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Due to numerous questions about our website, we have put together this little resource for anyone interested in how our website is put together, its theme and plugins.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. If you sign up through them we will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. This helps fund our site and does not cost you anything. So thank you!  :)

Our WordPress Theme

Our site is running on WordPress and we are using the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes. It is a very flexible theme, that can be used for anything from a business website, to as we have done, a travel blog.

We especially love the page builder, a simple drag and drop system that lets us very easily create new pages and unique looking posts. It is very easy to use, and if we get stuck their support is great. You can have a look at the standard Divi theme here.

Where is Nerd Nomads hosted?

We used to be with Bluehost and if you are just starting your blog then their pricing is hard to beat. There is really no need to pay crazy amounts for your hosting in the beginning. Take a look at our posts on how to start a travel blog for tips on how to get started blogging.

As we grew beyond 150 000 monthly readers we needed more resources and we have now moved to Cloudways. It’s an affordable web hosting company that makes it easy to host your website on cloud platforms such as Amazon, Google or Digital Ocean. It’s slightly more complicated to set up than a shared hosting, but they have really good tutorials that make it easy to get started. And the performance is awesome!

 Our Newsletter Popup

The popup that we are using is from Optin Monster. The great thing about this is that the design is very easy to customize, there is unlimited split testing, and it can be triggered on exit. So just as someone is about to leave the page, they are gently reminded to sign up for our newsletter. This way of triggering a pop us has been shown to be the most effective, and least annoying.

It can also be set to trigger whenever someone clicks a link. Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter now 😉

Our Social Media Share Buttons

All the social share and like buttons, as well as the Followers grid on the blog page, is from the Monarch plugin by Elegant Themes.

We have been using it for a few months, and it is working extremely well. It is also super easy to set up and use!

If there is anything else you would like to know about our website, please let us know in the comments below and we will be happy to add it to this page! Thank you!


  1. john

    Hey.. Just wondering how did you implement that map tracking feature as the user scrolls down the page? Thanks


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