12 Markets In Bangkok You Should Not Miss

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I LOVE Bangkok’s markets! The vibrant atmosphere, the smiling happy people, the great variety of unique things to shop for, the delicious street food, snacks, and drinks – what’s not to like about Bangkok markets? 🙂 It is great fun walking around between the different stalls looking at all the strange, unique, practical, and creative things they sell.

Bangkok is famous for its markets and has some of the best and biggest markets in the world, and they are part of the reason I love the “City of Angels” so much.

We first visited Bangkok back in 2005, and Chatuchak was the first Bangkok market I ever went to. Standing in the middle of Bangkok’s biggest market felt overwhelming and chaotic but great fun. Since 2014, we have visited and lived in Bangkok several times, and we have seen markets come and go.

Markets are an important part of Thai culture, and the locals love markets just as much as we visitors. Night markets especially are extremely popular and trendy in Bangkok, partly because the temperatures are more bearable in the evenings, making for a fun evening out. Also, markets are the perfect place to head to for some delicious cheap street food and snacks.

There are many fun things to do in Bangkok, but visiting a Bangkok market should be part of any Bangkok trip, even if you don’t go there to shop. The markets on this list are easy to get to by public transport or taxi/ tuk-tuk/ Grab car if you are staying in the central areas of Bangkok.

If you plan on doing some shopping while in Bangkok, don’t miss my guide to Bangkok’s best shopping.

The 12 Best Markets In Bangkok

Since Bangkok has an overwhelming amount of markets, and new markets are popping up every year, we are often asked: What are the best markets in Bangkok?

The last couple of years has been tough on the Bangkok markets. With no tourists and long periods of lockdowns, several markets have been shut down permanently. Sadly we have lost some of our favorite markets, which used to be a part of this market guide, like Neon Market, Art Box, and Ratchada Train Night Market.

Thankfully, some new fantastic markets have also opened up, like, the Jodd Fairs Night Market and the Klong Ong An Canal Night Market.

We stayed in Bangkok for a month in early 2022, and we have now done a complete update of this guide to Bangkok’s best markets.

Here is a list of what we think are the best markets in Bangkok (updated 2022):

  1. Chatuchak Market – Bangkok’s biggest market
  2. Jodd Fairs Night Market – Our new favorite Bangkok night market
  3. Srinakarin Train Night Market – The original and popular train night market
  4. Chang Chui Plane Night Market – A night market where the star attraction is a huge airplane
  5. Sampeng Market – Bangkok’s oldest market
  6. Wang Lang Market – An authentic local Thai market
  7. Khlong Ong Ang Canal Night Market – Cozy and atmospheric weekend market along a restored canal
  8. Flower Market Pak Khlong Talat – All about flowers and vegetables
  9. Khlong Toei Fresh Market – Bangkok’s biggest fresh market with meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits
  10. Bangkok Farmers Market – Only open on Saturday once a month, unique home-made things and organic produce
  11. Pratunam Market – A bustling, centrally located day market
  12. Asiatique – A shopping mall and market with excellent restaurants, shows, and a ferry wheel

Sound fun, right? Read on to see what each of these markets looks like, what to shop there, how to get there, and opening hours.

These markets do not cater specifically to tourists but are markets where Thais come to shop and socialize. Therefore, visiting a Bangkok market is a fantastic way of experiencing the local Thai culture.

Many of these markets are night markets and typically open around 17:00 (5 pm) in the evening and close around midnight. Some Bangkok night markets are, however, also open in the daytime.

Traditionally, haggling and negotiating on the price used to be a part of the shopping game in Bangkok markets. These days, however, many stalls have fixed prices. If you find something you like, you can always try and negotiate the price a little, especially if you are buying more than one item. It is all about finding a fair and acceptable price, both for the buyer and the seller. If I can walk away from a market with a few bargains, then my market trip has been a success! 🙂

The 12 best markets in Bangkok, in our opinion (day markets in purple and night markets in black). 

1. Chatuchak Market

  • Bangkok’s biggest market
  • A day weekend market, only open on Saturdays and Sundays (some sections are open on Friday evenings)

Chatuchak Weekend Market is THE ultimate Bangkok market. It is the mother of all markets and an absolute MUST when visiting Bangkok!

Chatuchak is the biggest outdoor market in the world (at least one of the biggest), covering more than one km, consisting of a whopping 15 000 stalls selling just about anything you can imagine from every corner of Thailand! And it has been in Bangkok for decades, since 1942.

Chatuchak Market Bangkok is bangkoks best market
Chatuchak Weekend Market is Bangkok’s biggest market, covering over 1 km, and has 15 000 stalls!

A tourist attraction in itself, the Chatuchak market attracts more than 200 000 visitors on a typical weekend! It is popular among both local Thais, foreigners living in Bangkok, and tourists. You should come here for the experience even if you are not a big shopper. It is great fun!

What To Shop At Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market is divided into 27 sections, where each section has a specific type of items for sale like clothes, plants, art, and so on:

  • Section 2-5, 22-24, and 25-27: Food, snacks, and drinks
  • Section 2-6 & 10-26: Clothes, shoes, and accessories (also second hand)
  • Section 7: Arts and galleries
  • Section 8-11: Handicrafts, gifts, and souvenirs
  • Section 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, and 25: Ceramics and potteries
  • Sections 1, 3-4, and 7-8: Furniture, home decor, and household items
  • Section 1 & 27: Books
  • Section 3-4: Plants, flowers, and gardening items
  • Section 8-9, 11, and 13: Pets and pet accessories
  • Section 1 & 26: Antiques
Click on the map above to see a map of Chatuchak Market.

At Chatuchak Market, you find things like wood carvings, clay handicrafts, local souvenirs from every part of Thailand, Buddhist amulets, wooden furniture, handmade decorated flowers, ceramic wares, Chinese wares, garden plants, stones, trendy fashions, silk, hill-tribe outfits, paintings of local painters, fluffy dogs, handbags, shoes, jewelry and fashionable Thai design of all sort.

Everything at Chatuchak is reasonably priced. Chatuchak is a spectacular market and our favorite!

Hand painted shoes at Chatuchak Market Bangkok
I love these hand-painted shoes at Chatuchak Market. You can even watch the artists decorate the shoes. So cool!

Our favorite part of Chatuchak Market is the art section (section no. 7).

It is great fun to walk between beautiful art and paintings made by these talented local Thai artists and craftsmen. Often you can see the artists hard at work on their next painting or piece of handcrafted jewelry.

Chatuchak Market is a great place to indulge in some delicious Thai street food. There are many street food stalls where you can grab something along the way. But you can also sit down and eat and drink at the many charming small cafes and restaurants at Chatuchak.

And if you shop too much (or buy big things), TNT and DHL are present at the market and are more than happy to pack and ship your purchases back home.

It’s easy to feel a bit “lost” at Chatuchak because of its size and because there are a lot of people everywhere! You can pick up a map at one of the information booths if you prefer to find the system in the madness, or you can simply go with the flow and marvel at all the odd things that cross your path.

Chatuchak Market Bangkok is Bangkoks best and most popular weekend market
Getting a bit lost among the crowds is a part of the Chatuchak shopping experience.

Of course, the usual tactics in crowded areas apply, like keeping a close watch on your valuables. Chatuchak has been known to host a few eager pickpockets, and having your wallet hanging out of your back pocket is probably not the wisest thing to do. 

Me shopping jeans shorts at Chatuchak Market Bangkok
Me shopping for some jeans shorts.

If you are there with a group of friends or family, decide where to meet up if you get away from each other. However, half the fun is getting a little lost; you can come across unexpected things that you never knew you needed! 🙂

Don’t underestimate how big the Chatuchak Market is! Ditch the stiletto heels, and wear your most comfortable shoes or sandals! You will walk a lot.

And remember to drink plenty of water, as it is easy to become dehydrated. I like to use dehydration as an excellent excuse to have another of those delicious strawberry yogurt drinks they sell (see the photo below) 🙂

We love this strawberry yoghurt drink that you get at Chatuchak market
We love this strawberry yogurt drink that is often sold at markets
  • Opening Hours Chatuchak Market: Saturdays and Sundays, 09:00 (9 am) – 18:00 (6 pm), and Fridays 18:00 (6 pm) – midnight
  • What to get at Chatuchak Market: Well, basically just about everything you can imagine!
  • How to get to Chatuchak Market: Take the Skytrain to Mo Chit Station or the underground to Chatuchak Station, and follow the stream of people (only a short walk). Or take a taxi, grab, or tuk-tuk to Chatuchak Market.
  • Chatuchak Market’s Official Webpage
  • Chatuchak Market’s Facebook Page

2. Jodd Fairs Night Market

  • Bangkok’s best night market, in our opinion
  • Easy to get to by public transportation
  • Every day, 11:00 am – Midnight

The Jodd Fairs is one of Bangkok’s newest markets (opened in December 2021) and is our favorite Bangkok night market.

Overview of Jodd Fairs Night Market Bangkok
Jodd Fairs is Bangkok’s new Train Night Market and the best night market in Bangkok.

Jodd Fairs is often referred to as the new train night market in Bangkok and is the replacement for the closed down Ratchada Train Market.

Jodd Fairs is the brainchild of the people who used to run the Ratchada Train Market (which closed in July 2021). It’s quite similar to the old market with many of the same vendors and stalls having moved over to Jodd Fairs.

Cool atmosphere at Jodd Fairs Night Market Bangkok
Cool vintage American cars at Jodd Fairs Market.
Me at Jodd Fairs Market Bangkok
Me at Jodd Fairs Market, my favorite Bangkok night market.

Jodd Fairs is labeled as a night market, but it actually opens at 11 am and closes around midnight.  And best of all, Jodd Fairs is open every day so you can enjoy this market all week long.

Food stalls selling Thai street food at Jodd Fairs Market Bangkok
Jodd Fairs Night Market is clean and well organized, with broad lanes between the stalls.

I love Jodd Fairs for its relaxed yet cool vibe and its fantastic food and drinks. It is clean, fresh, well-organized, and easy to walk around as the corridors are broad. I also like that they have seating areas where you can sit down and enjoy the food and drinks and don’t have to eat standing up as is common at other Bangkok markets.

Big airy seating areas at Jodd Fairs Market Bangkok
Jodd Fairs has some cozy seating areas to sit down and enjoy your delicious Thai food and drinks.

Jodd Fairs has a convenient location right behind Central Rama 9 shopping mall, and you can easily get there by taking the metro to Rama 9 MRT Station.

Overview of Jodd Fairs Night Market Bangkok
Jodd Fairs Night Market is conveniently located behind Central Rama 9 shopping mall.

Even though the market is popular with both local Thais and tourists, due to its spacious layout it seldom feels overcrowded.

Some nights, often on the weekends, there are live bands/artists playing (check their Facebook page to see what’s on).

Cozy pub at Jodd Fairs Night Market Bangkok
Jodd Fairs Night Market has several cozy pubs and cafes where you can sit down and have a drink or two.

The market also has a skate park where you can show off your skating skills or rent a board and try it for the first time.

What To Shop At Jodd Fairs Night Market

Jodd Fairs is, in our opinion, one of the best places in Bangkok for street food and snacks.

Here you can find delicious Thai street food, drinks, and sweets. Some of the old Ratchada Train Market’s signature dishes have even made the move.

Japanese food at Jodd Fairs Market Bangkok
A popular Japanese restaurant and bar at Jodd Fairs market.
Thai street food at Jodd Fairs Market Bangkok
Fresh and delicious Thai food at Jodd Fairs market.

Like the super popular Thai dish “Leng Saap” or Spicy Pork Mountain at Mae Klong Noddles & Leng Saap. A tall heap “mountain” of delicious and tender pork in a spicy broth.

It is a relatively new and modern Thai dish that has been around only a few years. However, it has become super trendy, and we had to queue up to get a table. The meat is delicious and so tender and juicy! And hot and spicy! You can choose between M, L, XL, and XXL portion sizes.

Of course, we also had to try Leng Saap, and it was good, although a bit too spicy for my taste. Other popular dishes at Jodd Fairs are BBQ skewers and sushi.

You can find around 600 food stalls, restaurants, and food tents at Jodd Fairs, so there are plenty to choose from.

We had some noodles at Boonlert Noodles, a well-known Bangkok restaurant that has been serving noodles since 1976. In 2021 they even received a Michelin mention. They have a small “restaurant” at the market where we tried their famous wonton egg noodles with soy-marinated grilled pork. It was really tasty!

In addition to food, you can also shop for clothes, shoes, and accessories at reasonable prices at Jodd Fairs. There are, for instance, a lot of T-shirts, clothes, and shoes stands.

Shopping at Jodd Fairs Market Bangkok
Lots of clothes, shoes, and accessories to shop at Jodd Fairs market.

Although Jodd Fairs is open from 11 am, it does not come alive until the afternoon around5/6 p.m, when the temperatures are cooler, and the locals have got off from work and school. Jodd Fairs is also more vibrant on the weekends.

We visited Jodd Fairs on a Sunday, and the atmosphere was great.

Jodd Fairs Night Train Market Bangkok
A cool VW bar at Jodd Fairs Night Market – the Surf Spin.
Jodd Fairs Train Night Market Bangkok
Barbeque skewers with meat, sausages, and fish balls are popular at Jodd Fairs.

If you visit Jodd Fairs on a weekend as we did, you can also go to the  Organic Weekend Market, which pops up just next to Jodd Fairs. Here you can shop for vegetables, plants, fruits, berries, tea, honey, candy, and homemade delicacies. I bought strawberries, mango, green tea, and locally produced organic honey, which was super good.

Organic Weekend Market at Jodd Fairs Market Bangkok
We also visited the cozy Organic Weekend Market which is just next to Jodd Fairs on the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays).
  • Opening Hours Jodd Fairs Night Market: Every day, 11:00 (11 am) – midnight
  • What to get at Jodd Fairs Market: Lots of delicious Thai street food
  • Where Is Jodd Fairs Market: Behind the Central Rama 9 shopping mall in Bangkok.
  • How to get to Jodd Fairs Market: Take the metro to Rama 9 MRT station; Jodd Fairs Market is only a 3 min walk from the station.
  • Jodd Fairs Facebook Page

3. Srinakarin Train Night Market

  • A fantastic market with lots of vintage antiques and street food
  • A night market

There is currently only one Train Night Market (Talat Rot Fai) market left in Bangkok – the Srinakarin Train Night Market (also known as the Talat Rot Fai Srinagarindra Train Night Market).

The other train night market, Talat Rot Fai Ratchada Train Night Market, closed down in July 2021.

Airplane Srinakarin Train Night Market Bangkok
The massive airplane on the roof of Rod’s Antiques is Srinakarin’s best know landmark

The Srinakarin Train Night Market is hugely popular among local Thais and tourists and well worth a visit!

Why Is It Called Train Night Market?

Bangkok’s Train Night Market (called Talat Rot Fai in Thai) has nothing to do with trains or railways anymore. So you might ask: “Why is it called Train Night Market when there are no trains or railway tracks nearby?

Srinakarin Train Night Market Bangkok
Srinakarin Train Night Market is the place to head for delicious Thai food, antiques, and vintage goods.

The first Train Night Market/ Talat Rot Fai Market was opened in 2010 by a previous antique seller and was initially located near the Chatuchak Weekend Market on a piece of land owned by the State Railway of Thailand (SRT). The market stalls were set up among unused train tracks, old warehouses, and train wagons; therefore, it got nicknamed “Train Night Market.

The original Talat Rot Fai Market was forced to close down in 2013  to make way for the BTS Skytrain Station Bang Sue Central. It was then relocated to Srinagarindra Road (behind the Seacon Square shopping mall), where it still is today. At this new location (well, not that new anymore, since it opened in 2013…) it took the name Talat Rot Fai Srinakarin or Srinakarin Train Market.

Rods antiques is a famous part of Srinakarin Train Night Market Bangkok
Srinakarin Train Night Market has a cool and relaxed vintage vibe.

Despite its somewhat inconvenient location, a 30-minute drive from the center of Bangkok, and the lack of any nearby Skytrain or Subway/MRT stations, The Srinakarin Train Market became hugely popular!

By the way, don’t confuse the Srinakarin Train Market with the Mae Klong Railway Market (Hoop Rom Market), which is located on an actual railway track an hour’s drive southwest of Bangkok.

Mae Klong Railway Market is where the train goes through the stalls and all the vendors have to pack up until the train has passed. You might have seen the Mae Klong Railway Market on Instagram and social media.

Srinakarin Market’s Antiques & Collectibles

The market has a trendy retro vibe with a considerable part of the market focusing on vintage, antiques, and collectible items. So if you are on the hunt for unique vintage clothes and shoes, vinyl, and antiques in general, you should head to the Srinakarin Night Market. We stumbled across some record stores with an impressive collection of vinyl, as well as a vintage camera store with old film cameras for sale.

Shops are in warehouse buildings at Srinakarin Train Night Market Bangkok
Lots of vintage second-hand clothes, shoes, and accessories on display.

Srinakarin is a vast open-air bazaar kind of market with lots of stalls where you will find plenty of delicious street food, snacks, drinks, used and new clothes, shoes, accessories, and antique hipster vintage stuff. It has a relaxed hipster cool vibe which I love.

Cool stall at Srinakarin Train Night Market Bangkok
One of the many cool food stalls at Srinakarin Train Night Market.

And best of all, the sellers are not pushy so that you can walk around at your own pace, and there is no pressure to buy anything unless you want to. The prices are also lower here than at other markets in Bangkok since they mainly cater to the locals.

Vintage vinyl at Srinakarin Train Night Market Bangkok
If you’re a vinyl record fan Srinakarin is the place

I must admit that I seldom find much to shop at Talat Rot Fai as the clothes and shoe sizes are tiny as they are primarily aimed towards Thais and not big Europeans like me. 🙂 And I am not that into vintage second-hand clothes and shoes. Thankfully there is always the food!

Fantastic Food At Srinakarin Train Night Market

We love coming to Srinakarin Train Night Market for the delicious food, drinks, and snacks.

You will also find some excellent restaurants and bars here, many with live bands. I love how the old VW camper vans have been converted into bars. You’ll also find a big food court here, which is especially popular on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Airplane on the rooftop at Rods antiques at Srinakarin Train Night Market Bangkok
Cool converted VW bar ready for thirsty customers.

What To Shop At Srinakarin Train Night Market – The Three Zones

Srinakarin Train Night Market is divided into three big sections:

  • Market Zone
    In the Market Zone, you will find over 2000 different stalls selling just about everything you need and a lot you probably don’t need.  Fashionable clothes, shoes, toys, accessories, and home decor are all on display. In addition, the Market Zone is a great place to find gifts and souvenirs to bring back home.
Relaxed vibe at Srinakarin Train Night Market Bangkok
The Market Zone has over 200 different stalls selling everything you need and did not know you needed.
  • Warehouse Zone
    Here, you will find everything from household items to your home, electronics, used car parts, second-hand clothes and textiles, shoes, and accessories. The things that are sold here all have a vintage, shabby-chic kind of style to them. You can even find old collectible items such as vintage coca-cola signs, car plates, toys, and cameras.
Old vintage things at Srinakarin Train Night Market Bangkok
A vintage shop in the Warehouse Zone of Srinakarin Train Night Market.
  • Rod’s Antiques
    This factory-style building is the gem of the Talat Rot Fai Srinakarin Market. The whole building is packed with fabulous antiques and vintage things from all over the world like vintage American cars and motorbikes (Vespas), furniture sourced from all over the world, and decorative things for your home. You are allowed to take photos, so this is a great place to head to for those unique Instagram shots. 🙂
Antiques and vintage is the big thing at Srinakarin Train Night Market Bangkok
Rod’s Antiques sells old vintage antiques at Srinakarin Train Night Market.

How To Get To Srinakarin Night Market

Srinakarin Night Market is located on Srinakarin Soi 51, just behind Seacon Square Shopping Mall. This is on the outskirts of Bangkok and there is no Skytrain or MRT station close by.

Therefore, the best way to get to Talat Rot Fai Srinakarin Market is to take a taxi or Grab (about a 30 min drive from central Bangkok, depending on the traffic).

  • Opening Hours Srinakarin Train Night Market: Thursday – Sunday, 17:00 (5 pm) – 01:00 (1 am)
  • What to get at Srinakarin Train Market: Cool, urban, new, and used clothes and accessories, street food, and drinks.
  • Where is Srinakarin Train Market: Srinakarin Road Soi 51 (behind Seacon Square Mall)
  • How to get to Srinakarin Train Market: Take a taxi or Grab car here, or the BTS Skytrain to On Nut Station and a taxi from there (a 20 min car trip)
  • Srinakarin Train Night Market’s Facebook Page

4. Chang Chui Plane Night Market

  • Its star attraction is a huge and real airplane
  • An artistic market with unique designer things and clothes and cool restaurants and bars
  • A day- and night market

The biggest attraction at the Chang Chui Plane Night Market is a real and full-size airplane (an old Lockheed L-1011 TriStar plane). You have probably seen photos from the Plane Market on Instagram and other social media.

Chang Chui Plane Market Bangkok
The star attraction at Chang Chui Plane Market is a real airplane.

Chang Chui Plane Market calls itself a creative park or hub more than a traditional Thai market. Here you find an excellent mix of street art, art installations, shops, bars, and restaurants housed in cool containers/ warehouse buildings.

Restaurant with helicopter at Chang Chui Plane Market Bangkok
One of the cool restaurants at Chang Chui Plane Market.

The Plane Market is a popular place to hang out for Instagram selfies and photoshoots.

The market is located in Thonburi, the old part of Bangkok, on the west side of the Chao Phraya River.

What’s Inside The Plane?

Did you know that the airplane actually houses a restaurant? And not just any old restaurant, a top-end restaurant called Na Oh Bangkok (or “Noah’s Ark”).

Chang Chui Plane Market Bangkok
The huge airplane houses a fine dining restaurant called Na Oh Bangkok.

This is not cheap eats, but fine dining with a set menu. The prices vary from 1000 Thai Baht++ (= USD 30) and up to 2800 Thai Baht++ (= USD 80) depending on the number of dishes.

You “board” the plane (eh…restaurant) by walking up a staircase or taking the antique lift. However, the coolest part is that on your way down from the aircraft (after you have finished eating), you’ll have the option to slide down on the red slide from the emergency exit of the plane and down to the ground. It looks like great fun!

What To Shop At Chang Chui Plane Market

I would say that the Plane Market is more sophisticated and upmarket than other Bangkok markets. This is not the place to find those dirt cheap designer knockoffs, copies, and mass-produced plastic souvenirs. Here you find more unique and often hand-made clothes and accessories, many made of recycled materials.

The Chang Chui Plane Market is divided into two zones – the artistic “Green Zone” and “Night Zone” with pubs and bars (this is the only zone where they sell alcohol).

Cool pub at Chang Chui Plane Market Bangkok
A cozy outdoor bar at Chang Chui Plane Market.

The artistic “Green Zone” is where you find a lot of incredible street art/ murals on the walls, sculptures, and artwork mostly made out of recycled materials.

One of the most famous pieces of street art you find at the market is the cute three-eyed baby with one blue eye and one brown eye and a fury hat with long rabbit ears. The mural is painted by Alex Face, a famous street artist who lives in Bangkok. You will find versions of this cute baby in many places around Thailand; we also saw one in Phuket Old Town.

Alex Face baby street art at Chang Chui Plane Market Bangkok
Me taking a closer look at the famous baby artwork by the Bangkok artist Alex Face.

There are usually happenings in the Green Zone on Saturdays, like concerts, debates, and different kinds of shows (check their Facebook page to see the upcoming events). For example, a singer-songwriter was performing on the outdoor stage in front of a big tree when we visited the Plane Market.

Me walking at Chang Chui Plane Market Bangkok
Me going for a stroll through the “Green Zone” of Chang Chui Plane Market, where the shops, cafes, and outdoor music scene are located.

Note that the alcohol-free “Green zone” is open from 11 am to 21:00/ 9 pm

As for shopping, the Plane Market has some excellent boutique shops where you find artistic designs, like unique t-shirts, handmade things and accessories, leather artwork, books, and small things and souvenirs.

There is a flea market at the Plane Market on the weekends.

Food & Drinks At Chang Chui Plane Market

The Plane Market has an excellent selection of small cafes, restaurants, and bars. Here you find both Thai food and international food like pizza and hamburgers.

Art at Chang Chui Plane Market Bangkok
The “Night Zone” is where the pubs and bars are located.

The “Night Zone” pub area is open from 16:00/ 4 pm until 23:00/ 11 pm.

We visited the Plane Market on a Monday evening, and it was a bit dull and empty, and many of the restaurants and cafes were closed. So I think it’s best to visit the Plane Night Market on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, between 16:00 and 21:00, when all the zones are open.

  • Opening Hours Chang Chui Plane Night Market: Every day, 11:00 (11 am) – 23:00 (11 pm), but best in the afternoon/ evening.
  • What to get at Chang Chui Plane Market: Cool, urban, new, artistic clothes and accessories, good food and drinks in small boutique cafes and restaurants.
  • Address: 460/8 Sirindhorn Rd, Bang Phlat, Bangkok
  • How to get to Chang Chui Plane Night Market: Take a taxi or a Grab car here (a 20-30 min drive from downtown Bangkok); there are no Skytrain or metro stations nearby.
  • Chang Chui Plane Night Market’s Facebook page

5. Sampeng Market – Chinatown

  • Bangkok’s oldest and most vibrant market
  • A day-market

The Sampeng Market is located in Bangkok’s Chinatown (Yaowarat in Thai). This is the most vibrant and busiest of all markets in Bangkok and a fun place to visit.

The busy and crowded Sampeng Market in Chinatown Bangkok
Sampeng Market is located in a narrow alley in Chinatown

Sampeng Market is a narrow shopping alley called Sampeng Lane (or Soi Wanit 1), packed with stalls and small shops selling everything you can imagine. It has been here forever since the Chinese community first settled in this area in the late eighteenth century. They were forced to move here from Ratanakosin to make way for the Grand Palace.

What To Shop At Sampeng Market

The Sampeng market alley is 1 km long.

Here you can buy everything from cheap clothes, shoes, jewelry, kitchenware, electronics, toys, silk, and knick-knacks to typical Chinese items like tea, silk pajamas, dried food, herbs, Chinese lanterns, and China porcelain.

I always buy Chinese tea at Sampeng Market. My favorites are Jasmine tea and flower tea (it is an actual flower that opens up in hot water and becomes both a tasty tea and a beautiful piece of art).

Chinese lanterns are sold at Sampeng Market in Chinatown Bangkok
Bright red Chinese lanterns and Chinese porcelain are sold at Sampeng Market.

Food & Drinks at Sampeng Market

Sampeng Market is an excellent place to find delicious street food and snacks, especially China-influenced Thai dishes and snacks.

We had some yummy noodles with crispy duck at Hong Kong Noodle, located at the Sampeng Market.

The market is trendy among the locals, and store owners or market vendors from all over Bangkok come to buy wholesale items to re-sell at their store. The prices are low at Sampeng Market, so that you can get excellent deals.

Some street selles selling Thai street fot at Sampeng Market in Chinatown Bangkok
You find lots of fabulous street food at Sampeng Market

Sampeng Market is hot, humid, busy, packed with people, and full of different smells from all kinds of food and herbs, but great fun! Just walk around the market’s narrow lanes and get a little lost, and you will come out at the other end of the market with some bargains.

Sampeng Market is another reason to visit Bangkok’s Old Town/ Chinatown, in addition to the excellent street food, nightlife, and temples. Read what else you should see when visiting Bangkok’s Chinatown here.

Sampeng Market in Chinatown Bangkok is hot and humid and very busy and crowded
Sampeng Market in Chinatown Bangkok is hot, humid, very busy, and crowded, but great fun!
  • Opening Hours Sampeng Market: Every day, 09:00 (9 am) – 18:00 (6 pm)
  • What to shop at Sampeng Market: Clothes and accessories, gifts, souvenirs, street food, tea, China-inspired things
  • Where is Sampeng Market: Soi Wanit 1 in Chinatown/ Yaowarat, a parallel street to Chinatown’s main road Yaowarat Road
  • How to get to Sampeng Market: Take the Chao Phraya River Express boat to Ratchawong Pier, walk for a few minutes, and be right at the Sampeng Market.

6. Wang Lang Market

  • An authentic local Bangkok market famous for its Southern Thai street food and desserts
  • A day-market

Wang Lang Market is a traditional and authentic old-fashioned Thai market that primarily caters to Thai people and sees few tourists. It is a great way to experience an original Bangkok market the local way and indulge in some delicious and authentic Thai food.

Wang Lang Market Bangkok
Wang Lang Market is a classic and authentic Thai market

The market covers both sides of the narrow street Phran Nok Road, starting from the Wang Lang Ferry Port and onwards for about 300m or so, as well as the side alleys. Wang Lang Market consists of a combination of small shops and restaurants in old shophouses (some with great river views) and the more common street food stalls and trolleys.

Me walking at Wang Lang Market Bangkok
Here I am going for a stroll at Wang Lang Market, which covers both sides of Phran Nok Road in the Thonburi area of Bangkok, right next to the Chao Phraya river.

Wang Lang Market means “Rear Palace Market” and refers to the location of this market.

There used to be a palace in the area where the market is located. The palace housed Prince Anurak Devesh (1746 – 1806), the nephew of King Rama I, who held the 3rd highest position in the kingdom. Unfortunately, the palace is long gone, although you can see some remains of the palace walls near the market.

Me shopping at Wang Lang Market Bangkok
Me shopping for some fresh fruit and juice at Wang Lang Market.

Expect the market to be quite crowded and hot around lunchtime. It is a very popular place to grab lunch by university students from Thammasat University and nurses from the nearby Siriraj Hospital. Therefore, I recommend you visit Wang Lang Market in the afternoon.

A bit chaotic at Wang Lang Market Bangkok
Wang Lang Market can seem a bit chaotic.

What To Shop At Wang Lang Market

Wang Lang Market is a foodie’s paradise with classical Thai street food dishes sold at reasonable prices. The market is particularly famous for its authentic and spicy Southern Thai food and Thai desserts.

You will find all the classic Thai desserts and sweets here, from mango sticky rice and sweet Thai crepes to coconut pancakes and roti.

Thai curry at Wang Lang Market Bangkok
Wang Lang Market is particularly famous for its spicy southern Thai food and curries.

But you also find sushi shops, fruit and juice shops, hairdressers, nail design shops, beauty salons, bakeries, restaurants, and cafes. Many of the street stalls sell takeaway only, but the restaurants and cafes have seating inside.

Here you can get all the classic Thai street food dishes, nothing fancy, just genuine fresh, and delicious authentic Thai street food.

Thai street food at Wang Lang Market Bangkok
A woman is selling all sorts of pickled fruits and vegetables.

Strawberries were in season in Thailand when we visited Wang Lang Market in February. So, of course, I had to buy some as I love strawberries. They were so fresh and sweet.

There are some clothes and shoe shops in the Wang Lang Market and some vintage shops, but they are primarily Thai fashion and in small Thai sizes. At one end of the market, you will see a huge warehouse building housing all kinds of shoes, clothes, handbags, toys, and knick-knacks.

Shopping Wang Lang Market Bangkok
One part of Wang Lang Market is under the roof, where you can shop for shoes, clothes, and handbags.

And while you are at the market, you should see the nearby temple Wat Rakhangkhositaram. A lovely peaceful temple that sees very few tourists.

  • Opening Hours Wang Lang Market: Every day, 09:00 (9 am) – 18:00 (6 pm)
  • What to shop at Wang Lang Market: Thai street food and snacks, Thai clothes
  • Where is Wang Lang Market: The market is located in the Thonburi area of Bangkok, next to the Chao Phraya River and Sirijai Hospital. 
  • How to get to Wang Lang Market: Take the Chao Phraya riverboat to stop No. 10 – Wang Lang.
  • Wang Lang Market’s Facebook Page

7. Khlong Ong Ang Canal Night Market

  • Bangkok’s newest weekend market with a beautiful location along an old renovated canal
  • A weekend night market, only open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Once upon a time, Bangkok was called “Venice of the East” as it had a criss-cross of canals all over the city. You could find canals branching out of the big Chao Phraya River to all of Bangkok’s neighborhoods. Nowadays, however, only a few of these canals are left. One of these canals that are still intact is the Khlong Ong Ang canal which was constructed in 1783 at the order of King Rama I.

Khlong Ong Ang Canal Market by night
Khlong Ong Ang Canal Market is Bangkok’s newest weekend market.

Khlong means canal, while Ong Ang means pottery in the Thai language. So Khlong Ong Ang means the “pottery canal,” as this was Bangkok’s main pottery trading area.

For many years the Khlong Ong Ang canal was abandoned and was a dirty canal with brown and polluted water. In recent years, however, the government of Thailand has started a project to renovate and clean up Bangkok’s remaining canals, which is a fantastic idea if you ask me.

Street stalls at Khlong Ong Ang Canal Market
The walkways along Khlong Ong Ang turn into a market on the weekends.

Khlong Ong Ang has gone through a fantastic renovation. The water has been cleaned, and the garbage and pollution are gone. On both sides of the canal, there are now lovely pedestrian walkways that turn into a street market with stalls on the weekend. Khlong Ong Ang market is one of the newest addition to Bangkok’s market scene and opened in November 2020.

The renovation of Khlong Ong Ang was even rewarded with the 2020 Asian Townscape Awards by the UN-Habitat Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific.

Khlong Ong Ang Canal Market
I love how the flowers and trees really brighten up the old canal

You can even rent a kayak or canoe and go paddling on the Khlong Ong Ang canal now, which looks like great fun. Although the water still looks a bit muddy, I recommend not tipping the kayak or paddle board.

We visited the Khlong Ong Ang Night Market on a Friday afternoon, around 17:00/ 5 pm, and it was a bit empty. However, there are usually more people at the market on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Khlong Ong Ang Market lies in Bangkok’s Chinatown/ Little India area. It stretches between Damrong Sathit Bridge to Saphan Han Bridge (about 800 m or so on both sides of the canal).

Me walking in china lantern street at Khlong Ong Ang Canal Market
Khlong Ong Ang Canal Market is located in Bangkok’s Chinatown/ Little India area. Here I am walking down one of the side alleys to the market.

Street Art Murals

The walls along the canal pedestrian streets have been beautifully painted in colorful artistic street art murals, some with a peace and love message, others depicting old Bangkok.

Street art murals at Khlong Ong Ang Canal Market
Beautiful street art murals at Khlong Ong Ang Canal Market

The canal is lit up by lamps along the water edge and lanterns in the trees framing the canal. This gives the whole market a really cozy atmosphere and makes for a great photo motive.

There is also some street art of the 3-eyed baby character Mardi by the famous Bangkok artist Alex Face.

What To Shop At Khlong Ong Ang Weekend Night Market

Like most Bangkok markets, Khlong Ong Ang Market has its main focus on food and drinks. But since the canal is located between Chinatown and Little India, you will find also several fantastic Indian and Chinese restaurants here.

Shopping at Khlong Ong Ang Canal Market
Lots of delicious Thai street food at Khlong Ong Ang Canal Market.

We had a delicious dinner at one of the Indian restaurants and sat at a table just next to the canal. You can also find some Bhutanese restaurants here.

The market also has small stalls selling different knick-knacks, primarily toys, household things, and some clothes.

One stall really caught my eye. An artist was selling hand-drawn cards with motives from old Bangkok. He was also working on some drawings at his stall. The postcards were so lovely, we had to buy some, and we plan to frame them and put them up on the wall back home.

An artist drawing postcards at Khlong Ong Ang Canal Market
We bought some hand-drawn postcards by this Thai artist at Khlong Ong Ang Canal Market.
A violin player at Khlong Ong Ang Canal Market
A violin player at Khlong Ong Ang Canal Market.

We loved our afternoon walk through the market on both sides of the Khlong Ong Ang canal. Some musicians and street dancers were performing at the market, which was great fun.

We also enjoyed walking in the narrow side streets around the canal, where you can feel the local neighborhood and daily life.

  • Opening Hours Khlong Ong Ang Market: Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 16:00/ 4 pm – 22:00/ 10 pm
  • What to get at Khlong Ong Ang Night Market: Thai/ Chinese/ Indian street food, drinks, snacks, toys, household items, and some clothes.
  • Where is Khlong Ong Ang Market: The market is located in Chinatown/ Little India and stretches 800 m on both sides along the Khlong Ong Ang canal from Damrong Sathit Bridge to Saphan Han Bridge. 
  • How to get to Khlong Ong Ang Market: Take the metro to Sam Yot MRT Station. Khlong Ong Ang market is only 50 m or so from this station.

8. Pak Khlong Talat Flower Market

  • Bangkok’s biggest flower market
  • Open 24/7

The vivid and colorful Flower Market (Pak Khlong Talat) is such a fun market to visit. The thousands of flowers smell amazing.

Lots of people and hectic atmosphere at Flower Market (Pak Khlong Talat) in Bangkok
Pak Khlong Talat Flower Market is open 24 hours but is busiest at night before dawn when boats and trucks arrive with flowers from all over Thailand.

It is such a lovely and vibrant market to visit, full of colors and sweet smells! Here you can find all kinds of flowers, vegetables, and fruits.

Though the market is open 24 hours, it is busiest at night before dawn, when boats and trucks arrive with flowers from all over Thailand.

Here both consumers and wholesale buyers come to buy flowers and vegetables. Many local florists come to the market early in the morning to stock up on flowers to sell in their shops the following day. Also, the poor who make a living out of stringing and selling flower garlands on the streets buy sacks of jasmine and marigold flowers here.

Girls sorting flowers at Pak Khlong Talat Flower Market in Bangkok
Pak Khlong Talat is one of Bangkok’s oldest markets and has been a flower market for over 60 years.

The market has a long history, all the way back to the reign of Rama I (1782-1809) when it was a floating market here. Later it changed into a fish market before it became the kind of market it is today. It has been a flower market for over 60 years.

Chillies in all colors and sizes at the Flower Market in Bangkok
You can also buy fresh vegetables and fruits at the Flower Market.

The Flower Market is a fun, vibrant market and a great place to experience the local Thai culture.

  • Opening Hours Flower Market: 24 hours every day, but it is busiest and most fun in the evening, from around 19/ 7 pm.
  • What to buy at the Flower Market: Mainly flowers and beautiful flower garlands and vegetables and fruits.
  • How to get to the Flower Market: The Flower Market is located on Chak Phet Road. Take a taxi or use the river Express Boat to Saphan Phut station. From there, it is a short walk.

9. Klong Toey Fresh Market

  • Bangkok’s biggest fresh food market
  • A day market

The Khlong Toei Market supplies Bangkok with half its fresh food. This market also sells wholesale and retail appliances, and you will find all kinds of meat, fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables, herbs, clothes, shoes, clocks, etc. It is one of the biggest fresh markets in Bangkok.

Busy and hectic at the Klong Toey Fresh Market in Bangkok
You can shop for all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables at the Klong Toey Market.
Meat of all kinds at Klong Toey Fresh Market
Fresh meat of all kinds can be found at Klong Toei Fresh market. The smell is not the best, however….
Fish at Klong Toey Market in Bangkok
The fish was still alive when he put them out for sale. You can not get any fresher fish!

And the food they sell here is incredibly fresh! When delivered to the market, the fish and crabs are still alive, so they kill the fish when you buy them; the same goes for the chickens.

Lots of people at Klong Toey Fresh Market in Bangkok
Farmers from all around Bangkok sell their products at Klong Toey Market

It is great fun to walk around in this market, even if you don’t plan to buy anything. The market is enormous and super busy, with local Thais stocking up on fresh food.

A fun fact about this market is that according to Wikipedia, in 2010, CNN listed it as one of the most authentic markets in Bangkok, but CNN also said that it is a place best avoided when hungover. 🙂

  • Opening Hours Klong Toey Market: Every day, 06:00 (6 am) – 14:00 (2 am)
  • What to shop at Klong Toey Market: All kinds of fresh food, fruits, vegetables and herbs you can imagine, plus clothes, clocks, shoes….well, basically everything!
  • How to get to Khlong Toey Market: MRT Subway to Klong Toei station, and walk out of Exit 1. Take a right and follow Rama 4 Road east for about 10 minutes when you come out. The Klong Toey Market will be on your right-hand side. You can’t miss it; it is so huge!

10. Bangkok Farmers Market

  • A pop-up market where you can find local products and handicrafts
  • A day market, only open on some Saturdays and Sundays (check their Facebook page)

The Bangkok Farmers Market is not only a market but a whole organization working together with and for organic farmers all over Thailand.

They have built a platform and community in Bangkok, focusing on Healthy Living, and bringing people together. They also do Yoga and different types of workshops and give back to the communities through education, charity work, and community programs in Thailand. Its slogan is “Eat locally, Organic, and Healthy.” I love it! ♥

Farmers Market is arranged on a few Saturdays and Sundays a month at Gateway Ekamai Shopping Mall in Bangkok.

What To Shop At Bangkok Farmers Market

Here farmers, food producers, and artists come together to sell their organic products like fruits, vegetables, food, drinks, beauty products, clothes, jewelry, and so much more!

Farmers Market in Bangkok are usually arranged at a shopping mall
Farmers Market is arranged every Saturday at a shopping mall in Bangkok. Check their Facebook page to find out where it is hosted when you plan on visiting this great market.

It is a great place to walk around and try different local specialties for food, snacks, drinks, and fresh fruit and vegetables. It is so lovely that Thailand has also started to focus on organic products and cherish local producers.

Homemade local honey at Bangkok Farmers Market
We bought some raw organic honey from this lovely girl

The people selling their homemade or homegrown organic products are extremely friendly. The market has a fantastic atmosphere; it is not only a market but a place to be social and meet and talk to new people.

Cute colorful toys at Bangkok Farmers Market
Cute homemade toys. I wanted to buy that small penguin with the hat and scarf; it was soooo cute! But unfortunately, I did not have room in my backpack.
Homemade chocolate at Bangkok farmers market
Of course, we had to buy this one, homemade chocolate! It was super good!!
  • When is the Bangkok Farmer Market: Some weekends a month, 11:00 (11 am) – 19:00 (7 pm) – check their Facebook Page
  • What to get at Bangkok Farmer Market: Food, fruits, vegetables, snacks, drinks, jewelry, clothes, shoes…..all sorts of organic made things, everything locally made in Thailand.
  • Where is the Bangkok Farmer Market: Gateway Ekamai Shopping Mall
  • How to get to Bangkok Farmer Market: Take the Skytrain to Thong Lor BTS Station (a 12-min walk to Ekamai Shopping Mall) or Phra Khanong BTS Station (a 7 min walk to Ekamai Shopping Mall).
  • Bangkok Farmer Market Facebook page (the best place to find out when and where the next Farmers Market is going to be)
  • Bangkok Farmers Market Webpage

11. Pratunam Market

  • A busy day market, centrally located close to the Siam area

Pratunam Market is an indoor wholesale market, but there are also booths out in the alleys and streets around Pratunam.

Lots of clothes, shoes, and accessories to shop at Pratunam Market in Bangkok
Pratunam market is partly indoor and party outdoor on the streets in the Pratunam area of Bangkok.

What To Shop At Pratunam Market

You will find clothes, shoes, and accessories like jewelry, handbags, sunglasses, and everything at dirt-cheap wholesale prices at the Pratunam Market. In addition, you can find all the knick-knacks you can ever imagine! It sure is a shopping bonanza!

It is great fun to walk around at Pratunam Market, and you can do some real bargains at super low prices! It is located in a popular tourist area so you will see a mix of locals and foreigners here.

It’s an excellent market to buy gifts and shop for clothes (if you can find your size ) and shoes for yourself. Here, you find many cheap copies of famous international brands and fake items (clothes, shoes, and handbags). The quality is, however, not the best.

  • Opening Hours Pratunam Market: Every day, 10:00 (10 am) – 20:00 (8 pm)
    Although my impression is that they start to close their booths at around 17-18. But then the next door Baiyoke Night Market opens (from 17:00 to midnight), so walk over to the next street and continue to shop. Shop until you drop!
  • What to shop at Pratunam Market: Very cheap clothes, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, and all thinkable knick-knacks, practical and not so useful!
  • Where is Pratunam Market: Intersection of Ratchaprop and Petchburi roads to Ratchaprarop Soi 3
  • How to get to Pratunam Market: Take the Sky Train to Chit Lom station, and walk from there. Follow Chid Lom Rd. till you get to Petchburi Rd, which you cross and take a left. Walk on Petchburi Rd till you reach Ratchaprarop Rd. Take a right on Ratchaprarop Rd, and you will be right at the Pratunam Market.

12. Asiatique

  • A hip indoor market along the canal with lots of excellent restaurants
  • A day- and night market

Asiatique, The Riverfront Market, is a beautiful up-scale market that combines an open-air mall and a street market.

shopping at Asiatique the riverside market Bangkok
Asiatique is like an open-air shopping mall with a scenic location right by the river in Bangkok.

It has a fantastic location, right by the Chao Phraya River. You find around 1500 shops and stalls and about 40 restaurants and street food stalls at Asiatique. The restaurants and shops are indoors, housed in the former warehouses that belonged to the Denmark-based East Asiatic Company (founded in 1897).

Walking around the streets of the market, you feel like walking on historical grounds, where all the buildings date back to early 1900 (the oldest was constructed in 1907). You also find an old sawmill and a World War II bomb shelter.

Asiatique the riverside market Bangkok
At Asiatique, the shops and restaurants are inside in old renovated warehouses.

The old warehouses have been renovated, and the whole market area is clean and beautifully lit up. Walking along the boardwalk along the canal, lined with restaurants, made me feel like I was in Paris somehow.

I love Asiatique, as it is the perfect mix of a shopping mall (indoor shops and restaurants with air-con) and an open-air market. However, it is also more than just a market; you can see traditional Thai Puppet shows, cabaret shows, and Thai boxing. And you should try the Ferris Wheel, which gives you a fantastic panoramic view of the Bangkok skyline.

What To Find At Asiatique – It’s Four Sections

The market consists of four thematic sections, called districts:

  • Chareonkrung District
    Named after the road where Asiatique is located (Charoen Krung Road). Here you find Asiatique’s performing stages and shows, like the Joe Lous Traditional Thai Puppet Theatre, the Calypso Cabaret show, and live Muay Thai (Thai boxing) performances. Here are also some shops selling souvenirs and handicrafts.
  • Town Square District
    International restaurants and bars. You find popular restaurant chains like MK restaurant, KFC, and Pizza Company.
  • Factory District 
    Here you find more hip and excellent small fashion shops and restaurants located in several hangars/ warehouses.
  • Waterfront District
    This is the market area that faces the canal and has a lovely promenade where you can go for a stroll (it’s about 300 m/ 980 ft long). Here, you find excellent riverside restaurants and ample open space for concerts, festivals, and New Year celebrations. And last but not least, the giant Ferris wheel that Asiatique is famous for (you see it from far away) is also located here. We took the Asiatique Sky (Thailand’s tallest Ferris wheel of 60 m/ 200 ft), and it was great fun! Fantastic view of the city from the top of the wheel.
Ferris wheel at Asiatique the riverside market Bangkok
The Ferris wheel at Asiatique is Thailand’s biggest (60 m tall)

You can quickly get to Asiatique by the free canal shuttle ferry that departs from Saphan Taksin BTS Station (a 10 min ferry ride). Asiatique is great to combine with a trip to Icon Siam shopping mall, located just on the other side of the canal.

Since we like to stay at riverside hotels, we usually head to Asiatique in the evenings to shop and dine. It is a great place to hang out and spend a laid-back evening in Bangkok. In addition, some of the riverside hotels, like Avani Riverside, offer free shuttle boats to Asiatique.

  • Opening Hours Asiatique Market: Every day, 11:00 am – midnight.
  • What to shop at Asiatique Market: Clothes, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, souvenirs, gifts. Many excellent restaurants, both Thai and international.
  • Where is Asiatique: Asiatique is located by the shore of Chao Phraya River, address: 2194 Charoen Krung Road
  • How to get to Asiatique: You can take a taxi or a Grab car here. Or take the free shuttle ferry that leaves from Sathon Pier (just next to Skytrain BTS Station Saphan Taksin).
  • Asiatique’s Official Webpage

Bangkok Markets Tours

Markets are a big part of daily life in Bangkok, as they are the main places where people do their shopping. There are incredibly many markets in Bangkok, including some floating markets. But the twelve markets above are my favorite Bangkok markets! They are not typical tourist markets, so you can shop with the local Thai people while doing their daily shopping, unlike the floating markets, which are mainly aimed at tourists.

Even if you are not a big shopper, it’s great fun to walk around the markets, experiencing the atmosphere and Bangkok’s authentic daily life. So I highly recommend that you visit at least on Bangkok market.

If you are short on time, an easy option is to join a tour that will take you to different Bangkok markets.  Here are our favorite Bangkok markets tours:

Bangkok by Night Tuk Tuk Tour: Markets, Temples & Food

This 4-hour evening tour takes you to Bangkok’s most famous temple Wat Pho and the flower market (no. 8 on the list of markets in this article) by tuk-tuk. You also get to try different Thai food and snacks (vegetarian food options available). We did this tour and loved it; you can read about it here.
Click here for info and availability on the Bangkok by Night Tuk Tuk Tour

Ultimate Shopping Experience with Private Driver

On this tour, a private driver will pick you up at your hotel and take you around Bangkok to the markets you want to visit. Nothing beats relaxing in an air-conditioned car while getting around the busy city. This will also save you a lot of time, as public transport is slow and requires some walking in the heat. You can also choose a tour guide that will guide you around the markets and shopping malls of your choice. A bonus is that you can leave your shopping bargains in the car when you’re off to your next market.
Click here for info and availability on the Ultimate Shopping Experience with Private Driver

Local Weekend Markets: Khlong Lat Mayom & Chatuchak Market Tour

This 8-hour tour only runs on Saturdays and Sundays and will take you to three of Bangkok’s biggest and best weekend markets – Khlong Lat Mayon floating market, Or Khlong Toei fresh food market (no. 9 on our market list above). You will end the tour by visiting the fantastic Chatuchak Weekend Market (no. 1 on our Bangkok markets list above). A private driver will pick you up at your hotel, drive you around to these markets in an air-conditioned car, and drop you off at your hotel after the tour. A boat ride at the floating market is included, and an English-speaking guide, transport, and insurance.
Click here for info and availability on the Local Weekend Markets Tour

If you have not decided where to stay in Bangkok yet, check out our article on the best places to stay in Bangkok. Looking for more shopping in Bangkok, read our ultimate shopping guide to Bangkok. Are you wondering what else you should see and do in Bangkok? Check out our ultimate best-of-Bangkok itinerary.

And if you are looking for delicious Thai food in Bangkok, here is a list of all our favorites.

We visited two of these markets on a Bangkok night tour with a tuk-tuk, which you can read more about here.

Where To Stay In Bangkok

Bangkok offers a wide selection of accommodation for all budgets, and you will have plenty of choices when it comes to finding the right place to stay.

Bangkok is pretty affordable when it comes to accommodation, so you can get some really good deals and even find five stars hotels very cheap compared to other places in the world. However, accommodation prices do vary greatly with the season.

Below are some of our favorite hotels in Bangkok.  We have stayed at all of the hotels below.

Avani Riverside

The awesome rooftop infinity pool at Avani Riverside Hotel

If you’d like to stay along the river without breaking the bank, the Avani Riverside hotel is a great alternative to the usual riverside luxury hotels. Rooms are super comfortable with fantastic views overlooking the Chao Phraya River and the fantastic rooftop infinity pool is probably our favorite in Bangkok.
Click here for latest prices

Hotel Muse Bangkok

Hotel Muse has a beautiful and classic decor

Hotel Muse is a cool and unique boutique hotel, perfectly located in the center of Bangkok within easy walking distance of Chit Lom Skytrain station. The rooms are elegant with a classic Thai inspired decor, comfortable beds and gorgeous bathrooms with a deep bathtub.. There is a rooftop bar, a pool and a fitness center. We spent Christmas here a few years ago, and was very happy with our choice of hotel.
Click here for latest prices
Casa Nithra
If you’re looking for a mid-range option close to Bangkok’s famous Khao San area, then the Casa Nithra comes highly recommended. The rooftop swimming pool is lovely, the rooms comfortable and the breakfast has plenty of options. It’s located in a quiet area, yet Khao San is just an easy walk away.
Click here for latest prices

Hotel Icon
Hotel Icon is a small hotel centrally located on Sukhumvit road. The rooms are fresh and modern, big and comfortable with all the usual comforts such as flat-screen tv, aircon, and free Wi-Fi. The rooftop swimming pool is great!
Click here for latest prices

⇒ For more accommodation options and tips on which areas of Bangkok that suit you best, read our complete guide to where to stay in Bangkok.

Travel Guides

We used the Lonely Planet`s Thailand travel guide on our trip. You can get that and other great books at (affiliate links).

What is your favorite market in Bangkok? Can you picture yourself visiting any of these markets? Please leave a comment in the comment area below. Thanks! 🙂

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6 markets in Bangkok you should not miss      6 markets in Bangkok you should not miss

6 markets in Bangkok you should not miss     6 markets in Bangkok you should not miss

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  1. Maria – you guys are killing me with all these Bangkok posts – I miss it so much! The foods, the markets, the smells, the sounds… sigh. We went to Chatuchak without a plan and it was so overwhleming. I’ll definitely check out the others next time I’m there! Oh, and go back to Chatuchak witha plan next time

    • There are so many great markets in Bangkok, a real market-heaven! 🙂 I simply love Chatuchak, but it can be a bit overwhelming, so a map over the area is a good idea.

    • Does any one know of the biggest market in Bangkok I know you go by train from NANA and its at the end of the line on the sky train its where all the shop n stall owners by their stock if you know of it I would really appreciate it

      • Hi Jan,

        You are probably thinking about the Chatuchak Weekend Market. It is the biggest market in Bangkok and is every Saturday and Sunday. To get there you can take the Skytrain from Nana station to Mo Chit station.


  2. My favorite of these is definitely Khlong Toey and I think the market you really would enjoy is Aor Thor Kor. Also I prefer the monthly Epicurean market to the Farmer’s Market, but check it out and see what you think.

    • Thank you so much Dwight for those great tips! Will definitely check out the Aor Thor Kor and the Epicurean market the next time we are in Bangkok! 🙂

  3. Great photo essay!

    I love me some Chatuchak Market and get over there whenever I’m in Bangkok.

    – Travis

        • No, the Chatuchak Market and Phahurat Market is not the same. Phahurat Market is located in Little India of Bangkok. We have never been there, but I`ve heard it`s the place to go shopping for fabrics at cheap prices.

          • hello fren
            b4 reaching d pahurat market, try walking along d sampeng road, where u could find more nick nack there too. they open vy early, my favourite place b4 ending up at pahurat area for ice coffee/samosa….my yearly visit city

  4. I love, love, love markets like these! This post makes me want to hop on a plane to Bangkok right now. Love it! 🙂

  5. Thank you Alysia! You should definitely check out some of these markets if you go to Bangkok! They are all great in their own way, depending on what you are looking for.

    • Thank you Maria, my to I love shopping in Thai Markets I do visit Bangkok twice a year I was their last May 2015 and I will go next week also. MBK Tokyo Center is the best for me.

  6. Really helpful guide! I’m Thai and found the information accurate, great photos!

    One other market to check out for foodies is Or Tor Kor market where you can taste food from different regions. Another market is Amphawa market, local’s favorite for vintage floating market. Serves as a day trip from Bangkok.

  7. Hi. Your post is really informative. Will be visiting in February, Kindly confirm for me where I would buy modern clothing like official dresses, men official shirts and original baby clothes for a bargain? Thanks in advance

    • Hi Judy,

      Chatuchak market is the biggest market in Bangkok and has “everything”. Chatuchak also has a lot of clothes. Pratunam market mainly has clothes, so they might have official dresses, shirts and baby clothes.

      Have a great trip to Bangkok, and happy shopping! 🙂

  8. I love markets and Bangkok is definitely where the best ones are! Every time I get there I try to visit at least a new one. Next time I’ll make sure to visit the ones you’ve mentioned in this post, I look forward to explore the Farmers Market 🙂

    I totally recommend you the Ratchada Train Night Market, it’s really cool!

  9. Hi Maria.
    Above information is very helpful.we’ll hope to go next September to buy all kinds of shoes.where should we go ?and what are best weekdays to go there.?
    Think it is very helpful us.
    Thank you much

    • Hi Shasha,

      For cheap shoe shopping I would recommend Chatuchak Weekend market. It is only open Saturdays and Sundays, from 6 a.m. to around 6 p.m. Take the underground train to the station Chatuchak og the Sky train to Mo Chit station. Chatuchak market is divided into 27 sections, where section 5, 6 and 10-24 contains shoes and clothes. This market is huge! You find a map of Chatuchak and what each section contains higher up in this article.

      You can also go shopping for cheap shoes in the shopping malls MBK and Platinum Fashion Mall:

      Have a great trip to Bangkok! Hope you find many nice shoes! Happy shopping! 🙂


    • Hi Sruti,

      The Pratunam market itself is indoors and is almost certainly open on Mondays. A couple of years ago there was been something they called Clean Mondays where the stalls outside on the streets were closed every alternating Monday for street cleaning. Then they stopped doing that for a while, and I am honestly not sure what is going on this year. But regardless you should find plenty of shopping in Pratunam any day of the week.


  10. Hi Maria,

    I would love to know which is the best city/ places to shop for clothes at a cheaper price in Thailand ??? I have heard alot about Bangkok, but I am not sure. So wanted to know from a person who has already been there. Would really appreciate your response.

    Thanks in advance…

  11. Hi Ash,

    Chatuchak weekend market (only on Saturdays and Sundays) is a great place to shop for cheap clothes. Also Pratunam market, MBK shopping mall and Platinum shopping mall have a lot of clothes at a cheap price.

    Have a great trip to Bangkok!! Enjoy the shopping!


  12. Hi Maria
    thank you for the article, actually i have been in Thailand before and I’ve visited both the Chatuchak Market and Bangkok Farmers Market, i remember that i had i great experience.

    • Hi Otlaat,

      Thank you so much! So cool that you have been to both Chatuchak and Farmers Market in Bangkok! These are my favourite markets and I can`t wait to visit them again! Chatuchak is so big it feels like a small city in itself 🙂 I love walking around the streets of Chautchak!

      Happy travels! 🙂


  13. Hi Maria

    Your article is soooo good, i have taken a print out already and saved it for my next trip. I was looking forward to chatuchak market, but unfortunately, i wont have sat & sun in my travel schedule. Can u plz suggest if i can get some artificial flowers from the flowers market, mostly the decor ones? or any other place u can suggest! also, i m looking to buy some home decor…not sure whr to go and also confused if i can ship them to my country. your suggestions would be really helpful

    • Hi Farzana,

      Thank you so much! Hmm, no I don`t think they sell artificial flowers at the flower market, only real flowers but I really don`t know.

      You can check out the shopping mall MBK and also at Pratunam market and Platinum shopping mall for home decor.

      Have a great shopping time in Bangkok!


    • This is probably too late, but there is also a plant market at Chatuchak on Wednesday and Thursday where some vendors do sell artificial flowers in among all the real orchids and other plants ranging from bonsai to five meter high trees. And last time I went to the talat pak long flower market there were a couple of shops on the fringe area that sold artificial flowers.
      If the budget is not a concern, check out the home decor section in Central department store, Chitlom. Beautiful but expensive !

  14. Hi Maria ..

    Such an amazing picture and your words for explaining way to beautiful i feel like that i am roaming in market after seeing these pictures..
    can you share some detail of wholesale market details means for scrap or bulk shipping material ??
    That would be great favor for me from your side ..

    Have good health and blessed Friday
    – Shehroz Sameja-

    • Hi Shehroz,

      Thank you so much! So happy to hear that you like my post about markets in Bangkok! Hmm, I don`t know much about wholesale markets in Bangkok, so sorry that I can`t help you with that.

      Happy travels! 🙂


  15. If you’re looking for a place to ham your shopping allowance, I’d say Chatuchak is the perfect place to spend it all. It has 15,000 booths so you’ll definitely find lots of items that you like here. And what I like more about Chatuchak is that you can haggle with the vendor for and buy the item/s that you like with a great discount.

    • I totally agree! Chatuchak is the biggest market in Bangkok and maybe the world? and I simply love it! 🙂 It is great fun wandering between the booths even though you don`t plan on doing any shopping. The street food at the market is also excellent.

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂


  16. Thanks so much for your post. On your recommendation we to Dalat Rot Fai markets and had a wonderful time.
    Thought it would be a lot of effort to get there but one bus to the closest MRT (underground rail) station and then on to “Thailand Cultural Centre”. It was super easy and made us much more confident to use the local public transport (especially the buses).
    We saw food there we hadn’t seen anywhere else in Thailand and had a great time buying up then going to sit on a rooftop bar to overlook the markets and eat. I’m not a market aficionado, but totally would recommend the Train Markets!

    • Hi Phoebe,

      Thank you so much for your great comment about Dalat Rot Fai Market (the Train Market)! This market is so cool, happy to hear that you liked it too. Thanks for the tip on how you got to the market, sounds like the perfect way to get to the market.

      Happy travels! 🙂


  17. Chatuchak market is awesome. A great place to spend time and shop and it’s very cheap too. Had a great time. Open only on weekends.

    • Hi Bev & Hendy,

      Glad to hear that you loved Chatuchak weekend market just as much as I do! 🙂 It is my favorite market in the world (ok, I have not been to all the markets in the world yet, but still….). You can basically find everything there and as you say, at a very cheap price. Thanks for commenting!


    • Thank you so much, Sisira! So happy to hear that you like our guide and photos to the best markets in Bangkok!

      Happy travels! ????


  18. Maria.
    Very insightful back in 2014 but in 2022 things have changed.
    Asiatique markets are 2 thirds empty. Several wearhouses have closed as well as restaurants and stalls. Not worth a visit.
    Train markets are nearly non existent although they have opened with a new name but still nothing there.
    Chatuchak markets are still there but it’s the same stall every 20 meter’s. It’s like Groundhog day after the first 7 stalls.
    The only markets worth visiting is the Pratunam markets, great cheap stuff.

    • Hi Stephen!

      Thanks for commenting! Nah, I don’t agree with you there, sorry. 🙂

      We stayed one month in Bangkok in February/ March 2022, plus a couple of weeks in July 2022, and visited many Bangkok markets. I rewrote this article in the spring of 2022, where I deleted markets like Neon and Ratchada Train Market that have closed down, and added the newly opened markets.

      I would say that Chatuchak is almost back as it was in 2019, with just as many stalls and fantastic food, but with fewer people, which is a good thing. Jodd Fairs and Srinakarin Train Market are hugely popular, with lots of people, great food, and things to buy.

      I agree that Asiatique has lost its charm after the pandemic, but they have huge plans for Asiatique, and I think it will be a hit once again after the rebranding and makeover. I heard that the old train market Ratchada has reopened once again as The One Ratchada (same place as the old Ratchada Train Market). We will definitely check it out when we head back to Bangkok this December/ January.

      All the best,


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