7 Easy Hikes With Spectacular Views In Tromso, Norway

Tromso (or Tromsø which is its real name), is a relatively small city in Northern Norway, north of the Arctic Circle where I grew up. Covered by mountains and wilderness, Tromso is the perfect place for outdoor activities like hiking! The mountains surrounding Tromso are for many people the main reason for living in this Arctic city, as mountain hiking and skiing are very popular the whole year-round.

If you are thinking of heading to Tromso, then you should also check out our Tromso guide with tips on what to see, do and eat.

Tromso has a lot of accommodation options to choose from. If you haven’t yet decided on a place to stay, read our complete guide on where to stay in Tromso.

Being out in the nature of Tromso, hiking, kayaking, dog sledding, or Northern Lights watching, can be a cold experience if you don`t wear the right clothes and shoes. Here is a complete packing list of what to bring to Tromso for a summer or winter trip.

In recent years hiking in the mountains has become increasingly popular among visiting tourists as well, and we often meet tourists on our hikes. For many of them, this is their first time exploring the mountains. Since I was a little girl, these mountains have been my playground, and I’d like to highlight some of my favorite mountains for beginner hikers.

These are the best easy hikes in Tromso that provide breathtaking views (in my opinion) :

1. Brosmetinden (525 m)

Brosmetinden is one of my favorite walks. It is an easy hike where you have a fantastic view of the ocean and neighboring islands the whole hike. The view from the top the view is breathtaking!


Maria enjoying the view at Borsmetinden

You can see the top of Borsmetinden mountain from the parking place. There is a well-marked pathway all the way up to the top, so it`s easy to find the way.


Walking path to Brosmetinden

  • Where is it: Brosmetinden is on the “backside” of Kvaløya island, next to Rekvik and Tromvik.
  • Height: 525 meters above sea level
  • Distance to walk: 4 km both ways
  • Time: 1-2 hours (round-trip)
  • How to get there by car: It is easiest to get to Brosmetinden by car (1 hour). It takes one hour from Tromsø center by car to get to the starting point of the hike to Brosmetinden. From Tromsø you drive to Kvaløya, follow the signs to Eidkjosen. At Eidkjosen you take to the right at the intersection and drive to Kaldfjorden and over to Grøtfjorden. There is a stunning beach in Grøtfjorden, well worth a stop. Grøtfjord is the perfect place to go for a swim, play some beach volleyball and have a barbeque on the beach. From Grøtfjorden you follow the signs towards Tromvik. At the intersection, take the left towards Rekvik. The parking, which is free, is on the right-hand side of the road, and the path towards Brosmetinden starts just next to the parking.
  • How to get there by bus: Take the district bus no. 425 to Tromvik or Rekvik, and walk from there to the starting point of the hiking path to Brosmetinden. Tell the driver that you want to hike Brosmetinden and he will let you off at the right place.
    Bus no. 425 departs from Prostneset, the main bus station in Tromsø city center located beside the Tromsø Tourist Information Office. You can purchase tickets onboard the bus, but cash payments only, or you can buy a ticket through the app “Troms Mobillett”. You can check the bus schedule HERE (search the Travel Planner from “Tromsø Prostneset” to “Rekvikvegen (Tromsø)” or through the app “Troms Reise”.

Midnight sun over Grøtfjord. It is well worth a stop on the way to Brosmetind.

2. Fløya (671 m)

A trip to the mountain Fløya is mandatory when visiting Tromso. You can take the easy way out and opt for the cable car (4 minutes each way), but if you want some exercise and a great hike, you should grab your running shoes and walk up to the top.


View of Tromso city from Fløya

From the cable car house, you can take the path to the right, there is a sign showing where to go.

Another option is to walk up the new and very cool and impressive “Sherpa Staircase” which is located to the left of the cable car. The stairs start in Fløyvegen. This is steeper than the path to the right of the cable car, but the stone stairs help. 🙂

On your way up, you get a better and better view of Tromsø city and in the distance, the island Kvaløya, with its beautiful mountains. The view is absolutely breathtaking once you get to the top, and it is the perfect place to enjoy the midnight sun during summer or the northern lights during winter.

Treat yourself to a well-deserved beer, coffee, tea or soda at the cafe/restaurant at the top, accompanied with a Norwegian waffle while you admire the famous Tromso view.


Walking path to Fløya (click the map for a bigger version)

  • Where is it: Fløya is located on the mainland, Tromsdalen, which is connected by a bridge from Tromsø.
  • Height: 671 meters above sea level
  • Distance to walk: 7 km both ways (you can take the cable car down)
  • Time: 2-3 hours (if you walk up and down, less if you take the cable car down)
  • How to get there: From Tromsø center, you can drive a car over to the cable car in Tromsdalen (10 min). There is a big parking place at the bottom of the cable car, where you will have to pay for parking.
    You can also walk over the bridge to Tromsdalen (30 min, 2,5 km), which is a beautiful and easy walk where you pass the famous Arctic Cathedral.
    Another alternative is to take bus no. 26 from the city center. You can purchase tickets onboard the bus, but cash payments only, or you can buy a ticket through the app “Troms Mobillett”. You can check the bus schedule HERE (search the Travel Planner from “Sjøgata S1 (Tromsø)” to “Fjellheisen (Tromsø)” or through the app “Troms Reise”.

3. Rødtind (470 m)

Rødtind is “my mountain”. I grew up right next to this mountain, so this area has been my backyard playground ever since I was a little girl.

Rødtind is where I learned to Telemark Ski, and this is where we went on family hikes during the weekends. I simply love this mountain! ♥


Rødtind is also great during winter like here in January during the period when the sun never rises above the horizon

It is a fairly easy hike, but you will feel your pulse rise as it is uphill all the way. You start by the Ski stadium “Storelva Skistadion”, where there is a big parking place, and follow the gravel road beside the river. Just before the road goes over the river (on a small bridge), after about 1 km, you turn left through the forest. There is a well-marked and easy-to-follow-path.


Maria and Lara at the top of Rødtind


Walking path to Rødtind (click on the map to see the full version)

  • Where is it: Rødtind is located on Kvaløya, at a place called Storelva.
  • Height: 470 meters above sea level
  • Distance to walk: 4 km both ways
  • Time: 1-2 hours (round-trip)
  • How to get there: From Tromsø, you can get to Storelva by car (15 min). There is a big parking place at Storelva stadium (behind the school Kvaløya vgs).
    You can also take bus no. 42 to Eidkjosen and get off at “Storelv Snuplass”. You can purchase tickets onboard the bus, but cash payments only, or you can buy a ticket through the app “Troms Mobillett”. You can check the bus schedule HERE (search the Travel Planner from “Sjøgata S4 (Tromsø)” to “Storelv snuplass (Tromsø)” or through the app “Troms Reise”.

4. Nattmålsfjellet (297 m)

Nattmålsfjellet is another small mountain on the island Kvaløya which is easy to hike and with a great view over Ersfjord.


Maria and Varga at the top of Nattmålsfjellet

You can access this mountain from two sides; from the Ersfjord side (then it is called “Klokka ti”), or from Kattfjordeidet where it is called Nattmålsfjellet. It is easiest to hike to this mountain from the Kattfjordeidet side, as it is not so steep.

Even though Nattmålsfjellet is a small mountain the views are big! From the top, you get a very nice view of the fjords Ersfjord and Kaldfjord.


Varga and Maria at Nattmålsfjellet


Walking path to Nattmålsfjellet

  • Where is it: Nattmålsfjellet is on the island Kvaløya, at a mountain area called Kattfjordeidet which has the nickname “Scandinavian Chamonix” due to its many great mountains.
  • Height: 297 meters above sea level
  • Distance to walk: 4 km both ways
  • Time: 1 hour (round-trip)
  • How to get there: You can get here by car (30 min), this is easiest. Drive to Kattfjordeidet on Kvaløya (towards Kattfjord/ Sommarøya), there is a free parking place on the left side of the road. The walking path is however on the right side of the road. The path is well marked and easy to follow. This is not a steep mountain at all when you enter it from the Kattfjordeidet side.
    You can also take the bus no. 425 to Kattfjord, and walk from there to the start of the hiking path to Nattmålstinden. You can purchase tickets onboard the bus, but cash payments only, or you can buy a ticket through the app “Troms Mobillett”. You can check the bus schedule HERE (in the Travel Planner, search from “Tromsø Prostneset (Tromsø)” to “Kattfjordeidet (Tromsø)” or through the app “Troms Reise”. Or you can take the bus no. 425 to Ersfjord and hike the mountain from the other side (search from “Tromsø Prostneset (Tromsø)” to “Ersfjordbotn skole (Tromsø)”.

5. Ørnfløya (150 m)

Ørnfløya is more like a hill than a mountain. It is not steep at all and is an easy hike that can easily be combined with no. 6 Hillesøytoppen (below). From the top, you get an amazing view over the small fishing village Sommarøy and Hillesøy, as well as the lovely island Senja and the small characteristic Håja.


Spectacular views over the Summer Island and Senja Island from Ørnfløya mountain

If the weather is good, you can walk down to the sea for a swim in the arctic ocean.


Walking path to Ørnfløya

  • Where is it: Ørnfløya is located on the “outside” of Kvaløya, on Brensholmen, just before you get to Sommarøy.
  • Height: 150 meters above sea level
  • Distance to walk: 2 km both ways
  • Time: 1 hour (round-trip)
  • How to get there: It is easiest to get to Ørnfløya by car (1 hour). From Tromsø, drive to Kvaløya, and follow the signs towards Sommarøy. When you get to the last intersection leading to Sommarøy, turn left (instead of right to Sommarøy) towards Brennsholmen. The free parking place is just after this intersection (100 m from the intersection).
    You can also take bus no. 420 or 422 to Brensholmen. You can purchase tickets onboard the bus, but cash payments only, or you can buy a ticket through the app “Troms Mobillett”. You can check the bus schedule HERE (search from “Tromsø Prostneset” to “Brensholmen (Tromsø)” or through the app “Troms Reise”.

6. Hillesøytoppen (211 m)

This is a small mountain, more like a hill, beautifully located out in the sea outside of Tromsø. You start walking from the youth center on Hillesøy. The walk up is quite steep, but nothing scary, and there is a well-marked path to follow.


Håja in midnight sun from the top of Hillesøytoppen

You can take another path on the way down, which is less steep and has a breathtaking view over small bays with white beaches and turquoise water. Turn to the left once you get to the top to follow this other path, it goes straight down to the ocean where you turn left again and head towards the houses on Sommarøy before walking back to your car.

Hillesoytoppen mountain

Beautiful view of Senja Island on our way down from Hillesøytoppen. The little beach is called Paradise Bay.

Sommarøy is a thriving fishing village where herring and codfish provide the main income sources.

Sommarøy (Summer Island)

Great views of Sommarøy (Summer Island) from the top of Hillesøytoppen

From the top, you can look out over the big ocean! You also get a view over to the island Senja with its characteristic sharp mountains, as well as the small island Håja with its special shape that was the inspiration for the architect designing the famous Arctic Cathedral.


The small island Håja, the inspiration for the Arctic Cathedral

The drive out to the island Hillesøy is also great, where the road goes along the shore and you will pass plenty of small beaches and fishing villages.


Walking path to Hillesøytoppen

  • Where is it: Hillesøytoppen is located on the beautiful small island Hillesøy just outside of Sommarøy.
  • Height: 211 meters above sea level
  • Distance to walk: 2 km both ways
  • Time: 1 hour (round-trip)
  • How to get there: It is easiest to get to Hillesøy with a car (1 hour). From Tromsø center, drive to Kvaløya and follow the signs to Sommarøy. Hillesøy is the small island just outside of Sommarøy, there is a very small bridge connecting these to islands.
    You can also take bus no. 420 or 422 to Hillesøy. You can purchase tickets onboard the bus, but cash payments only, or you can buy a ticket through the app “Troms Mobillett”. You can check the bus schedule HERE (search the Travel Planner from “Tromsø Prostneset” to “Hillesøy kryss (Tromsø)” or through the app “Troms Reise”.

7. Trehørningen (283 m)

Trehørningen is another small mountain or more like a hill. It is easily accessible, with great views over islands and Skulsfjords from the top!

There is a well-marked path from the road and all the way to the top.


View from the Trehørningen mountain


Walking path to Trehørningen

  • Where is it: Trehørningen is on Kvaløya, next to Skulsfjord.
  • Height: 283 meters above sea level
  • Distance to walk: 3 km both ways
  • Time: 1 hour (round-trip)
  • How to get there: It is easiest to get to Trehørningen by car, it is about a 25 minutes drive from Tromso center by car. From Tromsø, drive over to Kvaløya and turn right and follow the signs towards Skulsfjord. After a while you drive to a tunnel, after the tunnel, the parking (which is free) is on the left side of the road and the path to Trehørningen is on the right side of the road.
    You can also take the bus no. 426 towards Skulsfjord. You can purchase tickets onboard the bus, but cash payments only, or you can buy a ticket through the app “Troms Mobillett”. You can check the bus schedule HERE (search the Travel Planner from “Tromsø Prostneset” to “Skulsfjord (Tromsø)” or through the app “Troms Reise”.

There you have it, our seven favorite easy hikes to do in Tromso, Norway that has an awesome view. You can even do several of these walks on the same day as they are located in the same area (see the map at the top of this article where all seven mountains are marked).

Before you head out into the mountains, remember to check the weather forecast. Yr.no or the free app Yr is great for the weather forecast in Norway.  Don´t go hiking if the weather forecast is bad.

If you are planning on going snowshoeing, snowboarding, or skiing during the winter season (November – April), check the avalanche danger before heading out into steep mountains. Varsom.no is great for avalanche forecast. Sadly, every winter people die from avalanches in Tromso and the areas outside of Tromso.

All of these hikes can be done both autumn, spring, summer and winter. In winter (November – April) there is usually lots of snow in Tromso, so it might be a good idea to bring or rent snowshoes or skis. You can rent all sorts of hiking equipment both for a day trip and an overnight hiking trip at Tromso Outdoor which are located in downtown Tromso.

Remember to bring warm and windproof clothes both summer and winter, as the temperature and weather may suddenly change. Check out our ultimate packing list for Tromso. 

Have a great hiking trip in Tromso!

Where To Stay In Tromso

Norway, in general, is quite expensive when it comes to accommodation and dining, and Tromso is no exception. Tromso is a small city with a compact downtown, so everything is within a short walking distance. Here are our favorite hotels in Tromsø, at different price ranges.

Also, click here to read our complete guide to our favorite Tromso areas and hotels.


Clarion Collection Hotel With

Clarion Hotel With TromsoHotel With, as it is known locally, has the perfect location right by Tromso Harbour with a beautiful view over the sea and over to the Arctic Cathedral, the Tromso Bridge, Tromsdalstinden mountain and Fjellheisen. You are right in the middle of everything if you choose to stay at this hotel, very close to all the city's restaurants and shops.

An extra plus with this hotel is that you get free coffee/tea and Norwegian waffles with sour cream, jam and brown cheese (Espen`s favorite!) in the afternoon (from 15 to 18 o`clock) and a free meal in the evening (from 18 to 21 o`clock). This makes this hotel a good value for your money as eating out is expensive. A friend of mine from my class at the University used to work here during the weekends, and the staff here is well trained and provides good service and help to the guests.
Click here for the latest prices

Clarion Collection Hotel Aurora

Clarion Hotel Aurora TromsoNext door to Hotel With is its sister hotel Clarion Collection Hotel Aurora. This hotel also has free waffles in the afternoon and an evening meal included in the price. The extra plus of this hotel is the rooftop jacuzzi and sauna! Here you can relax in the evenings and watch the northern lights from the hot tub. Sounds pretty sweet if you ask me!
click here for the latest prices

The Edge Hotel

The Edge Hotel TromsoThe new "star" when it comes to hotels in Tromso is, however, The Edge. It is brand new and has an excellent bar and restaurant which is also very popular among the locals in Tromso. You really should try the hamburger, it is great! The breakfast at The Edge is maybe the best in town with everything you can imagine. Located by the harbor, but further south than the hotels above, and close to the Tourist Information office.
Click here for the latest prices

City Living Hotel & Apartments
This apartment hotel has a central location on the street just above Tromso's main street Storgata. The apartments have a small kitchen, which is handy for making breakfast, lunch or even dinner inside. That way you can save some money by shopping at one of the close-by supermarkets and cook your own food.

The hotel also has a laundry room that the guests can use for free. Very handy as dry cleaning is expensive and there are no other options in town if you want to get your clothes washed. There is, however, no daily cleaning service, but you can help yourself to coffee and clean sheets and towels whenever you want from the second floor. You can easily get here by the Airport Bus (Flybuss) from the airport.
Click here for the latest prices


Amalie Hotel
This is a small budget hotel and a less expensive option than the hotels above. It has an excellent location just next to the big and more expensive Radisson Blu Hotel. An extra bonus is unlimited free coffee and tea the whole day and complimentary waffles in the afternoon. The rooms are a bit small but well equipped with kettle, tea/coffee, mini-fridge, iron, and hairdryer. You get a lot for your money. Great breakfast included in the price.
Click here for the latest prices

Comfort Hotel Xpress Tromso
This is a budget hotel with a perfect location in Grønnegata, the street adjacent to the city's main street Storgata. The hotel rooms are clean, new and fresh, but a bit small. If you are out all day on tours and sightseeing, then the small rooms will not be a problem. There is no daily housekeeping service. There is no restaurant in the hotel, but it is very close to all the restaurants and cafes that Tromso has to offer. You can get a breakfast discount of 50 % (150 KR) at their sister hotel Clarion Hotel, which is well worth the money as you can eat all you want at their excellent breakfast buffet.
Click here for the latest prices

Smarthotel Tromso
Another budget option with small rooms but well equipped, fresh and modern. The hotel has an excellent location right in the middle of downtown Tromso. You get breakfast included in the price, which is fairly good. You get free coffee and tea the whole day. Great value for your money!
Click here for the latest prices

How To Get Around Tromso

Tromso is located on a small island called Tromsoya which is only 23 km². The island is 10 km long from the northernmost tip to the southernmost tip, and there is a very popular walking path from one end to the other called Lysloypa. Lysloypa is great for walking, running, cycling and skiing.

Tromso city center is very compact, and most of the things in this guide are within walking distance.

If you plan to hike several of these mountains and to head out to Kvaloya, I recommend that you rent a car. This will save you a lot of time. is more convenient and reliable than the bus.

Taking The Bus In Tromso

If you prefer to take the bus, there are many city buses, covering all areas of Tromso both on Tromsoya, Kvaloya, and the mainland (Tromsdalen). The city buses run every day from early morning around 6 o`clock till around midnight. Most bus routes operate on two departures per hour schedule but during the rush hours in the morning and afternoon, there are often as many as four.

You can buy tickets on the bus but you can only pay in cash and a single ticket cost NOK 50 (adult). You can save money by buying the bus ticket up front at a kiosk or at the Tourist Information at Prostneset. Then the ticket costs NOK 30 (adult).

If you plan to take the bus a lot one day, you can buy a day ticket (valid for 24 hours). It costs NOK 110 (adult) if you buy it onboard the bus, a day ticket for children cost NOK 55.

There is also a great mobile app called “Troms Mobillett” (just search for it in App Store or Google Play) where you can buy tickets for all buses in the whole area of Troms, as well as all ferries and speedboats (Hurtigbaat). A bus ticket for the city buses in Tromso only cost NOK 29,60 (adult) with this app, while a child is NOK 19. You should also download the free app called “Troms Reise” where you can easily find routes, bus stops and when the bus departs (also in real time, if it delayed it will show up in the app).

There are some district buses running to Kvaloya, but there are very few departures. So if you want to head out of Tromso and for instance do some hiking in the mountains on Kvaloya, you really should rent a car.

Renting A Car In Tromso

If you want to explore the areas outside the city center, then a rental car is a great option in Tromso. It's easiest to book the car online before you travel and then pick it up your car at the airport when you arrive. Tromso Airport has cars from several international car rental agencies such as Avis, Hertz, Sixt, Europcar, and Budget.

Click here for the latest prices and to see the available cars to rent in Tromso

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Do you like hiking? What is your favorite walk? Which of these hikes seem most tempting to you? Do you have other hikes to recommend in Tromso? Please leave a comment in the comment area below, thank you! 

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