very memorable Christmas Eve 2013!

Hotel Muse has a swimming pool and gym, at the 19th floor, but the pool is small and has only a few sun beds and chairs. So this hotel is not ideal for those who want to swim and work on their tan.

Our room at Hotel Muse was super cool and comfortable:

Chic design in our room at Hotel Muse. A lovely mix between modern and old design.
There was a glass wall between the bathroom and the sleeping room. Super cool, but maybe you don`t always want an audience while sitting on the toilet?! Problem solved; there was a pull-down curtain attached on the window.
The bed was amazingly comfortable! Could sleep there forever…..
Even the sink at the bathroom was cool!

We had a great Christmas at Hotel Muse Bangkok, and really enjoyed every bit of our stay to the fullest. The hotel has a perfect location, with the shopping malls Central World, Central Chitlom within walking distance. Very convenient for us, as we were going to shop for Christmas presents.


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The street of which the Hotel Muse is located in is full of restaurants, cafes, massage places and other hotels. We tried the trendy six to twelve restaurant, which is only a few meters from Muse. Very tasty food and very nice and cool interior.

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    • It sure is an amazing hotel Bente!! The perfect place to spend Christmas with Christmas eve celebration and delicious dinner at their rooftop restaurant and bar. We loved it!

  1. Beautiful place! I would love to just dive into that bed and not come out for atleast a few days. I would of course have to have room service too!

    • Hehe, me too! It sure was a lovely bed and stylish decorated room! We loved it! Such a chic boutique hotel right in the centre of Bangkok. Just perfect! 🙂

  2. Hello, I am going to be in Bangkok in July. Does the location of this hotel make it easy to get around?

    • Hi Natalia,

      Yes, its location was one of our favourite things about this hotel. It is located close to a Skytrain station which is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to get around Bangkok. Sukhumvit road is also very close with lots of restaurants, and street food markets. A little further, but still within walking distance, is the Siam square area, which is a great area for shopping, or catching a movie.

      If you are looking for some great things to do and see in Bangkok, please have a look at our Bangkok guide/ itinerary for some of our favourites. We love that city! Have a great trip to Bangkok!


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