The Ultimate Guide To Henningsvær (Lofoten’s Hippest Village) – What To Do In Henningsvaer

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This is our complete travel guide to Henningsvær town in Lofoten, Norway. It includes an easy-to-follow one-day Henningsvær itinerary filled with what we believe is Henningsvær’s top sights and attractions. Along with tips on what to do in Henningsvær, when to go, where to eat, the coolest shops, as well as our favorite places to stay in Henningsvær. 

The small town of Henningsvær is my favorite place in Lofoten. Wondering around the streets of Henningsvær, we could easily picture ourselves living here! I love the cozy small-town atmosphere with its old wooden houses, unique boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and art galleries, all surrounded by the sea and the tall jagged mountains.

Even though Henningsvær is small, it feels quite urban and has this hipster-like vibe. It is sometimes referred to as “Lofoten’s Grünerløkka” (Grünerløkka is a hipster area in Oslo) because of its cool cafes, restaurants, and shops selling locally made products.

Henningsvaer center
Henningsvaer village is super cozy and a vibrant little place during summer.

Henningsvær has been a thriving fishing village ever since the 1500s with its heydays in 1940 when over 12 000 men stayed here during the cod fishing season. To this day, fishing remains the primary source of income, and the town exports around 66 000 tons of cod yearly, enough for an impressive 300 million dinners!

Henningsvaer is only a 25-min drive from Svolvær, and a 20-min drive from Kabelvåg. On the drive out, you will drive past several nice spots, like Rørvikstranda beach and the fjord Djupfjorden.

Even if you have never heard about Henningsvaer, you might have seen pictures of Henningsvær’s football field as it is quite famous. It has a spectacular location right by the sea, surrounded by tall mountains. It must be Norway’s most famous and scenic football field.

Henningsvaer Football Field
Henningsvaer Football Field is world-famous for its scenic location.

It is great fun walking around the narrow streets tucked away between piers and inlets, looking at the beautiful old wooden houses and fishermen’s cabins/ rorbuer.

Cozy streets in Henningsvaer
Taking a stroll through the cozy streets of Henningsvaer

With its spectacular scenery, surrounded by the sea and the steep mountains, it’s a great place to go on a photo hunt.

Henningsvaer in Lofoten
The beautiful Henningsvaer harbor

Henningsvær is also famous as a center for outdoor adventures with activities like hiking, bouldering, climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, and sea eagle safaris.

Engelskmannsbrygga Henningsvaer
Cozy shops and cafes surround the main square in Henningsvaer.

In Henningsvær, you find two of Lofoten’s most famous cafes, pubs, and restaurants – The Climber’s Cafe/ Klatrekafeen and Trevarefabrikken (read more about them further down in this article).

In addition, the Kaviarfactory is another unique must-visit place in Henningsvær. It used to be an old caviar factory but turned into a fantastic art gallery and museum with a great bookshop. And last but not least, Lysstøperiet Cafe & Bakery serves one of Lofoten’s best cinnamon buns.

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Henningsvær Travel Guide

This Henningsvær travel guide gives you the best things to do and see in Henningsvær, as well as the best places to stay and eat. Henningsvaer’s top attractions, sights, and activities are listed and highlighted on a map. So have a great time exploring Henningsvaer! ♥

A Brief History Of Henningsvær

Henningsvær was back in the Middle Ages (from the 5th to the late 15th centuries) an important fishing village with a huge stockfish production.

In 1769, only four people lived in Heningsvær, but the following year the city was granted permission to run a bed & breakfast, with a liquor license, and everything changed.

Henningsvær with its sheltered harbor quickly became a popular place for fishermen. By 1882 it was the biggest fishing village in Lofoten with 113 fishermen’s cabins/ rorbuer, 70 houses, 7 piers, coal storage, cod liver boilery, and a bakery.

Today, around 500 people call Henningsvær their home.

Henningsvaer Bryggehotel Hotel
Around 500 people live in Henningsvaer.

Henningsvær consists of the small flat islands Heimøy and Hellandsøy connected by a breakwater (constructed in 1934). The breakwater makes Henningsvær the perfect fishing harbor protected from the rough Arctic sea.

Henningsvær/ Henningsvaer is Lofoten’s most famous fishing town (or “fiskevær” in Norwegian). It is so synonymous with cod fishing that it even made its way into the lyrics of a well-known Norwegian children’s song “Torskevise“:

A real Lofot cod I am,
cause I am born in Henningsvær

Lyrics by Torbjørn Egner (1912 – 1990)


The road out to Henningsvær, connected by bridges, was built in 1983. Once Henningsvær was connected to the mainland by road it became a very popular tourist attraction.

What To Do In Henningsvær
– The 7 Top Things

Hip Cafes & Shops, World-Class Art Galleries, Iconic Football Field

The map above: Henningsvær Travel Guide – What To Do (purple), Where To Shop (brown), Where To Eat (black), Where To Stay (red)

Just walking around Henningsvær’s narrow streets lined with cozy fishermen’s cabins and exploring the beautiful harbor is an experience in itself.

But aside from exploring Henningsvær itself, the town’s most popular attractions are the two art galleries Kaviar Factory and Gallery Lofoten. That is unless you consider a football field to be a tourist attraction, cause then Henningsvær Football Field will definitely top the list! It is a huge Instagram hit and a must-see photo spot when visiting Henningsvær.

Henningsvaer’s 7 top attractions and things to do is (in our opinion):

  1. Kaviar Factory Art Gallery
  2. Art Gallery Lofoten
  3. Trevarefabrikken cafe/ restaurant/ pub
  4. Klatrekafeen cafe/ restaurant/ pub/ shop
  5. Engelskmannsbrygga Glass Gallery & Shop
  6. Henningsvær Football Field
  7. Mountain Hiking – Festvågtinden

You can read more about these things and attractions further down in this article.

Henningsvær Itinerary

We have organized Henningsvaer’s top attractions, sights, cafes, and restaurants into a 1-day Henningsvaer Itinerary below. It is what we would consider our “perfect day” in Henningsvær. We hope it gives you some ideas and helps you put together your own Henningsvær itinerary.

Summary of the ultimate Henningsvær itinerary:

A. Breakfast at Trevarefabrikken
B. Henningsvær Football Field
C. Kaviar Factory Art Gallery
D. Lunch At Lysstøperi Cafe
E. Engelskmannsbrygga Glass
F. Art Gallery Lofoten
G. Dinner At Klatrekafeen

You can easily walk around Henningsvær on foot; it is a small and compact town. So park your rental car, put on some comfortable shoes, and head out to explore.

There are two parking lots in Henningsvær (see the map above).

The first one is on your left-hand side of the road as you enter Henningsvær, on the small island “Engøya” (once you have crossed the first bridge). This parking lot is brand new and huge since this is where big campers and camper vans can park. A smaller parking lot is located in the downtown Henningsvær just next to the Gallery Lofoten. This is more suitable for normal-sized cars,  as the streets in downtown Henningsvær are quite narrow.

A. Breakfast At Trevarefabrikken

Start your day in Henningsvær at the newest and hippest place in town – Trevarefabrikken. The big old concrete building is a cultural hub and houses a cafe, restaurant, bar, hotel, yoga center, sauna, and concert arena.

When stepping into the Trevarefabrikken, it almost feels like being in Williamsburg in NYC or Shoreditch in London; that’s how cool it is.

The bar at Trevarefabrikken Henningsvaer Lofoten
Maria at Trevarefabrikken cafe/ restaurant/ bar, the hippest place in Henningsvaer.

Fill up your energy level at Trevarefabrikken with a freshly baked sandwich or salad, cold-pressed juice, and a cup of coffee or tea, and you are ready steady for exploring Henningsvær.

Fantastic outside seating area at Trevarefabrikken Henningsvaer Lofoten
Enjoy your breakfast at Trevarefabrikken outside if the weather permits it.

Read more about Trevarefabrikken further down in this article, under the section “Where To Eat In Heningsvær.”

  • Opening hours Trevare Cafe: 08:00/ 8 am – 16:00/ 4 pm.

B. Scenic Football Field – Henningsvær Stadium

Of all things, Henningsvær is probably most famous for its football field! You have probably seen it on Instagram.

Henningsvær Football Stadium is one of the world’s most amazing and scenic football fields tucked in between tall mountains surrounded by sea and fjords. The bright green grass really stands out in contrast to the rocks and sea surrounding it, and the sight is quite surreal.

Henningsvaer Football Field
The scenic Henningsvaer Football Field is world-famous.

You will get the best photo of the football field with a drone. But be aware that the closest neighbor to the field, the man that owns property around the old lighthouse is not a fan of drones flying above his place. So please try to be respectful of that, should you launch a drone in this area  🙂

The soccer field is the home field of the local amateur club Henningsævr IL. UEFA and Pepsi have shot a video here, which elevated the field’s fame and glory even more. So grab a ball and have a game at the field if you are a footballer, surrounded by the Arctic Sea and cod hung out to dry as Stockfish.

C. Kaviarfactory Art Gallery

The art gallery Kaviarfactory is located right by the sea in a bright white cement building that used to be a caviar factory making caviar from the cod roe.

Kaviar Factory in Henningsvaer Lofoten
The art gallery Kaviar Factory used to be a factory producing caviar from the cod roe.

The building has been rebuilt into a modern and hip art gallery in 2010 by the wife and husband Venke and Rolf Hoff, who lives in Oslo at one of the oldest mansions in Oslo, a stunning Swiss-style building constructed in 1856. They have been collecting art pieces for over 30 years and have one of Norway’s biggest private art collections. See a documentary and interview with the art collecting couple here (NrK TV).

We met Venke at the Kaviarfactory, and she told us her story of how she and her husband Rolf bought the abandoned factory building in 2006 on an impulse. Over time, she got the idea of reconstructing the old building into a contemporary art gallery. She has traveled all over the world as a flight attendant, to places like New York, Tokyo, Madrid, and along the way she collected art. Her vision for the gallery is to share her love for art: a fantastic woman and great fun to chat with.

The art gallery has art pieces, photographs and paintings by famous Norweigan and international artists (check their webpage to see what exhibitions are on at the moment).

We also love the fantastic book shop at Kaviarfactory with many cool international books on art, design, interior, and photography. We got so inspired that we bought way too many books there. 🙂

Fantastic book shop at Kaviar Factory in Henningsvaer Lofoten
The Kaviar Factory has a cool book shop with an impressive collection of art and photography books.

D. Lunch At Lysstøperiet Bakery & Cafe

Lysstøperiet (which means “candle foundry” in English) is a must-visit place in Henningsvær! It is both a bakery, cafe, and a shop where they make and sell beautiful and unique hand-made candles in all shapes and colors.

Nice outside seating at Lysstoperiet Cafe Henningsvaer Lofoten

Opt for a freshly baked baguette or sandwich with different toppings (their baguette with fresh shrimps is amazing!) and for dessert a cake or two or maybe even their famous cinnamon buns and a cup of coffee or tea.

Read more about Lysstøperiet further down in this article, under the section “Where To Eat In Heningsvær.”

  • Opening Hours Lysstøperiet: summer: 11:30 – 18:00 (Mon-Sun), winter: 12:00 – 16:00 (Wed-Sun).

E. Engelskmannsbrygga

Henningsvær is perfect for shopping, with its small and compact town center with lots of boutiques and cafes within walking distance. It is my favorite place in Lofoten to go shopping. I always end up buying gifts to bring back home in Henningsvær.

Henningsvær is sometimes nicknamed “Lofoten’s Løkka” (a reference to the hipster area in Oslo called Løkka/ Günerløkka) or “Lofoten’s Greenwich Village” (referencing to the hipster area Greenwich Village in New York).

Engelskmannsbrygga has lots of beautiful glass, ceramics, and photo art – perfect for gifts and souvenirs.

I like that most of the shops and cafes in Henningsvær are open on Sundays, which is not common in Norway. Everything is usually closed in Norway on Sundays, except restaurants and some cafes.

Here is a selection of my favorite shops in Henningsvær:

  • Engelskmannsbrygga – Glass & ceramics
    Engelskmannsbrygga (which means “The English man’s pier” in English) combines an art gallery and shop where they display and sell glass, ceramics, and pottery art pieces. They sell glass and ceramics art like the popular “fish tale” cups (ten different fish tales, including cod) made by Cecilie Haaland, perfect as a gift or souvenirs to bring back home.

    The gallery/ shop is located in a super cute old red wooden rorbu/ fishermen’s cabin by the sea. Engelskmannsbrygga is a must-visit even if you don’t plan on buying anything.
    Opening hours summer (mid-June until mid-August): 10:00 – 21:00, winter: 11:00 – 16:00 or 18:00.

  • Cod & Haddock – Knitted headwear
    Haddock makes warm and comfortable beanies, hats, and headbands and is my favorite! I have these in just about every color and design.

    I love that they are designed in Lofoten and made in the Himalayas! Their products are hand-knitted by women in Nepal, and in that way, they give back to a mountain society in the Himalayas. You can also buy headwear from Haddock at the Klatrekafeen/ The Climber’s Cafe in Henningsvær.

    Cod & Haddock shop in Henningsvaer, Lofoten
    The Cod & Haddock Shop in Henningsvaer.
  • Catrine Linder Jewelry
    Catrine Linder is a local jewelry designer from Narvik who lives in Sweden. She makes the most beautiful jewelry (earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces) in a classic Scandinavian style. I bought some silver earrings and a ring in this fantastic blue/ turquoise color, and every time I wear them, it reminds me of Lofoten and its crisp blue sea and fjords. Catrine Linder has a shop in Henningsvær during summer.
    Opening hours from mid-June until August: 12:00 – 17:00.

    Catrine Linder Jewelry Henningsvaer Lofoten
    Beautiful jewelry at Catrine Linder shop
  • Mors Hus – Scandinavian interior design
    Mors Hus (means “Mother’s House” in English) sells interior and kitchenware from famous and popular Scandinavian brands (like Marimekko, Carl Hansen, String Funiture, Maria Black jewelry, Skansinavisk, Fermob, Maze, Lucie Kaas, Dottir, Bergs Potter, and Blafre).This is another excellent shop for gifts and souvenirs Plus, the shop has the cutest and most delicious candy, like the addictive “Lakris”/ licorice by Johan Bülow. Dangerously good. 🙂
    Opening hours: 11:00 – 16:00 (Mon-Sun).

    Mors Hus shop in Henningsvaer Lofoten
    The shop Mors Hus has a pretty eye-catching color
  • Drops
    A cozy shop selling interior, gifts, and old fashion candy.
  • Brent Coffee Roastery
    At the main square in Henningsvær (close to Engelskamannsbrygga), you will find the small coffee roastery Brent. The Norwegian word “Brent” means “roasted” in English. Opening hours: 10:00 am – 17:00/ 5 pm (Monday – Sunday).
  • Min 
    A super cool and cozy shop Min sells clothes and accessories from popular brands like Levis, Lee, American Vintage, and Patagonia. And the shop Min (which means “mine” in English) is located in this super romantic and cute house! They have just opened a cool vintage store called “Min Vintage” with clothes from London, Paris, and other big cities.

    The cute and romantic house with the shop Min inside, in Henningsvaer
    The shop “Min” is housed in this super cute old wooden building.

F. Gallery Lofoten

The Gallery Lofoten (Galleri Lofoten) has paintings and sculptures made by artists from Northern Norwegian and pop-up exhibitions by international artists.

Gallery Lofoten in Henningsvaer
Gallery Lofoten has a great location right by Henningsvaer Harbor.

On the first floor, you will find an impressive collection of paintings made by artists from Northern Norway from around 1800. This period is often called “The Golden Age Of North Norwegian painting.”

Stunning landscape paintings by artists like Otto Siding, Even Ulving, Adelsteen Normann, Einar Berger, Ole Juul, Thorolf Holmboe, and Gunnar Berg (1863 – 1893) – a painter from Svolvær. You will find more paintings by Gunnar Berg at the Gunnar Berg Art Gallery in Svolvær. The first-floor exhibition of Northern Norwegian painters is a permanent exhibition.

Gallery Lofoten in Henningsvaer
Lots of fantastic old landscape paintings by Lofoten nature were painted around 1800.

The second floor has more temporary exhibitions. Usually, one exhibition is up on display for one or two years at a time. However, in 2020, the Gallery Lofoten hosted an art exhibition with art made by  Queen Sonja of Norway! Yep, she is an artist as well.

On the second floor, you will see some beautiful aquarelles made by the Swedish painter and author Lars Lerin. He has managed to capture the unique blueish dark light that covers Northern Norway and Lofoten during the winter months with no sun perfectly.

The frozen and lonely houses set against the harsh nature, snow, and winter landscape are so peaceful and calm. Lars Lerin lived in Lofoten for many years during the 1990s before he moved back to Sweden.

Beautiful Aquarelles by Lars Lerin at Gallery Lofoten in Henningsvaer
Fantastic aquarelles were made by the Swedish painter and author Lars Lerin, who used to live in Lofoten.

Gallery Lofoten also has a lovely cafe where you can sit down, have a rest and enjoy a glass of wine and locally produced cheese from the farm Alan Gård in Lofoten. If it’s too early for wine (is it ever too early?! 🙂 ), you can opt for a cup of coffee and some pastries from the local bakery Unseld.

Cafe and wine bar at Gallery Lofoten in Henningsvaer
Gallery Lofoten has a lovely cafe and wine bar.

Gallery Lofoten also arranges “happenings” and events every now and then. For example, if you like wine and sushi (who doesn’t?!), you should join their “Wineyard” event (every Thursday at 18:00/ 6 pm), where you get to enjoy a glass of wine and sushi at the gallery for a low price.

It is great fun to walk around and look at the paintings that beautifully capture the Lofoten landscape, wildlife, daily life, and light. In addition, the art gallery has a great shop selling souvenirs, books, art posters, and gifts by Scandinavian designers.

  • Address: Misværveien 18, Henningsvær
  • Opening Hours: 10:00 am – 21:00/ 9 pm (June – August), 11:00 am – 16:00/ 4 pm (April – May)
  • Ticket Price: 70 NOK = US$ 8 (adult)
  • Gallery Lofoten’s Official Webpage

G. Dinner At Klatrekafeen

Top off your day in Henningsvær with dinner at Lofoten’s most famous cafe and restaurant – Klatrekafeen (which means “The Climber’s Cafe” in English).

The cool restaurant and cafe Klatrekafeen Henningsvaer Lofoten
Klatrekafeen/ The Climber’s Cafe is one of the best restaurants and cafes in Henningsvaer.

Klatrekafeen is housed in a lovely old rorbu/ fishermen’s cabin right by the harbor in Henningsvær. Sit outside if the weather is nice and enjoy the sea breeze and fantastic sea view. Be aware of the seagulls; however, they are some cheeky birds looking to steal your food the second you look away. 🙂

Cozy outside seating at Klatrekafeen Henningsvaer Lofoten
You can sit outside and enjoy the sea view at Klatrekafeen if the weather is ok.

Try their famous “Klatreburger” (or fishburger or vegetarian burger if you prefer), which is super juicy and one of the best. They also serve bacalao (fish stew), lamb stew, and Chili Con Carne. Or, if you prefer a light mean, you can opt for their world-famous fish soup, sandwich (with shrimps, lamb meat, or beef), or Buddha Bowl (salad).

You can easily sit and enjoy a beer or two as Klatrekafeen turns into a great pub in the evenings. If you happen to be visiting Henningsvær on a Friday or Saturday, you can even enjoy some live music by a local band or a DJ.

If you decide to stay an evening in Henningsvær, you could also consider heading back to Trevarefabrikken (the first stop on this itinerary) which is considered a great place for a night out. They also have an evening Yoga session (can be pre-booked) or a dip in the sea followed by a sweaty session in their wooden Ocean Sauna (which can be pre-booked).

That concludes our recommended one-day Henningsvær Itinerary! But of course, Henningsvær has plenty more to offer and especially more excellent places to eat.  See the list below for a complete overview of all restaurants in Henningsvær.

Where To Eat In Henningsvær

The Climber’s Cafe/ Klatrekafeen

Lofoten’s most famous cafe is the “Klatrekafeen,” which means the climber’s cafe in English. It is an icon and a must-visit. The cafe is beautifully located in an old rorbu/ fisherman’s cabin by the Henningsvær harbor. You can sit inside or outside and enjoy the fabulous sea view.

Inside interior at Klatrekafeen Henningsvaer Lofoten
Cozy design at Klatrekafeen in Henningsvær.

Klatrekafeen is both a cafe, restaurant, and pub with great nightlife. They have concerts and DJs playing almost every Friday and Saturday (check their Facebook page to see what’s on).

The bar at Klatrekafeen Henningsvaer Lofoten
The bar at Klatrekafeen

In addition to the restaurant, they have a shop selling all kinds of high-quality sports clothes and climbing gear from brands like Patagonia, Norrøna, Rab, and Arcteryx. They also have an impressive selection of guidebooks on Lofoten.

  • Address: Misværveien 10, Henningsvær
  • Opening Hours: 12:00 pm – 00:00/ midnight Wednesday – Saturday, closes at 22:30 on Sunday – Tuesday
  • On The Menu: hamburger, fishburger, vegetarian burger, sandwiches, Baccalao, soup, lamb stew, Chilli Con Carne, and cinnamon buns. Coffee, sodas, tea, beer, and wine.
  • Klatrekafeen’s Facebook-page
  • Klatrekafeen’s Official Webpage


The Trevarefabrikken (translated to “the timber factory”) is the newest and hippest star in town. The building, constructed in 1948, used to house a factory producing carpentry, shrimps, and cod liver oil.

Back in 2014, after the big concrete building has been empty and abandoned for several years, two pairs of brothers from Bergen were hiking on the same mountain (Festvågtinden) under the midnight sun and decided to buy the old building. They had totally fallen in love with Henningsvær.

After three years of working on the building and countless sessions of brainstorming, they opened up “Trevarefabrikken” as a concert place and pub in 2017. To kick it off, they arranged the festival Trevarefest the same year, featuring big Norwegian artists like Sondre Justad (who is from Henningsvær), Sondre Lerke, and Fay Wildhagen.

Trevarefabrikken Henningsvaer Lofoten
Trevarefabrikken is a hip cafe/ restaurant/ bar/ concert place/ Yoga center/ hotel/ sauna

The rest is history, and since then, Trevarefabrikken has grown into a cafe, restaurant, pub, nightclub, Yoga retreat center, accommodation, and last but to least, a sauna/ spa area.

Restaurant, Cafe & Bar

At the Hermetikken Restaurant on the first floor, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, a beer, and eat delicious food. You will find cod, pork bun, noodle bowls, boat meat, and salad on the menu. Every Monday, the Hermetikken Restaurants arranges something they call Social (Distance) Dinner at 18:00/ 6 pm with a set menu. Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 16:00/ 4 pm – 21:00/ 9 pm.

Hamburger at Trevarefabrikken Henningsvaer Lofoten
Trevarefabrikken’s juicy hamburger is delicious!

During summer (May-August), Italian wood-fired pizza can be enjoyed at the Steinbruddet Pizzeria. On the menu are classics like Margherita and Caprese, but also a more local variant called “Mountain Pizza” with thin slices of baked potato and goat cheese and the “Fisherman’s Pizza” with stockfish and smoked roe! Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday: 13:00/ 1 pm – 22:00/ 10 pm. Sundays: 15:00/ 3 pm – 22:00/ 10 pm.

The Trevare Cafe opens as early as 08:00/ 8 am and is a great place to head for a morning coffee and breakfast. Here you can enjoy freshly baked sandwiches and baguettes, as well as other pastries and cold-pressed juices. Opening hours: 08:00/ 8 am – 16:00/ 4 pm.

At the bar, you can grab a beer, enjoy a glass of wine, or some more exotic drinks. Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday: 12:00 pm – 01:00 am. Friday & Saturday: 12 pm – 02:30 am.


The old concrete fabric building has been modernized but has kept its old retro shabby-chic look. One of the hotel rooms in even the old elevator shaft!

The hotel rooms are on the second and third floors of the building and are designed by the London-based architects at Jonathan Tuckey Design. They are kept in a modern and rough design with concrete walls, reused brick stones, and huge windows that bring in the light and the sea- and mountain view. All rooms have private bathrooms, and the biggest rooms even have a small kitchen. Each room sleeps  2 – 6 people.

Yoga & Sauna

Yoga classes are held every day in the old cod liver oil factory room with huge windows so that the yogists can feel at one with the sun, sea, and mountains.

The crown jewel of Trevarefabrikken that makes it stand out from the rest is their fantastic sauna! The wooden sauna faces the Arctic Vestfjord sea and has a spectacular view through its big floor-to-roof window. Go for a swim in the Arctic sea (it is cold, so you are hereby warned….) and jump back into the sauna to heat up. So refreshing! You can book the sauna online here.

Trevarefabrikken is not only a place to eat, drink and sleep. They also arrange quiz nights, concerts, drawing evenings, karaoke, and Sunday market. Check their webpage and Facebook page to see what’s on.

Henningsvær Lysstøperi Cafe & Bakery (candle foundry)

Henningsvær Lysstøperi & Cafe is a cozy bakery that also sells beautiful candles in all shapes and colors.

Lots of colorful candles at Lysstoperiet Cafe Henningsvaer Lofoten
You can buy colorful hand-made candles at Lysstoperiet Cafe.

Their cakes are heavenly delicious, and they are famous for making some of the best cinnamon buns in Lofoten. You can also enjoy lunch here; I particularly love their shrimp sandwich packed with fresh shrimps from the Arctic Sea.

Stepping into the Lysstøperiet with its old retro furniture and comfortable sofas, made me think of my grandmother’s house. It felt very homely and cozy.

If the weather permits it, you can sit at the outside tables and enjoy the sun and do some people watching. However, be aware of the seagulls; they tried to grab our food and knocked over and broke a glass in their fight for some food.

Lots of pastries and sandwiches at Lysstoperiet Cafe Henningsvaer Lofoten
Lots of delicious pastries and cakes at Lysstoperiet Cafe

Einvær Restaurant

The owners behind the restaurant Einer in Oslo have opened a restaurant in Henningsvær, called Einvær. It immediately became a huge hit in Lofoten and has even been mentioned by the Michelin Guide. This is because they have a strong focus on using local ingredients made in Lofoten, which they either harvest themselves or from farms in the area.

Here you can enjoy excellent gourmet food made with local ingredients from Lofoten, like blue mussel, halibut, goat meat, locally produced cheese, and rhubarb.

They serve both lunch and dinner. For dinner, you can choose between a 3-course (540 NOK = US$ 64) or 5-course set dinner (790 NOK = US$ 93), with or without wine that matches the food.

  • Address: Dreyers gate 15, Henningsvær
  • Opening Hours: Dinner (you can reserve a table between): 17:00 – 21:00. Check their webpage and Facebook page for updates on their opening hours.
  • On The Menu: Gourmet dishes made with locally produced ingredients.
  • Einvær’s Facebook-page
  • Einvær’s Official Webpage

Fiskekrogen Restaurant

Right by the Henningsvær harbor with a lovely sea view, you will find the Fiskekrogen Restaurant. As the name implies, here you can enjoy some exquisite local fresh seafood and fish. The food is prepared in an open kitchen and you can watch the whole process as your food is prepared. Really cool!

Fiskekrogen Restaurant in Henningsvaer Lofoten
The Fiskekrogen Restaurant has a nice rooftop area

This is an excellent place to head for lunch or dinner. On the menu, they have fish soup, seafood stew, cod (“skreimølje” which is cod with liver and roe), cod tongues, halibut, lamb shank, sandwich (with beef or salmon). And for dessert, they have red currant pie and chocolate cake. Yummy!

They also have a cozy lounge bar, Bar Nord, where you can enjoy a drink or two every Friday – Sunday (from 18:00). On top of the bar, you can have drinks on the sundeck if the weather permits it.

  • Address: Dreyers gate 29, Henningsvær
  • Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 12:00 am – 22:00/ 10 pm
  • On The Menu: Local fish and seafood, a couple of meat dishes.
  • Fiskekrogen’s Official Webpage

Restaurant Lofotmat

A high-class small restaurant at the heart of Henningsvær which serves local food freshly prepared with a lot of love and attention to detail. You will find mainly seafood on the menu at Lofotmat, like mussels, cod, fish soup, fresh shrimps, and blue mussel.

Lofotmat Restaurant Hennigngsvaer
Lofotmat Restaurant serves traditional Norwegian food.
  • Address: Dreyers gate 56, Henningsvær
  • Opening Hours: 16:00/ 4 pm – 21:00/ 9 pm
  • On The Menu: Fresh local food, mainly seafood.
  • Lofotmat’s Facebook-page

Where To Stay In Henningsvær

Henningsvær Bryggehotell
We stayed three nights at the Henningsvær Bryggehotell, and it was awesome! The hotel has a fantastic location, right in the heart of Henningsvær by the harbor with lovely sea and fjord views. You can easily walk to all the attractions in Henningsvær from the hotel. If you want to stay next to the sea, you cannot get closer to the sea than here as the hotel is practically just by the waterfront.

Henningsvaer Bryggehotel
We stayed at Henningsvaer Bryggehotel and loved it!

The hotel has a lovely restaurant, The Blue Fish Restaurant, where also breakfast is served. The breakfast was great, with a wide selection of food. If the weather permits it, you can bring your food outside, and enjoy the sea view.

Our room was not the biggest, but very comfortable and nicely decorated with a very comfortable bed. Free parking right outside the hotel was very convenient. I would say that this is the hotel with the best location in Henningsvær.
Click here to check availability and the latest prices

Gammelskola Apartments
The building that houses Gammelskola Apartments used to be a primary school (first constructed in 1877) until it was remade into an apartment hotel in 2018 with the suiting name “Gammelskola” (means “the old school” in English). Elements from the old classrooms have been reused when designing and decorating the eight unique apartments. For instance, each apartment is named 1st to 8th grade. So cool! The apartments are modern, stylish, and comfortable, and each apartment has bedrooms (including bed linens, towels, and toiletries), a private bathroom, and a fully equipped kitchen (with a dishwasher and fridge).

The apartments are of different sizes; the smallest (named “1st grade”) can house two people and is 24 sqm, while the biggest apartment can house up to five people. Guests get free Wifi and free private parking. Outside the old school, you can enjoy the sea view from the patio. Staying at the Gammelskola Apartments is like having your own apartment. There is no reception or check-in process; you will receive a message with the key code to your apartment the day before your arrival. You can easily walk to all the highlights of Henningsvær from your apartment; Trevarefabrikken is only a four-minute walk away.
Click here to check availability and the latest prices

Henningsvær Guesthouse

Henningsvaer VertshusHenningsvær Guesthouse has a central location right in the middle of everything. The rooms are lovely, modern, and comfortable, with a large private bathroom. Downstairs is a cozy cafe/ restaurant/ bar where you will be served a delicious Norwegian breakfast in the morning.

The flat-screen TV in your room has streaming options. This place only has two rooms, so it kind of feels like staying at someone’s home.
Click here to check availability and the latest prices

Tobiasbrygga Aparments
Tobiasbrygga, which means “Tobias’ pier, ” was an old fishing pier constructed in 1935. Here you get to stay in modern and very comfortable seaside apartments. The apartments are super stylish, and I love their interior design! All apartments have a fully-equipped kitchen and free Wifi, and a spacious living room (including a TV with AppleTV). Some also have a balcony with a sea view.

Tobiasbrygga is located on the small island Hellandsøya which is connected with downtown Henningsvær by a small bridge. Tobiasbrygga is only a 4-min walk from the famous Henningsvær football field (on the same island). But you can easily walk over to downtown Henningsvær in only 7-10 min. Tobaisbrygga has big apartments (80 sqm in size) that can house up to ten people (three bedrooms). Free private parking right outside your apartment is very convenient.
Click here to check availability and the latest prices

Gammelfileten Brygge Apartments
With its central location right by the Henningsvær harbor, Gammelfileten Brygge Apartments is a great place to stay with a fantastic sea view! The whole place ooze of history as this pier (constructed in 1923) used to be a woodwork factory until it became a fish-processing facility.

It was the first fish-processing plant in Northern Norway to have a freezer which was a huge advantage as they could preserve the fish to stay fresh. Millions of kilograms of fish were produced here, everything from cod, haddock, and saithe. To honor the history, the apartments have been named “The Office” and “The fillet” as this was the area where there was a fish fillet factory until 1970.

At Gammelfileten Brygge you can choose between four apartments; The Office (35 sqm, 2 people, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom), The Fillet (85 sqm, 8 people, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms), Venus (45 sqm, 4 people, 1 bedroom + bunkbeds in the living room, 1 bathroom), and Ranveig (55 sqm, 4 people, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom). The supermarket is right around the corner, also several restaurants, cafes, and attractions—free parking right outside your apartment door.
Click here for the latest prices and availability

Lysvoldbrygga Bed & Breakfast
Located in a quiet part of Henningsvær (a 12-min walk from downtown/ Engelsmannsbrygga), you find the Lysvoldbrygga Bed & Breakfast accommodation on the small islet Saltværsholmen. Here you can stay in newly renovated rooms right by the sea at the lovely old fishing pier. It is bed and breakfast, so a continental breakfast is included (served between 08:00 and 10:00 am).

The sauna is a bonus and a fantastic place to sit and relax in the evening after a quick swim in the sea (if you can handle the cold arctic sea….). There is also a lovely terrace and garden surrounding the apartment building, and you can park for free right outside your apartment (they even have a charging station for electric cars). Another bonus is the boat that you can borrow for a trip out on the sea.

The owners of this bed&breakfast, Ann-Cathrin and Sigurd, and their son Niels will heartily welcome you. The accommodation has four bedrooms in total (2 people can sleep in each room) with a shared bathroom. No pets are allowed, and you must book a minimum of two nights.
Click here to check availability and the latest prices

Activities In Henningsvær


At Kayak Lofoten in Henningsvær, you can enjoy a lovely kayak trip in and around Henningsvær the whole year-round. If you haven’t tried kayaking before, don’t worry, Kayak Lofoten also arranges kayaking courses for newbies. They also do snowshoeing trips in the winter.


If you want to go fishing out on the sea and feel like a real “Henningsværing” (people from Henningsvær), you should join a fishing boat trip with Henningsvær Havfiske (Sea Fishing).

They do 3-hours fishing boat trips in the summer (June, July, and August) at 10:00 am and 15:00/ 2 pm. Or you can hire a private tour for you and your family/ group of friends.


Henningsvær is the only place in Lofoten with its own Climbing School – Nord Norsk Klatreskole, which has been teaching people how to climb since 1973. Here you can join a climbing trip or course to one of the nearby mountains and boulder areas surrounding Henningsvær.

Hoop N Hike

If you are into hula hooping or want to learn it, why not combine hula hooping with a mountain hiking trip surrounded by amazing views and nature?! Hoop N Hike in Henningsvær does mountain hikes where a hula hoop swing is included at the top.

Hikes around Henningsvær

Festvågtinden – 541 m

  • Estimated time: 1-2 hours to climb up
  • Distance: 1,3 km (steep uphill all the way)

The mountain Festvågtinden is Henningsvær’s most popular hiking spot. It is a typical Lofoten mountain, steep and with an amazing view worth all the struggle and every drop of sweat! The path is steep and airy; you walk straight up, part of the path is through on a pebble ridge. You need proper hiking boots to do this hike (not flip flops or sandals).

Festvaagtinden mountain, Henningsvaer, Lofoten
The 541 m tall Festvågtinden is a popular mountain to hike with amazing 360-degree panoramic views.
Walking path to Festvaagtinden mountain in Henningsvaer, Lofoten
Walking path to Festvågtinden mountain

The path starts by the aqueduct at Festvåg, 2 km north of Henningsvær.

Parking lot for walking Festvaagtinden in Henningsvaer, Lofoten
The parking lot to climb Festvågtinden mountain.

When standing at the starting point, look up towards the mountain top, and you will see three paths going towards the top. Choose the one to the right or in the middle. The path to the left is for rock climbers where you need a rope. If you choose the path to the right, you will reach the lake Heiavatnet (189 m above sea level) before continuing towards the mountain peak. The middle path goes straight up to the mountain top and not past the lake. A cairn stands at the top, marking your endpoint – the top of Festvågtinden. Red arrows are painted on rocks along the way, so it is fairly easy to see and follow the walking path.

This is the Norwegian musician Sondre Justad’s favorite mountain (he is from Henningsvær), and he has played concerts at the top several times.

On your way back down, take a refreshing bath in the lake Heiavatnet.

You can also walk to the “Presten” (see below) on your way up to Festvågtinden.

Presten – 460 m

The mountain clip “Presten” is located close to the path towards Festvågtinden (at 460 meters). Presten is a 400 m tall giant rock, popular among rock climbers. You can climb Presten together with a guide at Klatreskolen in Henningsvær.

Vågakallen – 943 m

  • Estimated time: 3-4 hours to climb up

In Djupfjorden, 5 km north of Henningsvær, starts the hiking trail up to the mountain Vågakallen. This is a more difficult and demanding hike than Festvågtiden (see the description above).

Follow the path along the fjord Djupfjorden until you reach the small river from the lake Djupfjordvatnet. Cross over the small river and turn right. Walk up the valley Durmålsdalen until you reach a path that leads you up the mountain cut between the mountains Kvanndalstiden and Vågakallen. Look up towards the left, and you will see your end goal; Vågakallen.

The path goes east and crosses a mountainside covered with grass before turning north through a canyon with many loose rocks (so be careful!). At the top of this canyon (7oo m above sea level), the path goes east again and eventually takes you to a very steep area through a narrow canyon that leads to an area called “The house roof.” This “house roof” is a dangerous area; walk along it and not on top of it. You have to walk through another steep and rocky mountain run before climbing up big mountain rocks, which can be demanding and difficult.

If you can reach the top of Vågakallen, you have well-earned the breathtaking view! However, if it is rain and fog, you should not do this hike! Be aware that there might be snow at some parts of this track, and in some places, the path is not that easy to spot.

Happenings & Festivals in Henningsvær

Trevarefest – August

Trevarefabrikken arranges a festival, called Trevarefest, every year at the beginning of August. For three days you can enjoy good music and activities like yoga, running and cooking course.

Codstock – May

Head to Henningsvær in May and enjoy three days filled with music and fish at the Codstock Festival.

How To Get To Henningsvær


Henningsvær is 24 km from Svolvær Airport Helle (a 35-min drive one way) and 60 km from Leknes Airport (a 1-hour drive one way). Or you can take a plane to Harstad/ Narvik Airport Evenes, 187 km, and a 3-hours drive one way to Henningsvær.


You can take the Hurtigruten to:

  • Svolvær (a 30 min drive from Henningsvær)
  • Stamsund (1 hour)
  • Stokmarknes (2 hours)
  • Sortland (2 hours)

Express Ferry

Express ferries are running from Bodø to Moskenes (a 3,5-hour ferry trip). You can drive from Moskenes to Henningsvær in about 2 hours one way.


You can take the bus to Henningsvær from Svolvær, Leknes, and Sortland.

Where To Park In Henningsvær

There are two public parking lots in Heningsvær. One is in the central downtown area of Henningsvær, although this is a bit small and you have to drive through some narrow streets to get there. So it is mostly suitable for regular cars and not for big camper vans.

The other one is huge and brand new and is located on Engøya, just before crossing the bridge over to Henningsvær. Here you have plenty of space, and this is the perfect place to park if you are driving a camper van.

Both parking lots have a parking fee.

That’s it, our ultimate travel guide to Henningsvær/ Henningsvaer in Lofoten. This guide shows you the best activities, tours, and attractions in Henningsvaer with all the best things to do and see in Henningsvær. I hope this Henningsvaer guide can be of help to you when planning your Henningsvær trip.

Ensure to check out what else you should not miss when going to Lofoten in our recommended Lofoten itinerary and our travel guide to the Lofoten Islands.

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Henningsvaer, Lofoten, Norway Travel Guide      Henningsvaer, Lofoten, Norway Travel Guide

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